1. YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton: Bernie Mendieta vs Shaq Davies!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton: Bernie Mendieta vs Shaq Davies!

    2018 is shaping up to be an action-packed year for UK fight fans. YOKKAO has increasingly partnered up with promoters and a whole series of events have been lined up for the year ahead. On top of the regular and immensely popular show with UK promoter Brian Calder at Bolton Macron Stadium, it’s going to be month after month of Muay Thai showdowns with the talent-search Next Generation and Next Generation Kids. YOKKAO Next Generation has always been one of the most anticipated events as it is seen as the best platform for young up-and-coming fighters to handpicked for more prestigious events and bigger opportunities. One of the stops that have been announced earlier is Southampton where YOKKAO has teamed up with local promoter Sean Toomey to deliver a cracking Sunday fight matinee. Set to take the spotlight on 29th April, the event will feature a card of promising local and regional fighters as they battle it out for fame and glory. Fans attending the event can also expect some

  2. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Returns to Barnsley on 10th February!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Returns to Barnsley on 10th February!

    In about a week’s time, the increasingly prominent YOKKAO Next Generation Kids returns to the Barnsley Metrodome for another round of junior Muay Thai fun and action. The date is fixed for 10th February Saturday and the stage is now set for the young warriors to show what they have got. The return to Barnsley follows the event’s inauguration held last November 26th. Organized in partnership with SuperShow, the resoundingly successful event saw a stacked 59 bouts featuring Muay Thai Kids from UK and around Europe. The event also saw the crowning of Joe Ryan as the first YOKKAO Junior World Champion and Ellie Barker as the YOKKAO Intercontinental Champion. For the February 10th show, it is going to be another truly international event with 20 overseas juniors attending from Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Germany and Ireland. Headlining the event will be none other than Ellie Barker who trains out of the Hanuman Gym in Darlington with Craig Willis. This is a great North

  3. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Confirmed for Scotland 3rd March!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Confirmed for Scotland 3rd March!

    Following the announcement of the YOKKAO Next Generation show taking place at Paisley, Scotland, another event has been confirmed for Scottish Muay Thai fans. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids is now set to take centre stage at the Grangemouth Leisure Complex on 3rd March, Saturday. This is the third of seven events that YOKKAO has lined up for the of Next Generation Kids series between 2017-2018. It follows the inaugural show held last November in Barnsley Metrodome and the follow-up that will take place on February 10th at the same venue. Headlining the event will be local young lady, Erin Kowal, who now trains with coach Keith McLachlan out of the Griphouse Gym in Glasgow. Erin previously trained under the late great Jordan Coe at the now defunct Carnage Gym. The 16 year-old comes from the Scottish town of Falkirk and has been training in Muay Thai since 2011. She has won a number of titles that include Scottish, British and European championships and looks forward to competing full-time

  4. YOKKAO Extends Online News and Events Coverage For Kids!

    YOKKAO Extends Online News and Events Coverage For Kids!

    Muay Thai kids are no longer just a phenomenon found in Thailand. Over the past few years, more and more kids are taking up Muay Thai training all around the world. They are not just training as a recreational sport but are competing in world championships. Last year on 26th November, YOKKAO organized its first event for young athletes between 5 to 16 years old. The YOKKAO Next Generation Kids, held in partnership with promoter Peter Spensley and long-time YOKKAO collaborator, Brian Calder, delivered an immensely successful and unforgettable show that set the high bar for all future Muay Thai junior competitions. The inaugural show, held at the Barnsley Metrodome, also gave the world the first YOKKAO Junior World Champions, Joe Ryan and Ellie Barker. The second YOKKAO Next Generation Kids is set to take place on 10th February, at the Barnsley Metrodome once again. Applications began pouring in as soon as the first Kids show ended and now the card is stacked with back-to-back action.

  5. Final 24 Hours For YOKKAO 50% OFF Super Clearance Sales!

    Final 24 Hours For YOKKAO 50% OFF Super Clearance Sales!

    YOKKAO turned the heat up by having a Super Clearance Sale at just one week left to the end of the month with products going for up to 50% off! Muay Thai practitioners and martial artists everywhere have already taken advantage of the amazing deals but all good things come to an end. The month-long sale is finally down to the last 24 hours - just one day left to enjoy the unbeatable prices. There is no better time than now to replace old training gear with fresh, premium quality gear from YOKKAO. With up to 50% off the usual prices, it is hard to say when the crazy discounts will be offered again. Look out for the best-sellers from YOKKAO this season like the Monster Collection, Frost Collection and the Sick Collection, as well as basics like the Matrix boxing gloves and the ever-popular Carbon Muay Thai shorts. All of these chart-topping products are going for between 30% to 50% off. It’s the final lap. Just head on over to the YOKKAO web

  6. YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton: Jake Purdy vs Charlie Guest

    YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton: Jake Purdy vs Charlie Guest

    YOKKAO Next Generation is one of the most exciting events in the global Muay Thai scene. Started in 2015 to discover and groom the next generation of Muay Thai stars, the talent program has been widely received as the best platform for all young Muay Thai fighters starting on their professional career. Coming on the 29th April, the YOKKAO promoters will head to Southampton to uncover promising talents in the region. With this event, the promoters have gone one more step and fit in some top-tiered bouts to turn it up a notch. As announced earlier, the event will be headlined by a smashing match-up between YOKKAO fight star Manachai and rising Glory kickboxing star, Mo Abdurahman. Now, another A class fight has been confirmed and it stars 2 prominent English fighters, Jake Purdy against Charlie Guest. The 21-year old Charlie Guest will be making his YOKKAO debut at the event. The English lad has fought out of Sumalee Boxing Gym in Phuket over the past year and competed actively on a

  7. YOKKAO 30: Paul Karpowicz vs Ja Kiatphontip!

    YOKKAO 30: Paul Karpowicz vs Ja Kiatphontip!

    Another match up has been confirmed for YOKKAO 30 card and it looks to be a real cracking fight. Both stylistic fighters are known to put up rip-roaring shows - it’s British homegrown hero, Paul Karpowicz against Thai warrior, Ja Kiatphontip. Both Paul and Ja will be making their second appearance on an YOKKAO event - Paul fought and lost against Keith McLachlan on YOKKAO 13 while Ja took the win over Jonathan Haggerty on YOKKAO 28. Regardless of the results, both fighters left a deep impression for their outstanding performances in their respective fights. Paul is a fluid fighter, well-known for his creativity and unpredictability in the ring that never fails to entertain the crowds. His nickname of “The Magician” says a lot of his fighting style. He is well-regarded within the community for his passion; Muay Thai is more than sport but an artform that he strives to perfect. Every opponent he meets takes him another step towards his goal. Ja comes Thailand but

  8. YOKKAO Next Generation Bound for Scotland!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Bound for Scotland!

    The expansion continues for YOKKAO in reaching out and bringing the best Muay Thai action to a wider audience. Come next month on the 24th February, the global talent search program of YOKKAO Next Generation will be held in the Scottish town of Paisley, Renfrewshire. For this occasion, YOKKAO Next Generation will actually be held in partnership with local promoter, Robert Morrison and promoted together as the Rama show. The event is set to feature A class, B class, C class and even junior bouts. With YOKKAO now thrown into the mix, the fighters now have an even bigger incentive to do their best in the ring. YOKKAO has been the most active brand in terms of finding young talents and promoting them on the global stage. One of the most prominent fighters discovered from the Next Generation is none other than Scotland’s very own Spencer Brown who was talent-spotted in the event 2 years ago. This will be a golden opportunity for fellow Scots to join the prestigious YOKKAO Next Generation

  9. Manachai Faces Rising Kickboxing Star Mo Abdurahman in UK!

    Manachai Faces Rising Kickboxing Star Mo Abdurahman in UK!

    YOKKAO takes to the road on 29th April in search of young talents of Muay Thai. The team will be descending on the city of Southampton (UK) for the talent-spotting YOKKAO Next Generation. For Southampton’s first Next Generation event, the YOKKAO Team and event promoters Brian Calder and Sean Toomey have set up a smashing headlining act. YOKKAO Fight Team will be represented by the young Muay Thai talent, Manachai who is set to face Southampton hometown boy, Mo Abdurahman. South African-born Mo has been training and fighting out of Southampton’s Exile Gym under Coach Dean Kendall since the age of 14. After 3 back-to-back battles and winning the 8-man “Road to Glory” tournament in Nottingham last year in March, the 21 year-old won himself a modest cash prize and secured a 2-fight contract with Glory World Series - the world’s top kickboxing league. He may have lost in his Glory debut in September but the gritty youngster is not one to give in easily. While

  10. YOKKAO 30: Amy Pirnie vs Ilenia Perugini!

    YOKKAO 30: Amy Pirnie vs Ilenia Perugini!

    YOKKAO 29-30 is heating up as the date draws nearer, and more fights are announced. The latest bout to be added looks to break up the heavy masculine tone of the event with a match up between YOKKAO UK regular, Amy Pirnie and Ilenia Perugini, a new face for YOKKAO fans. Amy Pirnie needs little introduction, she has proven herself to be the female fighter to beat at YOKKAO shows. To date, Amy has remained undefeated on the YOKKAO events with a streak of 4 wins. The 24 year-old Scottish lass will surely look to forge her legacy and extend her undefeated campaign at YOKKAO 30. All that stands in the way is her opponent, Ilenia Perugini. The 26 year-old Ilenia hails from Basel, Switzerland where she fights out of Diamond Gym Basel. Ilenia started training Muay Thai at the age of 19 and has competed in both Muay Thai as well as K-1 rules kickboxing. She currently holds the AFSO (All Fight System Organization) International Flyweight champion title (K-1) and it will be interesting to see

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