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  1. Missed the Black Friday? Have no fear, Cyber Monday is here!

    Missed the Black Friday? Have no fear, Cyber Monday is here!

    Black Friday is already behind us but if you missed the year's greatest bargains, no worries because Cyber Monday sale has already begun! For just 24hrs only, Cyber Monday will offer the same fantastic savings from Black Friday with 30% off all of YOKKAO's products on the online store. Simply use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY on your cart when you check out at It's your last chance to enjoy the year's best deals and it's for one day so don't miss it! 2017 has seen one of the most innovative creative directions taken by YOKKAO with the release of the matching collections. From the pop art of Sick, to the classic Vintage and the playful Monster collection, YOKKAO has given fans the most versatile and most stylish fight gear.

  2. Check Out the All-New YOKKAO Full Catalog for 2017/2018

    Check Out the All-New YOKKAO Full Catalog for 2017/2018

    The official YOKKAO catalog for 2017/2018 season is out now. Featuring the complete range of high quality products from the YOKKAO inventory, the catalog is decked out in full glorious colors with gorgeous photos and detailed item description. It’s the classic fashion lookbook, Muay Thai style. 2017 has been one of the most exciting years in YOKKAO product history with the release of the well-received matching collections such as Sick, Frost and Monster. More than any other brand in the industry, YOKKAO has constantly pushed the boundaries of fight gear with the most cutting-edge products. The YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok has been pivotal in the development and improvement of the products. For over two hours twice a day, six days a week, every week and month of the year, the YOKKAO gear and equipment undergo the hardest challenge in the hot, humid environment of Thailand. On the ground

  3. YOKKAO is the Most Competitive Muay Thai Brand Made in Thailand!

    YOKKAO is the Most Competitive Muay Thai Brand Made in Thailand!

    After two years since the opening of the new branch factory in Samut Prakan that specializes in product R&D, YOKKAO Boxing gear is growing in demand by the day. It’s no surprise that sales have been peaking month after month. The contemporary fight brand now offers the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Handmade in Thailand by professional craftworkers, YOKKAO gear is unrivaled in terms of quality and design.

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    In the last two years, the YOKKAO R&D Team designed and developed an exclusive premium quality leather through the collaboration with one of the best tanneries in Thailand. The premium leather is

  4. YOKKAO is on Snapchat!

    YOKKAO is on Snapchat!

    Ensuring that YOKKAO brings you, it’s loyal fans, every possible way to get up close and personal with their favourite fighters, and trusted gear, YOKKAO is proud to announce their all new Snapchat account. Snapchat as you are probably aware is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and YOKKAO is never been one to fall behind what the fans want and where they want to see it! The YOKKAO Snapchat account will be taking you even deeper behind the scenes and giving you sneak peeks into all their fight camp, daily lives, conditioning, and training programs. From the Living Legend Saenchai, and multi time Lumpinee champion Singdam Kiatmoo9, to the newest addition to the fight team, the 19 year old Manachai. Of course you will also be able to follow Kru Manop, one of the best trainers in Thailand, as well as Petchdam Kiatmoo9 (brother and coach of Singdam), Petphaitoon, and many more of the exciting and world class YOKKAO fighters. Finally, but not least, you will

  5. YOKKAO Spikes Global Sales with Launch of New Online Shop!

    YOKKAO Spikes Global Sales with Launch of New Online Shop!

    Over the weekend YOKKAO launched an all new Online Shop. Revamped with it’s unparalleled aesthetic design, the YOKKAO Shop opened with a special promotion of 20% ending last Monday at midnight. The combination of a newly designed website and promotional discount spiked global sales of YOKKAO Gear with orders shipped worldwide arriving to Asia, North America and South America, Europe, and Australia. Produced by RocketMedia BKK, their spokesperson Mr. Toy Pairoah says: "the website's ergonomic minimalist design drives the focus of the shopping experience on the product. Rather than having lots of flash, we reduced this as it would distract the visitor building the centre around the ease of exploring YOKKAO's expansive collections.” The launch of the new website is another catalyst of the pages in YOKKAO. After opening the new branch factory together with the first official YOKKAO Shop in Samut Prakan and creating the latest Synthex collection of boxing gloves selling for

  6. The 10 Essentials for a Muay Thai Fighter

    The 10 Essentials for a Muay Thai Fighter

    Ever ask yourself why fight bag’s are so bloody big? Training to become the best, you need to be ready like the best and this takes the right gear to train safely and effectively. Check out and see if you got what it takes to be like the best at the Official Muay Thai Yokkao Fight Team. 1. Boxing Gloves [caption id="attachment_1035" align="alignright" width="400"]YOKKAO Maui Muay Thai Gloves YOKKAO Maui Muay Thai Gloves[/caption] The first essential in any fight bag. Ideally you carry two sets of fight gloves, a light pair along the weight of 10oz for training on bags and pad work and a heavier 14/16oz set for sparring and drills. 2.

  7. YOKKAO Shop Soft-Opening in Bangkok Tomorrow!

    YOKKAO Shop Soft-Opening in Bangkok Tomorrow!

    [caption id="attachment_889" align="alignright" width="240"]YOKKAO Shop YOKKAO Shop[/caption] By major demand, the official soft-opening of the all new YOKKAO Shop will be held tomorrow in Bangkok at the new branch inside the YOKKAO Factory of Samut Prakan (Bangkok). Grand Opening will be announced soon on the YOKKAO Instagram profile. By tomorrow, visitors will be welcome to visit the factory, shop in full the latest range of YOKKAO Products and have the opportunity to meet YOKKAO key person Stefania Picelli to help strategize promoting Muay Thai

  8. YOKKAO opens a new 1000sqm factory in Bangkok metropolis!

    YOKKAO opens a new 1000sqm factory in Bangkok metropolis!

    Made official today on Instgaram: YOKKAO will open this June 2015, a new +1000 sqm factory in Samut Prakan. Below the statement posted on YOKKAO Instagram: [caption id="attachment_902" align="alignright" width="244"]YOKKAO Shop YOKKAO Shop[/caption] "It's a great day, a great day for us, for our fans and those who have been surfing the wave with us since we started this trip: fighters, trainers and promoters. YOKKAO will open a new 1000sqm factory in Samut Prakan area next to Suvarnabhumi airport this June 2015. Visitors will be welcome to visit the factory, shop the latest YOKKAO products and meet us to strategize promoting Muay

  9. Welcome to the new Yokkao website!

    Welcome to the new Yokkao website!

    Welcome to the new Yokkao website! We have finally released the re-styled version of From now on you will be able to buy all Yokkao products from your country with a simple click on "Shop" Menu, watch all Yokkao events videos, photo galleries, read the latest Muay Thai news and book your training at your favourite Muay Thai & MMA Yokkao Training Center. The website is still under construction, we are updating all the Yokkao events videos and related photogalleries. At the same time, we remember you that Yokkao will be back in UK on october 11th at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton. Tickets are on sale at Follow us on Twitter @yokkaoboxing, Instagram

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