Mickael Piscitello

Mickael Piscitello


Mickael Piscitello was born on December 17, 1983 and came into Muay Thai and kickboxing at the age of 17. He lives in Lyon France and trains at Gym boxing St Fons in Lyon, Saint Fons where he is part of Team Nasser and trained by Nasser Kacem. He is stablemates with several international fighters including Fabio Pinca, the Bennoui brothers (Karim and Houcine) and Yohan Lidon.

Fight Career

As a middleweight Mickael fights regularly at 70kgs or 154.3 lbs and is well known for his technical style of fighting, like his stablemate Fabio Pinca. He is well known for his elbows as well.

Mickael began his career in 2005 and in 2006 he took the French Muay Thai Championship in the B Class at 71kgs. In France, and many European countries bouts are separated into A,B, and C class with padding and shorter rounds in C class and gradually moving up to full Muay Thai rules in A Class fights. He took the Championship after Kamel Gillet from France forfeited.

In 2007 he defeated Baxter Humby of Canada, also known as the One Armed Bandit at WBC Muay Thai Presents. He was able to take the WBC Muay Thai United States Super Welterweight title after defeating Humby in the 3rd round by TKO stoppage.

The next year saw him lose a battle for the French Muay Thai Championship A Class title at 72kgs. He lost the bout to Mickael Lallemand, a fellow Frenchmen.

Mickael traveled outside of Europe to take on Kanongsuk Sit Jarpirt at the famous Rajadamnern stadium in late 2008. Unfortunately for Mickael he took a decision loss after 5 rounds of action. After his loss to Sit Jarpirt, Mickael hit a rocky road in his career and dropped a decision to Paolo Iry, and was stopped by the very tough Bovy Sor Udomson. The back beat didn’t stop there as he lost on decision  to Luther Kris.

His bad beat ended with a tournament in Melbourne Australia as he was able to best Erkan Yldiz, Willy Borrell and Baris Nezif at the A1 WCC promotion. He took home the middleweight tournament belt.

While his career saw some more wins it also saw some losses as he took on Bukaw Banchamek at Thai Fight in 2011 which he lost via knock out by right elbow in the third round. His next appearance at Thai Fight in his home country of Lyon saw him beat Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee in the second round with an elbow. He rematched Sudsakorn at YOKKAO Extreme 2013 and the Thai fighter was able to best him via decision.

His next appearance on Yokkao was against the formidable Jordan Watson at YOKKAO 10. Mickael was forced to surrender in the third round and lost the bout via TKO. He is not actively fighting anymore and his last bout was in 2014 against Christopher Pruvost. He lost in the second round by TKO. 

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