Muay Thai shorts were modeled after boxing shorts with an almost identical look. Along the way, they started to evolve and develop into a style of their own. These days, Muay Thai shorts come in every color combination imaginable, elaborate Thai fonts and cool embroideries or patches too.  Not forgetting the newest trend featuring striking all-over print as seen on YOKKAO CarbonFit shorts, made possible with dye sublimation printing. The most common fabrics used in Muay Thai shorts are satin and nylon. Satin is the number one choice and satin shorts are used in competitions and training. Nylon is typically used in cheaper shorts for day-to-day training or sold as souvenirs in Thailand. Satin is a very hardy but also comfortable material. As a polyester blend fabric, it dries relatively fast too. Nylon is generally less hardy and can turn translucent when drenched in sweat. However, there are higher grade nylon fabrics which are nearly as comparable to satin in terms of quality with