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  1. YOKKAO signs exclusive distribution rights for Indonesia!

    YOKKAO signs exclusive distribution rights for Indonesia!

    Good news coming out of the YOKKAO HQ in Bangkok for Indonesia Muay Thai fans and enthusiast: an official agreement has been reached for the exclusive distribution rights of YOKKAO Equipment in Indonesia. The world's largest island country, with more than thirteen thousand islands, will now be able to offer Muay Thai fans the possibility to buy the most sought after Muay Thai brand to date. The distributorship of YOKKAO Indonesia will be headed up by Kevin Kumala, owner of Urban Fit Boot Camp which is soon to become the very first official YOKKAO Training Center. Indonesia now joins the distribution ranks with recently signed Scandinavia and Portugal. The YOKKAO brand continues to enlarge its global network of both distributors/retailers from all around the world and is now in the process of open negotiations with the USA, which is currently achieving record sales numbers at

  2. The YOKKAO Vintage Collection extended to Trainers!

    The YOKKAO Vintage Collection extended to Trainers!

    [caption id="attachment_2997" align="alignright" width="380"]Kru Manop sporting the YOKKAO Vintage Kicking Pads and Belly Pad Kru Manop sporting the YOKKAO Vintage Kicking Pads and Belly Pad[/caption] The new additions to the Vintage collection was released on Instagram and Facebook with Saenchai’s trainer Kru Manop sporting the latest YOKKAO kicking pads and Belly pad. Priced at only $86 the red and blue Vintage boxing gloves have been a huge hit at the YOKKAO shows and have been worn by some of the most famous names in Muay Thai. Here you can see two of the biggest stars, Liam Harrison & Fabio Pinca, wearing both the Red and Blue Vintage Collection while headlining to YOKKAO 19 in Bolton on the 8th of October.

  3. YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20 Weigh-in Results and Video

    YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20 Weigh-in Results and Video

    YOKKAO 19 and YOKKAO 20 weigh-in took place yesterday October 7th 2016 at Mezzanine Macron Stadium in Bolton. Amy Pirnie's opponent changed with Ludivine Lasnier due to Dakota's injury. *** YOKKAO 20 Weigh-in results *** England (YOKKAO Fight Team) vs England (YOKKAO UK Ranking -70kg) Jordan Watson 68.70 kg vs. Ben Hodge 70.30 kg Thailand (YOKKAO Fight Team) vs England -63kg Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym 62.80 kg vs. Panicos Yusuf 62.10 kg YOKKAO UK Ranking -70kg Jake Purdy 68.80 kg vs. Brad Stanton 69.10 kg (fight set at 69kg) YOKKAO Next Generation -50kg Amy Pirnie 49.90 kg vs. Ludivine Lasnier YOKKAO UK Ranking -65kg Nathan Bendon 65.50 kg vs. Jack Kennedy 65.30 kg YOKKAO UK vs Spain -61.5kg Myk Estlick 60.40 kg vs. Carlos Campos 61.40 kg *** YOKKAO 19 Weigh-in results *** England vs France -66.5kg Liam Harrison 66 kg vs Fabio Pinca 65.60 kg YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,5kg Chris Shaw

  4. 2 Gold Medalist Women’s Fight Added to YOKKAO 22 Hong Kong!

    2 Gold Medalist Women’s Fight Added to YOKKAO 22 Hong Kong!

    YOKKAO 22 will be delivering the action this October 28th, 2016 as Hong Kong’s leader in authentic Muay Thai ATMA, has a full day/night of fun, food, and fights scheduled, to be headlined by none other than the “living legend” Saenchai at YOKKAO 22 and Phetmorakot Wor. Sangprapai for YOKKAO 21. ATMA YOKKAO Training Center has been hard at work with YOKKAO to bring fans a unique, and explosive Muay Thai experience, beginning with a BBQ Party and ending with a night of unforgettable Muay Thai fighting action comprised of 2 events in 1 night. The most recent addition to the YOKKAO 22 card is a fight that is sure to please both local favorite & Muay Thai fans alike. A very exciting women’s bout featuring gold IFMA medalist and Thailand female fighter of the year Fah YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM vs. Hong Kong’s very own top female fighter Candy Wu, Hong Kong Women’s Champion 2015, 2016, and East Asia Muay Thai Championship Gold Medalist. The YOKKAO 21 fight

  5. YOKKAO opens Online Wholesale access to UK and Ireland!

    YOKKAO opens Online Wholesale access to UK and Ireland!

    Breaking news: the all new website is now offering the possibility for UK and Ireland fight shops/gyms to buy the most in-demand Muay Thai gear at the moment at a wholesale distributor price. All orders received will be processed from the YOKKAO head quarters in Bangkok. Thailand and shipped directly to our clients in the UK and Ireland. The minimum purchase is set to just 3,000USD for all orders placed within October 31st, 2016, after this special introductory date the minimum purchase order amount will increase to 5,000USD. Gyms and fight shops interested in becoming a YOKKAO wholesaler can register at and wait for the validation e-mail from YOKKAO to start placing orders.

  6. YOKKAO Highlights all Global Distributors!

    YOKKAO Highlights all Global Distributors!

    In a double win for both customers and retailers YOKKAO has developed an all new online distributor map. This effort will provide loyal YOKKAO fans and customers the most efficient way to obtain the brands high quality gear and apparel, as well as offering all YOKKAO distributors a better way to reach their local customer base. With YOKKAO currently being the number one demanded Muay Thai brand in the world and the request for the brands equipment greater than ever, the need for a single location to showcase all global distributors was paramount. As the distribution numbers increasing weekly this new development is sure to be a welcomed by everyone. The distributor page will be mobile friendly and ready by the end of the month, making it easy to reach which ever equipment retailer you are closest to by choosing your country and city, then easily connecting through email, website and /or phone number. More YOKKAO distributors coming up over the next few months as partnerships

  7. Manachai Takes 2nd Place at Toyota 8 Man Tournament!

    Manachai Takes 2nd Place at Toyota 8 Man Tournament!

    At the recent Toyota 8 Man Tournament in Khon Kaen Thailand, YOKKAO’s youngest and dynamic fighter Manachai took second place, collecting a prize of 200,000 Thai Baht (roughly 5,800 USD). The 8 Man Tournament was a tough night of authentic Muay Thai action, featuring 4 Thai national fighters and 4 foreign fighters competing to be top fighter of the evening. [caption id="attachment_2734" align="alignright" width="350"]On the right: MANACHAI YOKKAO SAENCHAI GYM On the right: MANACHAI YOKKAO SAENCHAI GYM[/caption] YOKKAO’s own Manachai fought very hard defeating a Brazilian fighter in his first bout, followed by a Thai in his second securing his spot in the final event of the evening, facing off against old rival Yodtuanthong Petchindee. Manachai has faced Yodtuanthong twice before, each taking one win over the other. During round

  8. YOKKAO Opens Negotiations with the USA

    YOKKAO Opens Negotiations with the USA

    YOKKAO, one of the top names in Muay Thai globally is currently negotiating an expansion of their distribution partners to within the US. This week the professional Muay Thai organization sat to a formal meeting at YOKKAO HQ located in Bangkok, Thailand with a very strong potential partner who may be allowed rights to the YOKKAO brand within the US. A YOKKAO distribution partner(s) in the US will be a very welcome advancement for YOKKAO fans, Muay Thai practitioners, and amateur /professional fighters. Currently, a very high amount of YOKKAO gear and apparel is being purchased and sent to the US for private customers who are covering the additional international shipping rates / associated fees themselves. Distribution and domestic stock within the continental US will quickly relieve these extra costs, as well as alleviate waiting periods. Always looking ahead, YOKKAO wants to ensure their loyal customers receive only the best and most efficient possible experiences when purchasing

  9. YOKKAO Launches Wholesale Online Webstore!

    YOKKAO Launches Wholesale Online Webstore!

    A first in the Kingdom of Thailand, YOKKAO has launched an all new Muay Thai wholesale website targeting the needs of business owners such as fight shops, online retailers, gyms, camps and Muay Thai fight teams all over the world. The YOKKAO wholesale webstore will enable businesses looking to improve their bottom line, while delivering the highest quality Muay Thai equipment to their customers both quickly and efficiently. All in stock orders ship within 24hrs, out of stock items will receive the same discount structure and ship within 15-20 business days. Shipments will be sent via DHL international with a 3-5 working day delivery time frame, ensuring a 100% satisfaction rate on delivery times along with world wide shipment tracking. As one of the worlds most sought after brands of Muay Thai equipment and apparel, YOKKAO has developed the next level of customer service and business opportunities to meet the demands of their valued and loyal

  10. The YOKKAO Team Grows Again!

    The YOKKAO Team Grows Again!

    The YOKKAO Camp, Fight Team, and Coaching Team continues to rapidly grow and evolve each week. Beginning with the new YOKKAO Muay Thai Training Center in Bangkok, home base of fighters like the ‘living legend’ Saenchai, and Singdam, along with master coach Kru Manop, to newer Fight Team members like the young and energetic Manachai, YOKKAO refuses to slow down or get complacent. Last week YOKKAO continued it’s push to stay the best, and working with only the best by welcoming Olympic boxing trainer Ajarn Pui to the YOKKAO coaching team. One of the best boxing trainers in all of Thailand, Ajarn took quite a bit of convincing to join the team as he’s one of the most requested and sought after boxing coaches in the country. Ajarn Pui has coached the legendary fighter Samart Payakaroon, and is currently coaching the super talented Sangmanee Sor Tienpo, continuing this tradition by personally coaching the young Manachai, as well as the entire YOKKAO Fight Team. Ajarn

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