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  1. How to become a YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center!

    How to become a YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center!

    Located in the heart of downtown Bangkok, the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok is the official camp of the YOKKAO Fight Team. It is where Muay Thai legends like Singdam, Pakorn, and Saenchai train on a daily basis. The YOKKAO camp is also the adopted home of renowned trainers such as Kru Manop and Kru Petchdam, both of whom are the personal trainers of Saenchai and Singdam respectively. Since opening in 2016, the training center has rapidly built itself up as a renowned Muay Thai camp. With the best fighters and trainers, topped with world-class training, it is now visited daily by Muay Thai fans from all over the world. The YOKKAO training center affiliate program first began in 2013 to offer local fighters and fight enthusiasts an authentic outlet for learning the art of 8 limbs as well as access to the brand’s high quality gear and equipment. Over the next few years, several prominent gyms around the world signed up in the program, most notably the Training Centers in Sydney,

  2. Singdam Fighting At Chinese Promotion Wu Lin Feng on 3rd February!

    Singdam Fighting At Chinese Promotion Wu Lin Feng on 3rd February!

    After a month of rest, Singdam went back to an intensive training regime and smashing pads at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok. His signature brick-smashing kicks looked as vicious as ever before. The multi-time Muay Thai champion has just finished preparing for his next fight that will take place tomorrow in China on February 3rd at Wu Lin Feng. Singdam’s last appearance in the squared circle was at Kunlun Fight 67 in the race for glory on the KLF 66 kg World Championship 8-man tournament. Despite eliminating 2 fighters on the night of the tournament and making into the finals, his campaign was concluded by Chinese opponent, Yang Zhuo over a split decision. Even though he did not go away with the tournament championship belt, his outstanding performance found him with a legion of new Chinese fans. Undeterred in his unsuccessful campaign at Kunlun Fight, the valiant Singdam will return to Chinese soil once again in his quest for

  3. Manachai Delivers Smashing Performance in Italian Debut!

    Manachai Delivers Smashing Performance in Italian Debut!

    Manachai has done it again, doing what he does best - smashing faces and chopping legs! The young Muay Thai wrecking machine made his Italian debut over the weekend in Milan on “The Night of Kick and Punch”, a long-running event by promoter Angelo Valente. In the pre-fight weigh-in, Manachai recorded a weight of 65.5kg compared to his opponent, Nuriel Glorian Cauli’s 65.9kg. The fight was originally decided at 65kg but subsequently changed to 66kg as agreed on by both parties. For his Italian fight debut, Manachai delivered exactly what the audience ordered: a smashing performance of Muay Thai at the highest level. Right from a graceful display of the pre-fight Wai Khru ceremonial dance, Manachai exhibited Muay Thai in pure authenticity. Nuriel attempted to take the fight to the clinch right from the onset and the battle was fought with a flurry of knee exchanges. Once the clinch was disengaged, Manachai took to unleashing a multi-hit combo of hard punches, elbows

  4. YOKKAO Seminar: Saenchai Visits Bologna and Milan in February!

    YOKKAO Seminar: Saenchai Visits Bologna and Milan in February!

    Flash news: YOKKAO has just confirmed 2 seminar dates with Saenchai in the Italian cities of Milan and Bologna on the 27th and 28th February respectively. The Italian seminar tour follows closely a 2-day YOKKAO seminar with the star in Poland that will be held on 24-25th February. Anyone who knows about Muay Thai even remotely, will be familiar with the living legend - Saenchai is a name that needs no introduction. The iconic figure of Muay Thai and star fighter of the YOKKAO Fight Team will bring with him decades of Muay Thai expertise to the seminar. Over the course of two hours, participants will learn about the different techniques of Muay Thai that have made Saenchai one of the greatest fighter in the history of Muay Thai. First-hand from the man himself, no less. Students can expect the signature moves, footwork and larger-than-life personality from the legendary figure. This will not be Saenchai’s first visit to Italy nor is it his first seminar in Italy but a seminar

  5. YOKKAO Fight Team Out in Full Force This December!

    YOKKAO Fight Team Out in Full Force This December!

    The YOKKAO Fight Team is out fighting in full force this month of December. The following 2 weeks leading to the new year will be packed with back-to-back action in a series of events around Thailand featuring the YOKKAO fighters. [caption id="attachment_3979" align="alignright" width="350"]Nobita YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Nobita YOKKAOSaenchaiGym[/caption] Spearheading the YOKKAO charge will be Wuttichai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym who will head to Nonthaburi for his fight this Sunday the 17th. Wuttichai has been putting in the grind at the camp and he is all ready to put on a good show. YOKKAO foreign stalwart, Spencer Brown returns to MX Muay Xtreme next Friday the 22nd after a 4-month hiatus from the popular show. With

  6. Manachai and Yodchai Deliver Double KO Wins!

    Manachai and Yodchai Deliver Double KO Wins!

    [caption id="attachment_3948" align="alignright" width="350"]Muay Thai fighter Manachai YOKKAO Muay Thai fighter Manachai YOKKAO[/caption] YOKKAO headed east of Bangkok to Surin on November 17th for a night of local Muay Thai action. The event was a debut co-promotion with long-time collaborator, PK Saenchai, the top promoter at Lumpinee Stadium. YOKKAO was represented on the fight card by Fight Team stars, Manachai and Yodchai and the results were a night of high-octane action that delighted the local fans. Manachai took on the woodcutter persona and went into the match with relentless leg-chopping action. By the third round, Manachai’s hard-hitting strikes proved too much for his opponent, sending

  7. Check Out the All-New YOKKAO Full Catalog for 2017/2018

    Check Out the All-New YOKKAO Full Catalog for 2017/2018

    The official YOKKAO catalog for 2017/2018 season is out now. Featuring the complete range of high quality products from the YOKKAO inventory, the catalog is decked out in full glorious colors with gorgeous photos and detailed item description. It’s the classic fashion lookbook, Muay Thai style. 2017 has been one of the most exciting years in YOKKAO product history with the release of the well-received matching collections such as Sick, Frost and Monster. More than any other brand in the industry, YOKKAO has constantly pushed the boundaries of fight gear with the most cutting-edge products. The YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok has been pivotal in the development and improvement of the products. For over two hours twice a day, six days a week, every week and month of the year, the YOKKAO gear and equipment undergo the hardest challenge in the hot, humid environment of Thailand. On the ground

  8. YOKKAO Training Centers popping up worldwide!

    YOKKAO Training Centers popping up worldwide!

    Always at the forefront of trends and innovation, YOKKAO is now ready to launch another novel initiative: the YOKKAO Pop-Up Training Centers. The pop-up concept is the trend of the moment all around the world from United States, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, France, Germany, the United Kingdom to Australia. Although the trend has become widespread, it remains largely within the world of retail and fashion. Now for the first time ever, YOKKAO introduces the pop-up concept into the fight and fitness industry and it’s set to take the world by storm. After the success promotion of YOKKAO seminars around the world, the pop-up training center will turn the action one notch up. By partnering with gyms around the world, YOKKAO fighters and trainers will offer the renowned authentic Muay Thai training done the same fashion as at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok. The YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok needs no introduction, having been visited by CNN, Wall Street Journal, National

  9. It’s Time to Vote! YOKKAO Sparring Goes to The Polls on Instagram!

    It’s Time to Vote! YOKKAO Sparring Goes to The Polls on Instagram!

    YOKKAO has always been an advocate of adopting the most current social media trends in reaching out to the fans. The hottest buzz introduced recently on Instagram stories is the poll feature where followers can participate in voting. YOKKAO has swiftly joined in the fun by creating a reality based Muay Thai “video game” for its IG followers and it’s already going viral. This is how the game works: Sparring videos featuring the YOKKAO Fight Team members will be uploaded on YOKKAO Instagram Stories. Everyone can view and vote on who they think is the better-performing fighting in the sparring. Remember to vote objectively for the better fighter rather than as a fan supporting your idol. You play the role of a competition judge and score the fighters accordingly. Let the games begin! Vote the sparring winner at instagram.com/yokkao

  10. Join The YOKKAOFit Movement!

    Join The YOKKAOFit Movement!

    The YOKKAO Fight Team has come together to design a full-body fitness workout based on Muay Thai. All the Fight Team members are enthusiastic about the movement that is set to take the fitness world by storm. YOKKAOFit combines the basic idea behind HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts with elements of Muay Thai techniques to offer a complete exercise regime for anyone hoping to get fit. Each exercise module is broken down into different difficulty levels to cater to beginners, intermediate and professionals. The YOKKAOFit program is guaranteed to set the heart pumping, and body completely drenched in perspiration. YOKKAOFit is a great cardio and strengthening exercise ideal for both practitioners of Muay Thai who are away from the gym; and also non-practitioners who want to experience the sport at home or even in a fitness gym. With YOKKAOFit, now everyone can enjoy the physical benefits of Muay Thai. That’s not all. YOKKAOFit is not only an exercise program

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