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  1. Liam Harrison Back At YOKKAO Camp In Preparation for Italy

    Liam Harrison Back At YOKKAO Camp In Preparation for Italy

    YOKKAO 35 - 36 is just less than three weeks away, and things are heating up at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Joining our fighters this week at the camp is UK legend, Liam Harrison who is back in preparation for the coming event in Turin, Italy.

    Harrison has stepped up the intensity at training after a day or 2 acclimating to the Bangkok heat. As “iron sharpens iron”, he has been sparring with Saenchai and Manachai on top of the daily intensive rounds on the pads with our trainers.

    The Hitman looks to be in great shape and ready for his challenge where he will square off against Italian fighter, Ivan Naccari. The UK fighter’s last appearance in the YOKKAO ring saw him walked away with a victory against Kevin Burmester back in October of 2017. Harrison is now laser-focused on marking his return in spectacular fashion. We expect to see him put on a show against Naccari in Italy.

    There will be more to come as Harrison has also been confirmed for the YOKKAO 37 -

  2. YOKKAO Reaches New Milestone With Manachai’s WBC Title Win

    YOKKAO Reaches New Milestone With Manachai’s WBC Title Win

    YOKKAO recently held its 33rd and 34th edition of its official event in Hong Kong. For the first time ever, YOKKAO hosted a WBC Muay Thai World title bout as the main event showpiece. The headlining matchup featured Manachai against Brazilian fighter Julio Lobo for the welterweight championship belt. With the coveted title on the line, both fighters delivered the performance of their respective careers. Manachai edged over his opponent with a sound strategy, dismantling Lobo’s advantageous reach through a tight defense and well-strategized offense. After a hard-fought battle that went to the judges, the YOKKAO fighter won the fight on points to take home the WBC championship gold. As a Muay Thai brand, YOKKAO is perhaps best known for its premium range of fight gear, equipment and apparel. YOKKAO event promotions and seminars are also widely acclaimed on an international
  3. Benefits of Battle Ropes Training for Muay Thai

    Benefits of Battle Ropes Training for Muay Thai

    The advent and improvements in sports science have allowed athletes of all disciplines to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. As the sport of Muay Thai advances, trainers have begun to experiment with progressive training methods to boost the performance of their fighters.

    So far, the consensus is that high intensity interval training  (HIIT) works best for fighters in terms of building endurance, strength, agility and power. Besides using resistance bands which was discussed in an earlier article, another of the most popular exercises for fight gyms is battle ropes training.

    While the history of training with ropes goes back to ancient times, battle ropes exercises as we know them today, are systematized over the past decade or so. It was initially designed for strongman competitions but subsequently found its way into fight sports and even mainstream gyms. For fight gyms and trainers who have stuck

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