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  1. YOKKAO 30: Amy Pirnie vs Ilenia Perugini!

    YOKKAO 30: Amy Pirnie vs Ilenia Perugini!

    YOKKAO 29-30 is heating up as the date draws nearer, and more fights are announced. The latest bout to be added looks to break up the heavy masculine tone of the event with a match up between YOKKAO UK regular, Amy Pirnie and Ilenia Perugini, a new face for YOKKAO fans. Amy Pirnie needs little introduction, she has proven herself to be the female fighter to beat at YOKKAO shows. To date, Amy has remained undefeated on the YOKKAO events with a streak of 4 wins. The 24 year-old Scottish lass will surely look to forge her legacy and extend her undefeated campaign at YOKKAO 30. All that stands in the way is her opponent, Ilenia Perugini. The 26 year-old Ilenia hails from Basel, Switzerland where she fights out of Diamond Gym Basel. Ilenia started training Muay Thai at the age of 19 and has competed in both Muay Thai as well as K-1 rules kickboxing. She currently holds the AFSO (All Fight System Organization) International Flyweight champion title (K-1) and it will be interesting to see

  2. YOKKAO Next Generation Goes to Southampton UK!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Goes to Southampton UK!

    The popular talent-search for the future stars of Muay Thai is back once again. YOKKAO Next Generation, the global initiative is confirmed to be held on 29th April 2018 in Southampton, UK. While the Next Generation has been an opening act of the YOKKAO UK shows in the past, it will now be a full-fledged lone-standing event. The event will be organized in partnership with UK promoter, Sean Toomey, a former Muay Thai fighter and prominent figure in the UK Muay Thai scene. The event wouldn’t be complete without a headlining act that promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Fans can expect to be treated to a brilliant display of world-class Muay Thai by YOKKAO’s own young star, Manachai, who will face an as-yet unnamed opponent. With the official shows promoted by Brian Calder, and the Kids events by Peter Spensley, the YOKKAO-UK connection is further deepened now with Sean Toomey on board for Next Generation. There is more to the Next Generation Southampton event as

  3. Introducing the First YOKKAO Junior World Champions!

    Introducing the First YOKKAO Junior World Champions!

    The first YOKKAO Next Generation Kids took place recently on 26th November at the Barnsley Metrodome. Event organizer, Peter Spensley and YOKKAO UK promoter Brian Calder, delivered an immensely successful and unforgettable show that set the high bar for all future Muay Thai junior competitions. Over 100 fighters -some as young as 6- took part in the full-day event that saw the crowning of the first YOKKAO Junior World Champions, Joe Ryan and Ellie Barker. The 2 fighters got in the ring and proved their deserving place as the earliest members of the YOKKAO Kids Fight Team. [caption id="attachment_3971" align="alignright" width="350"]Ellie Barker YOKKAO CHAMPION 14yrs -52kg Ellie Barker YOKKAO CHAMPION 14yrs

  4. YOKKAO 29: Keith McLachlan vs Jonathan Haggerty!

    YOKKAO 29: Keith McLachlan vs Jonathan Haggerty!

    With 3 back-to-back fight announcements made for YOKKAO 30, it’s now time to shine for YOKKAO 29. The first fight has just been confirmed for YOKKAO 29 and features 2 of the region’s elite fighters - Keith McLachlan taking on Jonathan Haggerty. Both competitors are no strangers to the UK Muay Thai scene, and especially to YOKKAO supporters. Keith McLachlan is the current UK number 1 at 59 kg, fighting out of The Griphouse gym in his hometown of Glasgow where he also coaches. He delivered a steady performance in his 2 appearances on YOKKAO events, fighting with a methodical style free of redundant flair. The Glasgow number 1 came out victorious twice at YOKKAO 13 and 14, proving the effectiveness of his uncomplicated fighting style. In his time, Keith has faced the likes of UK top fighters including Panicos Yusuf and Stephen Meleady. Keith’s opponent at YOKKAO 29 will be current ISKA Super-Featherweight World Champion, Jonathan Haggerty. The 20 year-old Walworth pride

  5. Dreams Come True At Inaugural YOKKAO Kids Event!

    Dreams Come True At Inaugural YOKKAO Kids Event!

    While most kids spend their free time playing video games or engaging in mainstream team sports, there is a different breed who chooses to wreck the bags, smash some pads and kick ass in the ring. A new generation of kids around the world are taking up Muay Thai and they are looking to take over as the future stars of the sport. [caption id="attachment_3951" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Kid Champion Joe Ryan YOKKAO Kid Champion Joe Ryan[/caption] In its bid to discover and groom these young fighting talents, YOKKAO recently launched the Next Generation Kids initiative. The inaugural YOKKAO Next Generation Kids competitive event organized in partnership with SuperShow, was held on 26th November at the Barnsley Metrodome with resounding success. A fully packed venue

  6. Liam Harrison To Defend Title Against Chamuaktong At YOKKAO 30!

    Liam Harrison To Defend Title Against Chamuaktong At YOKKAO 30!

    Another monster of a fight has just been confirmed for YOKKAO 30 to be held next March 10. Current YOKKAO world champion -65kg will put his title on the line once again, this time against Chamuaktong PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym. For anyone who is unfamiliar with his name, Chamuaktong hails from the top Thailand camp of PKSaenchai Gym. The camp is a recipient of the coveted Lumpinee Stadium gym of the year award in 2016, and is home to many of the top fighters on the elite stadium circuit. Chamuaktong himself won the Rajadamnern title for 140 lbs just recently on November 6. He was also a Lumpinee champion at 140 lbs in 2016. That’s not all. Chamuaktong won the prestigious Toyota Marathon at 154 lbs back in the same year. Having defeated the likes of Petpanomrung Kiatmuu9 and Singdam, Chamuaktong is set to be one of the strongest challengers for Harrison’s YOKKAO Champion Belt-65kg. Harrison is fresh off a successful title defense at YOKKAO 27 earlier last month in October.

  7. YOKKAO Instagram Video Garners over 2 million views!

    YOKKAO Instagram Video Garners over 2 million views!

    YOKKAO has once again shown why it is number one in the Muay Thai social media-sphere. The latest video on YOKKAO IG account to go viral is a clip of Liam Harrison’s low-kick knockout win at the recent YOKKAO 27. The clip has spread like wildfire on social media, reaching 1 million views in just 2 days of being uploaded. In just a few days’ time, a record of over 2 million views has been achieved and is still going strong. The video has really gone viral and was even shared by social media giant SportBible. In the short 20-second video clip, Liam Harrison shows why he’s still at the top of the game. The fight took place at the recent YOKKAO 27 held in Bolton UK where Harrison was matched-up against a young, iron fist opponent in Kevin Burmester. Despite facing a hungry and strong opponent, Harrison’s experience and fight IQ shows as he dismantled Burmester with tree-chopping leg kicks and took home a win for the day with TKO via referee stoppage. Besides its

  8. YOKKAO Proudly Presents The Kids Fight Team!

    YOKKAO Proudly Presents The Kids Fight Team!

    YOKKAO is more than a Muay Thai gear and equipment company. With a squad of the best fighters from all around the world, a network of affiliated training centers on every continent, and an increasing number of distributors, YOKKAO is now a most trusted Muay Thai brand operating at a full 360 degrees in the industry. The brand has always been tireless in promoting the sport of Muay Thai and helping to groom young talents for the international stage. With the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids event coming up on 26th November at the Barnsley Metrodome in UK, the search for the future stars of Muay Thai is well underway. [caption id="attachment_3860" align="alignright" width="420"]YOKKAO Kids Muay Thai YOKKAO Kids Muay Thai[/caption] Since the last announcement of the Kids event made in September, YOKKAO has received tonnes of enquiries

  9. YOKKAO 27 - YOKKAO 28 results

    YOKKAO 27 - YOKKAO 28 results

    YOKKAO 27 - YOKKAO 28 results - Sunday October 15th 2017 Macron Stadium (Bolton). ** YOKKAO 28 Results ** YOKKAO World Title -70kg YOKKAO World Champion vs YOKKAO Fight Team Jordan Watson (England) won by KO vs Pongsiri PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym (Thailand)

    YOKKAO Fight Team vs YOKKAO Next Generation UK 55kg Rungarai Kiatmoo9 (Thailand) lost by KO 3° round vs Daniel McGowan (England) YOKKAO Next Generation vs Thailand 58kg Jonathan Haggerty (England) lost by points vs Ja Kiatphontip (Thailand) YOKKAO Next Generation vs Sweden 50kg Amy Pirnie (Scotland) won by points vs Josefine Lindgren Knutsson (Sweden) YOKKAO UK Ranking -65kg Chris Whittle (England) lost by points vs Jack Kennedy (England) YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,5kg Chris Shaw (Scotland) won by KO 1° round vs Connor McCormack ** YOKKAO 27 Results ** YOKKAO World Title -65kg YOKKAO World Champion -65kg vs Germany Liam Harrison (England) won by TKO 2° round vs Kevin
  10. YOKKAO 27 - 28 Weigh-In Results!

    YOKKAO 27 - 28 Weigh-In Results!

    The weigh-ins for YOKKAO 27 - 28 have been completed without any hiccups and all fighters are now raring to go. The popular Muay Thai double event is all set and ready to rock in less than 24 hours’ time at the Macron Stadium in Bolton UK. After the weigh-in, the fighters are all feasting and fueling up for the battle tomorrow. None of the fighters are taking their fight lightly, especially for the 2 YOKKAO world champions, Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson, whose titles are on the line. Local fans will be looking out for the UK debut of Muay Thai stars, Pongsiri, Rungarai and of course, Superlek. Their opponents and homegrown fighters will definitely be putting up a strong fight for themselves as well as their local supporters. [caption id="attachment_3821" align="alignright" width="390"]Pongsiri vs Jordan Watson Pongsiri vs Jordan

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