1. Watch Video Highlights of YOKKAO Seminar in Canada

    Watch Video Highlights of YOKKAO Seminar in Canada

    The YOKKAO Seminar team has done it once again. Saenchai, along with YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli travelled to Canada in late-April for a round of the popular seminar series with overwhelming reception at every stop. To celebrate the success of the Canadian Seminar tour, YOKKAO has released a video of the highlights from the Toronto stop. The video offers a peek into what goes on behind the scenes and footage of the actual seminar. It’s a chance to relive the moments for those who were present at the seminar. For fans interested in attending a YOKKAO seminar in future, the video is a must-watch. YOKKAO Seminar was first launched in 2011 and since then, over 50 events have been held around the world and have consistently sold out. With Muay Thai legends such as Saenchai at the heart of each seminar, Muay Thai fans have been presented with the invaluable chance to learn from the very best in the sport. To date, YOKKAO seminars have been conducted in many parts of the

  2. YOKKAO Hosts Private Seminar With Saenchai For Wiz Khalifa

    YOKKAO Hosts Private Seminar With Saenchai For Wiz Khalifa

    Following a one-day seminar in Rome over the weekend, Saenchai and YOKKAO have made their way across the Atlantic and disembarked on Los Angeles. On 24th April, Saenchai and YOKKAO Key person Stefania Picelli, showed up at the renowned Unbreakable Performance Center, an exclusive training facility best known for being the gym of choice for celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Demi Lovato, and Joe Jonas. Through prior arrangements, the Muay Thai legend held a private YOKKAO seminar for world-famous American rapper, Wiz Khalifa, along with music producer, Ricky P and a few of their close friends. Over the course of the seminar, Saenchai imparted many of his game-winning moves from his extensive arsenal. Wiz Khalifa and Ricky P also got to spar with the master himself. The seminar then ended with a joyous photo-taking session. It was a memorable event for everyone involved on the day. There is no debate when it comes to Saenchai’s place as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of this

  3. Meet and Train with Saenchai at YOKKAO Seminar Canada This April!

    Meet and Train with Saenchai at YOKKAO Seminar Canada This April!

    April has arrived and it’s the month that all Canadian Muay Thai fans have been waiting for. Saenchai will make his way to Toronto and Montreal from 28th to 30th April to hold a series of the long-awaited YOKKAO Seminar. The events will be hosted at Budo Canada in Toronto and Sherbatov MMA in Laval City. There is little debate when it comes to Saenchai’s place as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time. In his heydays, the living legend has won in every Muay Thai arena in Thailand, bagging championship titles and also the Fighter of the year award twice. More impressively, the 37 year-old continues to compete actively in the ring, dominating fights and beating younger opponents. At last count, he has remained undefeated in his last 36 outings over the last 4 years. Saenchai’s career longevity in the fight sport boils down to an amazing agility, fight intelligence and a wide repertoire of unique but effective techniques. The moves have entertained the audience

  4. YOKKAO Seminar Adds Montreal Stop On Canadian Tour!

    YOKKAO Seminar Adds Montreal Stop On Canadian Tour!

    Come next month, YOKKAO will be making its way to Canada for a series of seminar with the legend, Saenchai. In the last announcement, 2 dates have been confirmed for the 28th and 29th April in Toronto, Ontario. YOKKAO is now pleased to announce the addition of a Montreal stop on 30th April at Sherbatov MMA in Laval city. The YOKKAO Seminar team is fresh off a sold-out tour in Poland and Italy, arriving in packed venues of passionate Muay Thai practitioners each day. As not everyone has the opportunity to travel to Bangkok, the seminars with Saenchai have fulfilled the dreams of many fans around the world of training under the Muay Thai legend. Nothing compares to training right under the guidance of Saenchai himself. The master technician is an adept in explaining and imparting his diverse range of effective moves that have either knocked out opponents or helped captured many world titles over the years. Not only are his seminars educational, they are also known to be fun as he is

  5. YOKKAO 21 - YOKKAO 22 Weigh-in results

    YOKKAO 21 - YOKKAO 22 Weigh-in results

    [caption id="attachment_2929" align="alignright" width="380"]YOKKAO 21: Manachai vs Kurtis Staiti YOKKAO 21: Manachai vs Kurtis Staiti[/caption] The YOKKAO 21-22 official weigh-ins took place today in Hong Kong, at the YOKKAO ATMA Training Center. With a large crowd of Muay enthusiast showing up to watch the fighters jump up on the scales, the travel time and weight cut proved to be a little much, ensuring that the evening didn't pass without a bit of controversy. [caption id="attachment_2931" align="alignright" width="380"]Fah YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM vs Wu Hoi Yan (Candy) Fah YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM vs Wu Hoi Yan (Candy)[/caption] The French Fighter Azize Hlali weighed in at whopping 2 kilos over

  6. YOKKAO Saenchai/Manachai USA Seminar Tour Confirmed!

    YOKKAO Saenchai/Manachai USA Seminar Tour Confirmed!

    [caption id="attachment_2912" align="alignright" width="250"]Manachai YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM Manachai YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM[/caption] Coming off the heels of the recent sold out seminar in Hungary, YOKKAO confirmes the first YOKKAO Seminar Tour in USA featuring The Living Legend himself, Seanchai, teaming up with YOKKAO'S youngest phenom Manachai to bring participants a double dose of Muay Thai greatness all in one seminar. With a massive commitment, YOKKAO, Saenchai and Manachai will hit not only major cities like Los Angles, San Diego, Oakland, Chicago, Boston, And New York, but to also other locations to include Seattle Washington, Minneapolis Minnesota, Nashville Tennessee, Columbus Ohio and a few more stops currently under negotiations. Stay tuned to our social media avenues and the official YOKKAO events page at

  7. Saenchai trains Brazialian Jiu Jitsu in Bangkok!

    Saenchai trains Brazialian Jiu Jitsu in Bangkok!

    [caption id="attachment_2648" align="alignright" width="300"]Saenchai's cartwheel kick in YOKKAO Kimono Saenchai's cartwheel kick in YOKKAO Kimono[/caption] Muay Thai living legend Saenchai, started to train today in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the new YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok, known also as YOKKAO SAENCHAIMUAYTHAIGYM. The first video showing Saenchai's very first armbar and cross collar choke has been released on Instagram generating interest of both Muay Thai and MMA fans who can't wait to see Saenchai's debut in MMA. More news coming soon!

  8. YOKKAO Fight Team: Training Together & Training Hard!

    YOKKAO Fight Team: Training Together & Training Hard!

    The entire month of June has seen the atmosphere in the new YOKKAO Muay Thai Training Center becoming electrically charged as the entire Fight Team each have their own personal missions. With 4 exciting fight events coming up, there is not a moment to rest and no time for slacking off. Everyday the YOKKAO Bangkok fight team: Saenchai, Singdam, Petpahiatoon, and young new warrior Manachai, have been hitting the weights hard, the cardio harder, and pounding away on the pads and sparring. • June 18th, Manachai fights at Omnoi Staduim LIVE on YOKKAO Facebook page • June 25th, the Living Legend Saenchai competes in Amsterdam, Holland (live on UFC fight pass) • June 26th, Petphaitoon competes as the only Thai in a four man tournament (live on Workpoint). • July 2nd, Singdam represent YOKKAO and Thailand in China (broadcasted LIVE in China to 1,000,000 people) The YOKKAO fight team doesn’t train like your typical Thai fighters. Armed with barbells, kettlebells,

  9. Saenchai in USA for YOKKAO Games and Seminars: "I can't wait to see how US Muay Thai lovers will do at the workout!"

    Saenchai in USA for YOKKAO Games and Seminars: "I can't wait to see how US Muay Thai lovers will do at the workout!"

    What began was enough to start turning the hearts of Muay Thai lovers: after the first test in Thailand at PKSaenchaimuaythagym, the first YOKKAO Workout valid for the YOKKAO Games continued in the UK. [caption id="attachment_121" align="alignright" width="310"] YOKKAO Seminar feat. Saenchai and Pakorn[/caption] Arriving today together with YOKKAO key person Stefania Picelli in the US, Saenchai declares: "Muay Thai fans in the UK have really proved themselves by being prepared, some have achieved unexpected results, I can't wait to see how US Muay Thai lovers will perform in the first YOKKAO Workout " YOKKAO Seminars combined with YOKKAO Games attended by Saenchai and Manop will be held Friday, May 29th and Saturday 30th in Philadelphia then on Saturday the 31st in New York City. This time, Muay Thai lovers will not only have the possibility to participate at the best Muay Thai Seminar in USA but to join the World in the YOKKAO Games Competition against top tier fighter

  10. YOKKAO GAMES: Challenge Yourself and Win $$$!

    YOKKAO GAMES: Challenge Yourself and Win $$$!

    For a few months now, a rumor began of a new promotion by YOKKAO Boxing enabling it to generate what will become the strongest great community to the world of Muay Thai. Today it is Official: Shortly announcing the first date of the YOKKAO GAMES. The YOKKAO GAMES are the latest innovative promotion by YOKKAO Boxing that will push athletes, fans and martial artists beyond their limits through training programs which will be known as YOKKAO Workouts, designed by famous Muay Thai and functional training coaches. [caption id="attachment_751" align="alignright" width="370"]YOKKAO Games strength and conditioning equipment YOKKAO Games strength and conditioning equipment[/caption] YOKKAO Workouts will be made up of a range of strength

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