1. Manachai’s Winning Streak Ends In Southampton

    Manachai’s Winning Streak Ends In Southampton

    After an incredible 10-fight undefeated run, Manachai finally met his maker on Sunday at YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton. The young fight star’s streak began last year at YOKKAO Next Generation Suraburi (Thailand) and came to an eventual end in a loss to another rising star, Mo Abdurahman. Mo Abdurahman has been one of the most promising fighters in the region over the past year. As promised, the main event materialize into the explosive matchup between the 2 phenoms. The battle ensued right from the bell as both fighters traded blow after blow. To everyone’s surprise, the loss was delivered to Manachai in dramatic fashion with a right hook TKO in round 3. Just before the KO, a kick from Manachai connected his right leg straight with Abdurahman’s left elbow. The impact aggravated an injury sustained during the fight in Italy against Christian Zahe just 3 weeks back. The determined fighter, who is known to never back down from fights, will take time off training

  2. Manachai and Abdurahman Ready for War at YOKKAO Southampton

    Manachai and Abdurahman Ready for War at YOKKAO Southampton

    After months in preparation, YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton is now just one day away from action. Fans can expect 14 exciting bouts with 6 A-Class bouts, 3 B-Class bouts and 5 C-Class bouts. The one that everyone is looking forward to will be none other than the main event cracker between Manachai and home-town GLORY K1 star – Mo Abdurahman. The weigh-ins have been completed for all the fighters with Manachai coming in at 65.2 kg vs Mo Abdurahman at 65 kg. The slight weight disparity will be largely offset with almost 19 hours of travel including a 4-hour delay of flight on Manachai's journey to UK. It's fair to say that the scale is well-balanced for this match-up. Manachai has been running an undefeated campaign in his last 10 outings. At the weigh-in press conference, the YOKKAO fighter was beaming with confidence. When asked by UK Fight Scene reporter about his coming match against rising star Mo Abdurahman, Manachai expressed his confidence about his level and remains

  3. Manachai vs Christian Zahe Full Video Released!

    Manachai vs Christian Zahe Full Video Released!

    YOKKAO fighting star, Manachai made his return to Milan on 8th April for his second Italian fight appearance. He took on local hero Christian Zahe for 3 rounds of intense Muay Thai battle on the Parabellum promotion. As always, the Thai phenom delivered an outstanding performance, showing why he is one of the most formidable Muay Thai fighters today. Manachai has gained a reputation for leaving a wreckage in the ring over the past year, with a smashing 5 wins via KO out of his last ten victories. In the fight against Christian Zahe, the Italian proved to be a worthy opponent, standing strong after the full 3 rounds despite Manachai’s merciless repeated leg kicks. The fight was webcasted over Facebook but for those who missed the webcast, YOKKAO has now released a high-quality video of the full fight on YouTube. Manachai’s tenth straight win in his undefeated streak was captured in its full glory and is now available for viewing. Manachai’s next 2 fights will see

  4. Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10!

    Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10!

    After a successful Italian debut back in January, Manachai returned to Milan on 8th April for the Parabellum promotion by Luca Pigliafreddo from Yamabushi Gym. The young talent had won via a round-one TKO at "The Night of Kick and Punch" in his previous Italian appearance and local fans were looking forward to seeing him live in action again. In his return to Milan, Manachai took on Italian opponent, Christian Zahe for a 3x3 (3 rounds of 3 minutes) matchup. It was non-stop action from start to end where Manachai brought on his signature wreckage in the ring. Despite the punishment from Manachai via a barrage of crippling low kicks, the resilient Zahe refused to go down. Both fighters finished the 3 rounds intact with Manachai awarded the win via unanimous decision after a dominating performance. With the win against Christian Zahe, Manachai has now taken his winning streak to a perfect ten. The YOKKAO fighter has been racking up back-to-back wins and it will be interesting to see

  5. Breaking News: Manachai Scores Round One KO win at Channel 3 Main Event!

    Breaking News: Manachai Scores Round One KO win at Channel 3 Main Event!

    Manachai has done it again. In his latest fight held on 24th March, Manachai has scored another win against an elite Lumpinee stadium fighter. Televised live over Thailand’s Channel 3 TV station, Manachai was up against Attachai Tor Morsi as the main event at Siam Boxing Stadium. Attachai is a regular face at the prestigious Lumpinee stadium and has frequently faced the top fighters in the ring. Everyone from the punters to the fans were expecting the fight to go the distance of full 5 rounds. The YOKKAO team was there to rally behind the young fight star who did not disappoint. The Thai wrecking ball continued his exciting display of smashing things up in the ring. Manachai adopted the axeman fight persona yet again, delivering crippling, leg-chopping low kicks looking for the finish right from the bell. A quick finish it was, with Manachai reducing his opponent to the canvas via a series of leg kicks and declared the winner via a round one KO! The KO win officially takes

  6. Manachai to face Attachai Tor Morsi At Channel 3 Main Event

    Manachai to face Attachai Tor Morsi At Channel 3 Main Event

    A title shot has once again slipped away for Manachai who was originally set to take on Rambo Pet Por Tor Or for the Champion of Thailand belt in Ayutthaya. Scheduled on 16th March, the fight was called off just days away from taking place. Due to pending issues that with the Thai army, Rambo had to pull out from the fight. The match is now postponed and will be announced at a later date. Manachai’s intensive fight camp over the past weeks will not go to waste as a match has quickly been set up. Coming Saturday on 24th March, he will face Attachai Tor Morsi in a main event at Siam Boxing Stadium. Manachai has been partial to fighting at the highest level and his opponent will not be an easy fight. Attachai is a regular competitor at Lumpinee Stadium and has frequently fought the best in the game. The fight is set at 143 lbs and will be televised live over Channel 3 in Thailand. Following this Friday’s bout against Attachai, Manachai will next return to Italy on 8th April

  7. Manachai Returns to Italy on April 8th!

    Manachai Returns to Italy on April 8th!

    In January, Manachai made his Italian debut at the long-running event, “The Night of Kick and Punch” for his first fight of this year. The Thai wrecking ball delivered a smashing performance by finishing the the fight by TKO in the first round. After making a strong impression in Italy, Manachai is now poised for a return to the beautiful country on April 8th. He is set to face Christian Zahe on the Parabellum promotion by Luca Pigliafreddo from Yamabushi Gym, which hosted the recently sold-out YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai. The fight is set at 66kg for 3x3-minute rounds. Christian Zahe is a prominent competitor on the European Muay Thai circuits. He has fought notable opponents such as Jimmy Vienot of France and Daniel Zahra of Malta. The last 2 years saw the 35 year-old competing on high-profile shows in Thailand such as Super Muay Thai and Thai Fight, going up against Changpuek MTA and PTT Petchrungrueng. In 2015 Christian successfully clinched the WKN World super lightweight

  8. Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat Comes to YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

    Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat Comes to YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

    YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok frequently receives world-renowned champions and coaches who drop by to train or assist in the training. Some of the guests in the past have included fighters like Dzhabar Askerov, Tetsuya Yamato, and also top trainers like UFC striking coach Frank Lester, and famous martial arts breakdown specialist, Barry Robinson. This week, another Muay Thai champion has arrived at the camp: he is none other than Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat. Iquezang is here to help prepare Manachai for upcoming fight on March 24th, stepping up as a sparring and clinching partner. Iquezang’s unique name comes from the famous Japanese Zen Buddhist, Ikkyu-san of whom an anime series was based on. The 28 year-old is a seasoned Thai fighter who has frequently competed in Kard Chuek matches (notorious bouts with ropes instead of padded gloves). Iquezang brings with him many years of ring experience and an aggressive fighting style that will complement Manachai’s technical mastery.

  9. Manachai Takes On Rambo for Champion of Thailand Title!

    Manachai Takes On Rambo for Champion of Thailand Title!

    There is no denying Manachai a shot for a championship title. The YOKKAO fighter has been raking up the wins over the past year, it’s about time he gets the gold around his waist. In his last fight, Manachai met Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym in the ring of Channel 7 stadium for what should have been a title fight. He was unjustifiably let down by the organizers who scraped the title only a day before the fight. Manachai, however, is not one to be discouraged easily and he went on to take home the win against one of the most reputable welterweight fighters. Come Friday 16th March, Manachai will get a shot at the prestigious Champion of Title belt. Standing between him and the belt is another elite Thai fighter, Rambo Pet Por Tor Or. Rambo is a familiar face on the stadium circuit, fighting at both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern regularly. The PTT Gym fighter has faced many top fighters
  10. Manachai Delivers Dominating Victory at Channel 7 Stadium!

    Manachai Delivers Dominating Victory at Channel 7 Stadium!

    One of the most anticipated fights for the start of 2018 had been none other than the Channel 7 147lbs title bout between Manachai and Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym. Regrettably the title was scraped a day before the fight. The reason given by the organizers was that Manachai would be making his Channel 7 stadium debut. This supposedly did not qualify him for the title, even though there have been precedents where fighters who were making their debut actually competed in title bouts. [caption id="attachment_4282" align="alignright" width="400"]Muay Siam Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Muay Siam Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym[/caption] Despite taking away the prized belt from the match, Manachai remained undeterred and motivated. He came out strong right from the first round with loud, chopping leg kicks that could be heard from

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