YOKKAO 14 – YOKKAO 15 Quick Results

** YOKKAO 15 Results **

Liam Harrison lost by points vs Singdam Kiatmoo9
Christopher Shaw won by points vs Karim Bennoui
Jordan Watson won by points vs Jordan Piker
Soloman Wickstead lost by points vs Jake Purdy
Brian Totty lost by KO (round 1) vs Tommi McCormick
Jack Fallon won by TKO (referee stoppage round 1) vs Luke Imeson

** YOKKAO 14 Results **
Saenchai PK SaenchaiMuayThaiGym won by points vs Massaro Glunder
Reece McAllister won by TKO (round 1) vs Josh Turbill
Keith McLachlan won by points vs Ian Houillebecq
Myk Estlick won by TKO (referee stoppage round 3) vs Mike Bateman
Joe McGovan won by TKO (round 4) vs George Davies
Jack Kennedy won by TKO (round 3) vs Micheal McGeachan

YOKKAO 15: Jordan Watson vs Jordann Pikeur

YOKKAO 15: Liam Harrison vs Singdam Kiatmoo9
YOKKAO 15: Liam Harrison vs Singdam Kiatmoo9
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