1. YOKKAO 30: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab Full Fight Video Released

    YOKKAO 30: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab Full Fight Video Released

    Without a doubt, YOKKAO 29 - 30 was the most spectacular event for UK fight fans this year so far. Round after round, bout after bout, fighters delivered non-stop action that left the audience in a state of adrenaline rush the entire night. March 10th was truly a night to remember for those in attendance. Spencer Brown returned to UK soil since his appearance last October on YOKKAO 27. He was up against fellow Scotsman, Connor McNab who was making his YOKKAO debut. After a series of knockouts in the evening, the KO Kid was looking to add one of his own to the list. Spencer unleashed a flurry of powerful punches right off the bell against a tough opponent who refused to stay down. The 2 youngsters went the distance and gave the audience an exciting full 5 rounds. This was easily one of the crowd’s favorite fights of the night. The event was webcasted partially over Facebook so here’s the chance to recapture the night’s action. YOKKAO has released a high-quality video

  2. First-Ever YOKKAO UK Open Championship Set The Bar High

    First-Ever YOKKAO UK Open Championship Set The Bar High

    Over the last weekend, more than 400 fighters from UK and across Europe descended on Barnsley Metrodome for the inaugural YOKKAO UK Open Championship. The 2-day event which featured both Muay Thai and K-1 kickboxing competitions, concluded with a resounding success.

    On Saturday, 350 Muay Thai fighters took turns to compete in the 5 rings during the course of day one. There was a total of 180 categories with athletes from as young as 5 years old taking part. Regardless of age, the competitors gave all they have got to battle for the YOKKAO Open championship belts. The action continued on Sunday with kickboxing

  3. YOKKAO UK Open Championship Hits The Stage April 14th - 15th

    YOKKAO UK Open Championship Hits The Stage April 14th - 15th

    The day that fans and competitors have been waiting for has arrived. The first-ever YOKKAO UK Open Championship is set to explode with hundreds of fighters from UK and around the region competing for a shot at glory. On 14th and 15th April over the weekend, YOKKAO UK Open will be taking place at Barnsley Metrodome. The venue is incidentally, the site of YOKKAO Next Generation Kids shows. At the Open, juniors from as young as 5 years old to adults up to 35 will give all they have got and put their skills to the test. Participants will be competing in Muay Thai or K1-rules kickboxing fights at the event. Since 2014 when YOKKAO hosted its first UK show at Bolton Macron Stadium, the brand has been a key driving force in promoting the region’s Muay Thai scene. Many UK fighters got their big break on the YOKKAO main shows and Next Generation events, receiving unprecedented exposure on a global scale. UK fans remain the biggest winners as the promoters regularly brought in elite fighters

  4. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Heads To Scotland On 31st March

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Heads To Scotland On 31st March

    Muay Thai fans in Scotland are in for another treat after the overwhelming reception at the YOKKAO Next Generation show held on 24th February. It’s time for the kids to be in the spotlight as YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland goes live this Saturday 31st March. Originally scheduled on March 3rd, YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland was postponed due to severe weather conditions. The whole of UK experienced the worst weather pattern in over 50 years with the first ever red alert issued due to bad weather. Airports and major roads were closed and resulted in the postponement. In true unwavering Muay Thai spirit, the show is back on and will go on as planned with a stacked card of 42 bouts lined up. Junior fighters from UK and along with some visitors from France and Italy will be taking part in the show, all ready to put their skills and hard work to the test. The event will be headlined by Erin from Glasgow’s Griphouse gym who will take on the unbeaten Siria from Italy.

  5. YOKKAO UK Open Receives Application From Over 300 Fighters in 2 Days!

    YOKKAO UK Open Receives Application From Over 300 Fighters in 2 Days!

    The time has come for Muay Thai and kickboxing practitioners to prove themselves in the ring. In less than one month’s time, the first-ever YOKKAO UK Open will take center-stage for what is set to be one of the largest fight sport events in the world. Since the announcement of the YOKKAO UK Open was made, applications have poured in from all over the European continent. In just two days, almost 300 enthusiastic fighters from eleven countries have signed up to take part in the inaugural event! Applications are still coming in fervently and it is expected that the 400 competitor slots for the Open will be completely filled up in no time. The YOKKAO UK Open is the latest project from the dream team of Stefania Picelli, Brian Calder and Peter Spensley. The event will provide the stage for amateur fighters of all ages to test their skills and a chance for glory. YOKKAO has been an active force in driving wider recognition for Muay Thai with talent-search initiatives like YOKKAO Next

  6. YOKKAO Kids Fight Team Welcomes New Member Anthony Deary

    YOKKAO Kids Fight Team Welcomes New Member Anthony Deary

    Following his 2017 Fighter of the Year award and an impressive performance on the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids show in February, Anthony Deary joins Joe Ryan and Ellie Barker to become the newest member of the YOKKAO Kids Fight Team. Anthony trains and fights out of Liverpool’s Fortitudo Muay Thai, under coach Allen Kaufman as well as his father, Ian Deary. He started training in Muay Thai since he was 5 years old and won his first Area title at the age of 8. The 13 year-old now holds multiple titles including 3 European titles, a British title, an Intercontinental title and a junior World title. To date, Anthony has fought really strong opponents from countries all over the continent including France, Portugal, Lithuania, Scotland and Ireland. He would often give up weight of up to 3 or 4 kilograms and has never turned down a fight even at only a few days’ notice. Anthony embodies true Nak Muay spirit of the Thai fighters, which is amazing for someone his age. 2017

  7. YOKKAO 29 - 30: A Night of Non-stop Muay Thai Action

    YOKKAO 29 - 30: A Night of Non-stop Muay Thai Action

    It was back once again - the biggest Muay Thai event in UK. The highly-anticipated YOKKAO 29 - 30 returns to Bolton Macron Stadium on March 10th for the best Muay Thai action. It was a night of vicious knockouts, gruelling battles, class acts and always a display of true martial arts spirit. With each fight, it was non-stop action right from the first bell to the last. The entire evening was an insane all-out war that kept the audience at the edge of their seats. This was something that cannot be compared as even fights in Thailand tend to have real action that begins only in the third and fourth rounds. YOKKAO UK has truly upped the ante and set a new industry standard for which to follow.

    YOKKAO Next Generation

    7 bouts warmed up the crowds sufficiently with 14 young, up-and-coming fighters from the region. Stuart Stabler, who was making his second appearance for Next Generation
  8. YOKKAO 29 - YOKKAO 30 Weigh-in results!

    YOKKAO 29 - YOKKAO 30 Weigh-in results!

    YOKKAO 29-30 weigh-in took place today at Mezzanine Macron Stadium in Bolton. ** YOKKAO 30 Weigh-in results ** Singdam YokkaoSaenchaiGym (Thailand) 64.5kg vs Jack Kennedy (England) 65kg Paul Karpowicz (England) 59.8kg vs Ja Kiatphontip (Thailand) 59.4kg Chris Whittle (England) 63.2kg vs Craig Coakley (Ireland) 62.9kg Amy Pirnie (Scotland) 49.6kg vs Ilenia Perugini (Switzerland) 49.1kg Spencer Brown (Scotland) 63kg vs Connor McNab (Scotland) 62.8kg Brian Totty (Scotland) 65.7kg vs Mohamed Kalf (Ireland) 68.2kg ** YOKKAO 29 Weigh-in results ** Jonathan Haggerty (England) 59kg vs Keith McLachlan (Scotland) 59.1kg Myk Estlick (England) 59.8kg vs Luke Hill (England) 59.9kg Dakota Ditcheva (England) 54.4kg vs Hannah Brady (England) 53.6kg Joe Craven (England) 72.5kg vs Ammari Diedrick (England) 70.7kg Niall Brown (England) 72.1kg vs Robbie Collins (England) 70kg Anton Austin (England) 59.9kg vs Isaac Taylor (England)

  9. YOKKAO 29 - 30: Full Fight Card Released!

    YOKKAO 29 - 30: Full Fight Card Released!

    Come this Saturday March 10th at the Bolton Macron Stadium, UK fight fans are in for another night of lip-smacking Muay Thai action. YOKKAO 29 - 30 is stacked with the best fighters in the region and Thailand featuring both top-billing acts as well as up-and-coming fighters in the region. The fight card for the double event is now complete with the addition of energetic matchups featuring promising young fighters like Joe Craven and Robbie Collins, both of whom have previously appeared on YOKKAO events. A number of up-and-coming fighters will be making their YOKKAO debuts, and will certainly look to make an impression. As has been the event’s format in the UK, YOKKAO 29-30 also features an undercard of Next Generation competitors. Many of these fighters would eventually go on to fight on the main card. Some of the fighters who have made the transition include Spencer Brown, Joe Craven and Robbie Collins. YOKKAO has been pivotal in recent years in building and promoting

  10. The Return of YOKKAO Kids - Another Resounding Success at Barnsley

    The Return of YOKKAO Kids - Another Resounding Success at Barnsley

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids returned to Barnsley Metrodome on February 10th, for another fun-filled day of junior Muay Thai action. The card was completely stacked with 55 pairs of bouts taking place at the show. Over a hundred young competitors arrived along with their coaches and families flocked to witness the return of YOKKAO Kids. Besides competitors from the home nation, young fighters from Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Spain and Ireland descended to take part in the event. YOKKAO junior fighters Ellie Barker and Joe Ryan both defended their titles successfully against their respective challengers. The 2 fighters put in a world class performance as the headlining acts of the show. Ellie took on her old sparring partner and good friend Anya from Steve Wright’s Erawan Gym. The fight was closely-matched but Ellie was able to secure her win with big late rounds. Joe was fresh off his silver medal win from IFMA Baltic. He took on a dangerous Kyriakos from Cyprus that resulted in

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