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  1. Chris Shaw: I am going to drown Superlek at YOKKAO 27!

    Chris Shaw: I am going to drown Superlek at YOKKAO 27!

    Besides the 2 title defense bouts, the exciting matchup between Christopher Shaw and Superlek is the one that fans are really looking forward to. As any Muay Thai fan would know, Superlek is a top-seeded fighter in Thailand right now with numerous accolades. Here is what his opponent Christopher Shaw has to say about the upcoming fight at YOKKAO 27: YOKKAO: How is your training going for YOKKAO 27? How have you been preparing yourself for the upcoming fight? Chris: My training has been going great. I have been doing all my training at BoxFit Glasgow as normal, the POS gym under my coach Gary O'Brien. Gary knows me very well and what we need to tweak in my game to get a massive win over my opponent. I always train hard and this isn't any different. Y: Superlek is a top fighter right now on the Thailand circuit. What went through your mind when you were made known of the fight against him? What do you think of your opponent? C: I wanted this fight and I'm very happy

  2. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids: The Search for Future Stars!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids: The Search for Future Stars!

    The YOKKAO NEXT GENERATION global initiative was launched in 2015, designed to discover talent in the new generation of Muay Thai fighters. The event has been on a continual mission to spot and groom young fight talents from around the world. Now, YOKKAO takes the concept one step further by expanding the search to kids from 5 up to 16 years old. Even today, Muay Thai is a sport that remains dominated by the native Thai fighters. A key reason for this phenomenon is that most of them start training at a very young age - often as young as 5 to 6 years old. Other than a fiercely competitive environment that breeds the best Muay Thai fighters of the world, starting young has given the Thai fighters an edge in developing their game. By the time they turn pro at 15, which is the minimum age for pro fighting in Thailand, they would already have accumulated over 100 fights. [caption id="attachment_3746" align="alignright" width="421"]

  3. Spencer Brown Ready for Action At YOKKAO 25 Hong Kong and YOKKAO 27 UK!

    Spencer Brown Ready for Action At YOKKAO 25 Hong Kong and YOKKAO 27 UK!

    After a series of spectacular wins on MX MUAY XTREME in Thailand, Spencer Brown the KO kid shows no signs of letting up and is pulling no punches. He has already signed up for 2 more fights scheduled these 2 months: the first at YOKKAO 25 in Hong Kong, followed by YOKKAO 27 at Bolton, UK. [caption id="attachment_3704" align="alignright" width="350"]Spencer YOKKAO Saenchai Gym Spencer YOKKAO Saenchai Gym[/caption] In just less than a week from now, Spencer will make his second Hong Kong fight appearance at YOKKAO 25. He is set to meet Lui Chun Yin who fights out of the Fighting Arts Center in Hong Kong. Lui is a veteran of the Hong Kong Muay Thai scene as well as a star in the Chinese region. Forward a month after YOKKAO 25, Spencer returns home to the Kingdom for YOKKAO 27 at Bolton, UK,  where he will face

  4. YOKKAO Launches UK and Italian Web Store!

    YOKKAO Launches UK and Italian Web Store!

    In conjunction with the launch of the official European warehouse in Republic of San Marino, YOKKAO is proud to announce that its UK and Italian web stores have now gone ‘live’. Featuring all-in stock YOKKAO Muay Thai goods, UK and Italian buyers can expect their items [caption id="attachment_3690" align="alignright" width="300"]YOKKAO Italia YOKKAO Italia[/caption] purchased from the web store to be shipped directly from the European warehouse. This ensures the best shipping rates as well as the best prices in pounds or Euros free from import taxes, and in the languages for the respective markets. By doing away with intermediaries, the brand now establishes itself as the most competitive Muay Thai brand in the European region. Shoppers can expect the fastest shipping on a full range of premium Muay Thai products

  5. YOKKAO Muay Thai Premium Gear now available in Europe!

    YOKKAO Muay Thai Premium Gear now available in Europe!

    It’s official. YOKKAO has successfully launched its first warehouse in Europe to better serve the Muay Thai community in the continent. This is certainly great news for all Muay Thai fans in Europe for a number of reasons: 1) all in-stock products. No more lag time due to production lag time 2) no more import taxes 3) much lower shipping cost. What’s more, the full range of YOKKAO products will be in stock and available for purchase. That’s right, the complete range of premium, made-in-Thailand Muay Thai products shipped out fast with just a few simple clicks. By operating without intermediaries, YOKKAO now establishes itself as the most competitive Muay Thai brand in the EU market. Shops, gyms and individual buyers can now purchase YOKKAO products from the online store and the items will be shipped out of the warehouse facility in Republic of San Marino. Due to the successful run of fight promotions, no other brand reaches a wider audience in Europe than

  6. Chris Shaw Meets Connor McCormack at YOKKAO 28!

    Chris Shaw Meets Connor McCormack at YOKKAO 28!

    The coming YOKKAO event this 15th October at Bolton Macron Stadium is already packed to the brim with the very best fights, including 2 title defense by current YOKKAO world champions, Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson. Here’s one more exciting matchup to add to the card of YOKKAO 28 that’s guaranteed to stir things up: Chris Shaw vs Connor McCormack. Chris is a household name in the UK and has fought some of the biggest names in the sport including YOKKAO World Champion Jordan Watson and Michael Wakeling. He is moving down in weight for this fight and will meet his opponent at 71 kg. Chris has fought on YOKKAO 19 against Jersey Pinto and winning the bout on points. He comes to the ring with a record of 34 fights with 29 wins and is 2-time Scottish and British Champion as well as being a Patong Stadium Champion. He fights out of the ULT Muay Thai gym that he runs himself in Ayr, Scotland. Connor will be making his debut on YOKKAO Fight promotion but like Chris, he is also

  7. The Battle of The Englishmen: Chris Whittle vs Jack Kennedy

    The Battle of The Englishmen: Chris Whittle vs Jack Kennedy

    Chris Whittle and Jack Kennedy will come together for a clash in a battle of Englishmen at the upcoming YOKKAO 28. YOKKAO fans in Europe will be familiar with the two fighters, especially Kennedy, who is making his 5th YOKKAO event appearance. Fighting out of the Imperial Thaiboxing Academy in Southport, Kennedy is a Golden Belt English Champion, as well as a ISKA British title holder. With an impressive run of victories winning 24 out of 25 fights, he is building a solid reputation as one of the most talented Muay Thai fighters in UK today. Kennedy’s opponent is the formidable Chris Whittle, who fights out of Frank’s Gym in Manchester. At 20 years of age, the young Whittle already has 3 titles to his name including a WBC National Champion, WRSA British Champion, and a recent ISKA European Champion. A rising star in the UK fight scene, he has 25 fights with 21 wins to his name, so this will be a very closely-matched fight. Whittle will move up in weight after fighting

  8. Amy Pirnie faces Josefine “Little Thunder” Lindgren Knutsson at YOKKAO 28!

    Amy Pirnie faces Josefine “Little Thunder” Lindgren Knutsson at YOKKAO 28!

    A thunderstorm is brewing and heading the way of YOKKAO 28 and it’s looking to be yet another electrifying show for the fans at Bolton Macron Stadium. The thunderstorm comes in the form of 21 year old Swedish female fighter, Josefine Lindgren Knutsson, who will be making [caption id="attachment_3549" align="alignright" width="350"]Muay Thai: Amy Pirnie in action Muay Thai: Amy Pirnie in action[/caption] her YOKKAO promotions debut this 15th October 2017. Knutsson goes by the fighting nickname of “Little Thunder” and after making a name for herself in her Nordic homeland, she has set her sights on the rest of the European territories. She currently trains and fights out of the Allstars Training Center in Stockholm, Sweden, under her coach, Sanja Trbojevic. The gym itself is a recipient 2013 Gym of the Year in

  9. YOKKAO 27: here comes a new challenger!

    YOKKAO 27: here comes a new challenger!

    Every fighter is now eyeing the prestigious YOKKAO World Titles. Where many crumble to the pressure, it takes a true champion to accept and face the nonstop challenge for the title. Come this 15th October 2017, the YOKKAO World Title -65kg is being laid on the line once again at YOKKAO 27. Just fresh from defending the title at YOKKAO 24 in March earlier this year, Liam Harrison will be fighting again to defend the honor for a second time in six months. This time, Harrison will face a young and formidable foe, German kickboxer, Kevin Burmester. At the age of 24, Kevin Burmester has clocked an impressive 64 wins out of 72 fights with 31 KOs. He has a few belts to his name as a multi time WKN (World Kickboxing Network) world champion fighting under both K1 and Muay Thai rules. Burmester fights out of Xite Gym in Hamburg, Germany and trains under his father and experienced coach, Lutz Burmester. Coach Burmester himself has several acclaimed fighters who have trained under his coaching,

  10. Will Jordan Watson Continue His Reign at YOKKAO 28?

    Will Jordan Watson Continue His Reign at YOKKAO 28?

    Warriors never rest. They are continually put to the test, time and time again, to prove that they are the best. [caption id="attachment_3530" align="alignright" width="350"]Jordan Watson YOKKAO World Champion -70KG Jordan Watson YOKKAO World Champion -70KG[/caption] Jordan Watson was the first to be crowned the YOKKAO World Champion -70kg back at the 10th edition. During his reign as the inaugural YOKKAO world title holder, Watson lost the belt once to Sanny Dahlbeck at YOKKAO 12 before reclaiming it back almost exactly a year later at YOKKAO 18. Since then, Watson has managed to retain his title on another occasion against the tough Thai fighter, Sorgraw Petchyindee at YOKKAO 24 earlier in March. This coming 15th October, Watson will be put to the test once more

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