The newest trend to hit the Muay Thai Community is the YOKKAO Muay Thai Gloves customization with your name in 3D embroidery.

A revolutionary step in fight equipment that allows all fans of Muay Thai to customize YOKKAO gloves by adding a name, initials or nickname of their choice. 
The customization is created by a high quality 3D embroidery stitching on the cuff of the velcro closure on the wrist portion of the lace-up gloves.

You can customize the name on each glove (both left and right) while choosing your favorite colored embroidery.

Along with the ability to customize gloves with your name or initials, the YOKKAO Online Shop is offering a chance to customize your Muay Thai shorts in different colors for the additional cost of only 9USD with worldwide fast shipping by DHL.

An opportunity that cannot be missed by fans of Muay Thai, to finally have the possibility to customize the same shorts worn by the most famous champions of the Muay Thai World: Buakaw, Saenchai, Pakorn, Singdam, Sudsakorn, Prajanchai, Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson and countless others.

Customizing your YOKKAO Muay Thai gloves or shorts is very simple:

1) Find your favorite gloves or shorts

YOKKAO Custom choose product

2) Choose your size

YOKKAO Custom choose the size

3) Add your name or gym name to the left/right sides and choose the letter coloring

YOKKAO Custom choose the names

Be the first to wear these unique handmade YOKKAO gloves and shorts!




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