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  1. Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Spencer Brown the KO Kid!

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Spencer Brown the KO Kid!

    The Body Snatcher has done it again. Another opponent bites the dust as Spencer Brown delivers a win with yet another KO. The 20 year-old fighter from Irvine, Scotland was up against Thai homegrown fighter, Mongkolpetch Naya Parkview for the show last evening on Mx Muay Xtreme. The fight exploded right from the start with no withholding back from both sides. It was déjà vu for Spencer and the spectators as he ended the fight in the same spectacular fashion as his last Max Muay Xtreme appearance: with a KO in round 1 once again! The KO-inducing right hook makes this the seventh KO win out of a young fighting career of 13 wins in 18 fights. Spencer is without a doubt, one of Europe’s most promising exports to make waves in the Muay Thai scene. He first started training in the sport about 5 years ago at the age of 14 and fought in the ring shortly after. Back home in Irvine, he trains out of Rama Camp Muay Thai but currently devotes his time training and fighting

  2. Saenchai vs Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian at YOKKAO 26 Hong Kong!

    Saenchai vs Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian at YOKKAO 26 Hong Kong!

    Saenchai's opponent for the coming YOKKAO 26 has been released. Since the announcement was made 2 months ago looking for the right challenger, many fighters and gyms have sent in their proposals to fight the living legend Saenchai this September 11th in Hong Kong. After much consideration, YOKKAO event management has found the right candidate in Spanish fighter, Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian for the headlining match of the night. [caption id="attachment_3631" align="alignright" width="330"]Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian[/caption] Fabian is one of the most promising fighters to come out of Spain in the recent years. He is a 8-time Spanish champion and a 2013 European champion, with a fight record of 45 wins in 79 fights. The fight is definitely going to a key milestone in his fight career

  3. Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai dominate the game at All-Star Fight!

    Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai dominate the game at All-Star Fight!

    Another brilliant performance was given by YOKKAO Fight Team stars, Pakorn and Manachai yesterday at the debut of All-Star Fight: Elite Fighter in Bangkok. Both fighters won via points to showcase their talents in what could potentially be one of the most popular fight promotions in the country. [caption id="attachment_3620" align="alignright" width="350"]Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym[/caption] Pakorn delivered a solid Muay Thai performance especially at the third round, where he switched into beast mode, completely neutralizing his opponent Julio Lobo from Brazil. There was certainly no surprise when Pakorn’s hand was raised at the end of the match. After a period of discontinued training, Pakorn returned to the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok earlier this year to follow a strict regime alongside

  4. Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai ready For All-Star Fight!

    Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai ready For All-Star Fight!

    Bangkok is heating up with the debut of a new fight promotion, All-Star Fight: Elite Fighter. The Muay Thai capital is all set to hold the monthly event which is organised by the Buakaw Banchamek Gym along with Kunlun Fight from China. With superstar Buakaw as the promoter, the event looks set to take the Muay Thai scene by storm. [caption id="attachment_3611" align="alignright" width="1024"]Buakaw Banchamek weight-in Buakaw Banchamek weight-in [/caption] Fighters from the Banchamek Gym will fill most of the fights for the first event premiering this Sunday 20t August and Buakaw has been hard at work in preparing them for this project. The star himself will of course make a ring appearance and he is set to take on 27 year-old challenger, Azize Hlali. The French-Moroccan fighter’s last 2 notable appearances

  5. Erhan YOKKAOSaenchaigym fighting for the Lumpinee title 160lbs!

    Erhan YOKKAOSaenchaigym fighting for the Lumpinee title 160lbs!

    It is amazing what can happen in just 1 year. The story of 26 year-old Erhan YOKKAOSaenchaiGym is what many fighters call “living the dream”, but it is made of strong decisions and forged by many sacrifices and relentless efforts. [caption id="attachment_3602" align="alignright" width="350"]Muay Thai Fighter Erhan YOKKAO Saenchai Gym Muay Thai Fighter Erhan YOKKAO Saenchai Gym[/caption] Erhan Gungor, born in Germany to Turkish parents, the fighter moved to Australia at the age of 22yrs old fighting for Absolute MMA gym in Melbourne. Erhan collected 27 fights with 18 wins. He arrived 1 year ago at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok with the intention to train just for a couple of days. To his surprise and delight, the camp offered him the opportunity to fight in the name of the camp which

  6. Muay Thai fans coming all around the world for a Private Training with Saenchai!

    Muay Thai fans coming all around the world for a Private Training with Saenchai!

    At YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, not only do visitors get to train alongside members of the YOKKAO Fight team, private training sessions with the fighters are also available. Besides training with Muay Thai champions like Singdam Kiatmoo9, Pakorn, and Manachai, visitors can also get 1-to-1 training by one of the greatest legends of all time, Saenchai! [caption id="attachment_3589" align="alignright" width="350"]Muay Thai private training with Saenchai Muay Thai private training with Saenchai[/caption] For any Muay Thai fan, there is no better training experience than the chance to learn from the living legend. Saenchai’s fighting style is a class of its own. His footwork, agility, and the fanciest of moves is unsurpassed in the history

  7. DNCE Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle meet YOKKAO Team in Bangkok!

    DNCE Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle meet YOKKAO Team in Bangkok!

    [caption id="attachment_3569" align="alignright" width="380"]Cole Whittle and Manachai Cole Whittle and Manachai[/caption] The YOKKAO Training Center continues the climb up the list of top things to do in Bangkok with even celebrities dropping in on a random basis. There is never a dull moment at the camp, and things get wilder when popular dance-rock band DNCE drops in to rock da house! DNCE is led by Joe Jonas, formerly of the successful pop-rock band, Jonas Brothers. The quirky group also consists of members Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee and Cole Whittle. The quartet was in town for their world tour concert on Thursday 10th August where they played to a ecstatic Thai crowd. Audience rocked out to many of the group’s hits including their most well-known 2015 hit single, “Cake

  8. YOKKAO strikes 3 wins in 2 days in Thailand!

    YOKKAO strikes 3 wins in 2 days in Thailand!

    Within a space of 2 days, 3 young fighters from YOKKAO landed 3 respective victories in events held in Thailand. [caption id="attachment_3554" align="alignright" width="350"]Erhan YOKKAO Saenchai Gym at Lumpinee Stadium Erhan YOKKAO Saenchai Gym at Lumpinee Stadium[/caption] First up, Manachai was up against former 2013 Rajadamnern champion, Kiatpetch Suanaharneekmai at the YOKKAO Next Generation event in Suraburi, northeast of Bangkok. Kiatpetch is by no means a walkover, having fought against many of the top names in Muay Thai, like Nong O, Kongsak PKSaenchaiGym and Petpanomrung Kiatmoo9. The fight played out in typical ring fashion with both fighters studying the opponent in the first 2 rounds before erupting into a frenzied exchange in the third and fourth. Despite a tough competition, Manachai outscored Kiatpetch by

  9. Fighter Fuel: What to Eat in Bangkok While Training at YOKKAO!

    Fighter Fuel: What to Eat in Bangkok While Training at YOKKAO!

    Food in Bangkok can be intimidating, but like everything else in life, you must keep an open mind to trying new things. If you are training at YOKKAO, then it could already be assumed that you are a total badass and you are the type of person who does not follow the herd, you are the person who leads it, and your food fuels it. Living in Bangkok requires you to make a few lifestyle changes, adjusting to the traffic, the heat, and the copious amounts of water that you will consume. The suggested serving size for water is 8 cups a day for an average human, but at YOKKAO you are far from an average human-you double or even triple your water intake. YOKKAO has its own in-house production of water that has been tested and certified to be pure. It contains all of the essential minerals that is imperative for the fighters to drink. If you get thirsty and you are away from the gym you will be able to find water any time of day almost anywhere, it is almost impossible to walk for more than 5

  10. Tetsuya Yamato is coming to Bangkok!

    Tetsuya Yamato is coming to Bangkok!

    YOKKAO fans will be familiar with Tetsuya Yamato from the widely talked about fight against Liam Harrison back in YOKKAO 17. After a win against the former title holder, Pakorn at Hoost Cup Kings Nagoya (Japan), Yamato was granted a shot at the YOKKAO World Title -65kg for the headlining event at YOKKAO 17. On 19th March 2016, Yamato faced Harrison in the ring at Bolton’s Macron stadium where the fight erupted into a total warzone. Harrison eventually won the fight on points in a very closely-matched fight but Yamato’s all-out performance and aggressive yet collected style won him the hearts of many new fans that night. Born in Chita, city of Aichi prefecture (Japan) in 1987, Yamato took up the name in honor of his first gym, Yamato Kickboxing Gym. He made his fight debut in 2005 at the young age of 17 and was quickly awarded the Rookie Award in 2006 by fight promotion NJFK (New Japan Kickboxing Federation(, for his impressive performance. After 3 years since his debut, Yamato

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