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  1. YOKKAO Muay Thai Premium Gear now available in Europe!

    YOKKAO Muay Thai Premium Gear now available in Europe!

    It’s official. YOKKAO has successfully launched its first warehouse in Europe to better serve the Muay Thai community in the continent. This is certainly great news for all Muay Thai fans in Europe for a number of reasons: 1) all in-stock products. No more lag time due to production lag time 2) no more import taxes 3) much lower shipping cost. What’s more, the full range of YOKKAO products will be in stock and available for purchase. That’s right, the complete range of premium, made-in-Thailand Muay Thai products shipped out fast with just a few simple clicks. By operating without intermediaries, YOKKAO now establishes itself as the most competitive Muay Thai brand in the EU market. Shops, gyms and individual buyers can now purchase YOKKAO products from the online store and the items will be shipped out of the warehouse facility in Republic of San Marino. Due to the successful run of fight promotions, no other brand reaches a wider audience in Europe than

  2. YOKKAO Opens Official Warehouse in Europe!

    YOKKAO Opens Official Warehouse in Europe!

    The wait is over for European fans of YOKKAO. YOKKAO will open an official warehouse in Europe (Republic of San Marino) by the end of July 2017. The YOKKAO official warehouse will be opened in conjunction with Muay Thai Combat, the leading European distributor of several major combat gear brands which of course, includes YOKKAO. Muay Thai Combat is a name all YOKKAO fans are familiar with, having been a key partner in YOKKAO fight promotions and events right from the start. [caption id="attachment_3494" align="alignright" width="380"]YOKKAO Warehouse Europe YOKKAO Warehouse Europe[/caption] The deal signed between YOKKAO and Muay Thai Combat will give access to shops and gyms in Europe to buy directly from the Republic of San Marino warehouse, thus avoiding lag time due to production and also

  3. YOKKAO is the Most Competitive Muay Thai Brand Made in Thailand!

    YOKKAO is the Most Competitive Muay Thai Brand Made in Thailand!

    After two years since the opening of the new branch factory in Samut Prakan that specializes in product R&D, YOKKAO Boxing gear is growing in demand by the day. It’s no surprise that sales have been peaking month after month. The contemporary fight brand now offers the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Handmade in Thailand by professional craftworkers, YOKKAO gear is unrivaled in terms of quality and design.

    YOKKAO Logo

    In the last two years, the YOKKAO R&D Team designed and developed an exclusive premium quality leather through the collaboration with one of the best tanneries in Thailand. The premium leather is

  4. YOKKAO Shop in Bangkok becomes a Wholesale distributor!

    YOKKAO Shop in Bangkok becomes a Wholesale distributor!

    YOKKAO has opened its doors and is now offering wholesale distribution at its Bangkok location. The shop is right next to the YOKKAO facility which offers top of the line training for athletes from around the world. [caption id="attachment_3391" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Muay Thai Fighers at the Shop YOKKAO Muay Thai Fighers at the Shop[/caption] Living legend Saenchai and Singdam Kiatmoo9 regularly train at the gym making the shop a great spot to get some gear and to see some of the best of the best in action. The shop is offering huge discounts up to 50% from the retail price list, for orders of $1,000 or more. This is a great way for travelers to make some action cash as they can get a discount off of top of the line gear from YOKKAO and bring it back with them to their home countries for distribution

  5. Introducing the Matrix Boxing Gloves!

    Introducing the Matrix Boxing Gloves!

    YOKKAO is pushing the boundaries of boxing and Muay Thai equipment with the new Matrix edition. The premium leather gloves are handmade in Thailand by professionals who have crafted the art of building boxing gloves over decades of practice. The Matrix gloves are top of the market and recently new research and development has been put into them to create a longer lasting more durable foam. This protecting padding provides the ultimate cushion and support for hard hitting action on the pads, the bags, and sparring. [caption id="attachment_3377" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Boxing Gloves Matrix YOKKAO Boxing Gloves Matrix[/caption] The Matrix edition is also offering a new black logo with the most in-demand brand of the moment, YOKKAO, bold and alive on the

  6. YOKKAO CarbonFit Sick Shorts - People say: "These Shorts are SICK"

    YOKKAO CarbonFit Sick Shorts - People say: "These Shorts are SICK"

    Known for always being on the forefront of business, YOKKAO have yet again delivered with a fantastic new range of shorts and gloves. The new YOKKAO CarbonFit shorts collection is SICK! Especially with the addition of the new shorts and gloves that have just hit the online store. The CarbonFit Sick shorts and boxing gloves come in a variety of different colours to suit every palette, Blue/Green, Violet/Yellow and Orange/Pink. The 2017 range comprises of an exciting collection of new designs made with the highest quality materials which are handcrafted in Thailand. The ever-growing catalogue of equipment in the YOKKAO Shop is displaying just what can be achieved when there is a great team working together to give the Muay Thai community not only high quality training gear and apparel to take advantage of, but aesthetically pleasing with cutting-edge design work. The YOKKAO sponsored fighters

  7. The YOKKAO online Shop now offers FREE DHL Shipping Worldwide!

    The YOKKAO online Shop now offers FREE DHL Shipping Worldwide!

    It's official: for a limited time, Muay Thai fans will have the possibility to buy the most sought gear of the moment completely handmade in Thailand without paying any shipping fees. After shattering all records during the Black Friday sale, the deals are not yet finished as you will have the possibility to buy YOKKAO products and saving up to 30%. With a minimum purchase amount of only $99USD, which basically means a pair of boxing gloves and a T-shirt, you will get FREE DHL (3 days delivery) shipping worldwide* to include United States, Canada, Europe and United Kingdom. Free standard shipping applies automatically to all orders over $99USD. Go to and enjoy this awesome new offer, but hurry cause it wont be around for long! *please note that DHL is not providing the service to South America and Russia.

  8. YOKKAO Breaking Sales record with 30% Black Friday discount!

    YOKKAO Breaking Sales record with 30% Black Friday discount!

    The YOKKAO Black Friday sale is certainly living up to the hype with a record number of Muay Thai fans flocking to the YOKKAO website and taking full advantage of the massive 30% site-wide discount. Fans are also opting for the gear customization option that allows for personalizing names/nicknames at the unbelievably low price of just $5.60. There is no need to go battle the crowds at the mall when you can sit in the comfort of your own home and order the #1 requested & sought after Muay Thai Brand of the moment. Fans who order from the US will have the opportunity to use their YOKKAO gear in February when The YOKKAO USA seminar tour featuring the living legend Saenchai, the phenom Manachai & Lumhpini champion Singdam kicks off in over 9 states and 15 different gyms/training centers. To take capitalize on this once a year offer while it still last, go to

  9. YOKKAO Black Friday Sale still on and in full effect!

    YOKKAO Black Friday Sale still on and in full effect!

    Started 2 days ago on IG and FB, the YOKKAO Black Friday week is going viral on the web with Muay [caption id="attachment_3049" align="alignright" width="380"]20yrs old Muay Thai Phenom Manachai 20yrs old Manachai (YOKKAO Fight Team)[/caption] Thai fans mobbing the official YOKKAO website The YOKKAO Black Friday Week is offering 30% off until Friday on all YOKKAO products including the lastest Muay Thai Gloves, Muay Thai carbon shorts and YOKKAO T-shirts worn by the best Muay Thai fighters in the world. You have until Monday midnight to take advantage of the

  10. YOKKAO Muay Thai Black Friday is Here!

    YOKKAO Muay Thai Black Friday is Here!

    YOKKAO just dropped a bomb on IG and FB knocking out the prices to promote the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. You will have from today until Friday February 25th to place your order and get a whopping 30% off all the YOKKAO Gear to include  the best sellers, like  the YOKKAO Carbon Airtech shorts,  YOKKAO Vintage gloves and the new YOKKAO T-shirts designs. To get 30% discount, don't forget to use BLACKFRIDAY as the coupon code during checkout! THE MUAY THAI BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS HERE: [caption id="attachment_3035" align="alignleft" width="2544"]YOKKAO Muay Thai Black Friday YOKKAO Muay Thai Black Friday[/caption]

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