The latest craze to sweep across the Muay Thai social media-sphere right now has to be the YOKKAO Challenge Instagram contest. It all began with an Instagram post that went viral and people are now sharing them even on Facebook and other social media channels. Around the world, fans are uploading YOKKAO Challenge videos that range from hardcore action to some truly hilarious moments. As the day goes, the submissions are getting more and more creative. Saenchai was recently in Budapest, Hungary for a one-day YOKKAO Seminar at the BME Sports Center. Over 150 enthusiastic Muay Thai fans showed up to train and learn from legend. At the end of the seminar, the massive turnout finished off the session with the YOKKAO Challenge in a mass display of abs-smashing fun. It’s quite a sight to behold. (see below) To reiterate the contest rules: participants are required to team up in twos (or more) for some abs-pounding fun. Participants will attempt to throw as many punches as possible