Watch out, Europe - Saenchai is coming to town this July for another YOKKAO Seminar tour! As reported earlier, YOKKAO has planned a seminar tour in Europe in response to non-stop requests from gyms and fans. The seminars will once again be conducted by Saenchai, the most requested Muay Thai champion for the training event. YOKKAO seminars are conducted over 2 and a half hours, where Saenchai will impart his unique techniques and signature moves that have helped him capture nearly 300 wins in his career. Some of the participants will also get to spar with the living legend. The meet-and-train seminars will then end with an autograph-signing and photo-taking session. To date, YOKKAO has held over 70 seminars in 10 different countries. These figures look to only increase as more dates are being planned. The seminar team plans to reach UK on the week before the 13th July and conduct a streak of seminars