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  1. YOKKAO Spikes Global Sales with Launch of New Online Shop!

    YOKKAO Spikes Global Sales with Launch of New Online Shop!

    Over the weekend YOKKAO launched an all new Online Shop. Revamped with it’s unparalleled aesthetic design, the YOKKAO Shop opened with a special promotion of 20% ending last Monday at midnight. The combination of a newly designed website and promotional discount spiked global sales of YOKKAO Gear with orders shipped worldwide arriving to Asia, North America and South America, Europe, and Australia. Produced by RocketMedia BKK, their spokesperson Mr. Toy Pairoah says: "the website's ergonomic minimalist design drives the focus of the shopping experience on the product. Rather than having lots of flash, we reduced this as it would distract the visitor building the centre around the ease of exploring YOKKAO's expansive collections.” The launch of the new website is another catalyst of the pages in YOKKAO. After opening the new branch factory together with the first official YOKKAO Shop in Samut Prakan and creating the latest Synthex collection of boxing gloves selling for

  2. YOKKAO Gang: Pakorn, Saenchai, Prajanchai Raise the Roof at Aspire Club Bangkok!

    YOKKAO Gang: Pakorn, Saenchai, Prajanchai Raise the Roof at Aspire Club Bangkok!

    The rain has not stopped the YOKKAO Gang's morning training at the famous Aspire Club BKK. YOKKAO World champion Pakorn, the legend of Muay Thai Saenchai, 2014 Lumpinee Champion Prajanchai, coordinated by the YOKKAO strength/conditioning trainer Ror Alexander and supervised by Stefania Picelli along with the lovely YOKKAO Rocket Dog. On site, shooting everything was cameras from Rocket Media BKK, a company which YOKKAO Boxing became a shareholder in last December, 2014. [caption id="attachment_983" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Gang: Saenchai, Pakorn, Prajanchay, Rocket and Em YOKKAO Gang: Saenchai, Pakorn, Prajanchay, Rocket and Em[/caption] After a proper warm-up designed by Aspire Club Fitness Trainers, Saenchai, Pakorn and Prajanchai have begun trialling

  3. YOKKAO opens a new 1000sqm factory in Bangkok metropolis!

    YOKKAO opens a new 1000sqm factory in Bangkok metropolis!

    Made official today on Instgaram: YOKKAO will open this June 2015, a new +1000 sqm factory in Samut Prakan. Below the statement posted on YOKKAO Instagram: [caption id="attachment_902" align="alignright" width="244"]YOKKAO Shop YOKKAO Shop[/caption] "It's a great day, a great day for us, for our fans and those who have been surfing the wave with us since we started this trip: fighters, trainers and promoters. YOKKAO will open a new 1000sqm factory in Samut Prakan area next to Suvarnabhumi airport this June 2015. Visitors will be welcome to visit the factory, shop the latest YOKKAO products and meet us to strategize promoting Muay

  4. YOKKAO GAMES: Challenge Yourself and Win $$$!

    YOKKAO GAMES: Challenge Yourself and Win $$$!

    For a few months now, a rumor began of a new promotion by YOKKAO Boxing enabling it to generate what will become the strongest great community to the world of Muay Thai. Today it is Official: Shortly announcing the first date of the YOKKAO GAMES. The YOKKAO GAMES are the latest innovative promotion by YOKKAO Boxing that will push athletes, fans and martial artists beyond their limits through training programs which will be known as YOKKAO Workouts, designed by famous Muay Thai and functional training coaches. [caption id="attachment_751" align="alignright" width="370"]YOKKAO Games strength and conditioning equipment YOKKAO Games strength and conditioning equipment[/caption] YOKKAO Workouts will be made up of a range of strength

  5. Henrik Olofsson: "Why CrossFit can benefit Muay Thai Fighters”

    Henrik Olofsson: "Why CrossFit can benefit Muay Thai Fighters”

    As you could see from the latest video released on our YouTube channel and Instagram @yokkao, Yokkao began to incorporate, on the advice of Yokkao promoter Stefania Picelli, a new type of training for Pakorn PK MuayThaiGym and Kongsak Sitboonmee. Because of this, Yokkao and Stefania have turned to Ror Alexander and Henrik Olofsson, professional trainers of Aspire Club which is located in Bangkok at one of the most important CrossFit centers in Asia, CrossFitBK. Alexander and Olofsson will follow up on Pakorn PK Muay Thai Gym and Konsak’s new strength and conditioning program. For the occasion, Yokkao created a dedicated collection of bags and wall balls which will be ready to buy at this website in December. [caption id="attachment_183" align="alignright" width="350"]

  6. Pakorn's CrossFit Training preview!

    Pakorn's CrossFit Training preview!

    This video is a preview of the special workout routine Pakorn PK MuayThaiGym is doing these days at CrossFitBK under the guidance of Ror Alexander and Henrik Olofsson. Both Alexander and Olofsson are Aspire Club professional trainers with an impressive background in training-specific strength and conditioning. The workout, which was filmed by Rocket Media, Bangkok’s premiere marketing agency and official sponsor of YOKKAO 10 and 11, will be examined at the end of the program to verify the results gained in terms of speed, strength, power, and flexibility. For the occasion, Yokkao Boxing has created equipment specifically for the CrossFit workout in collaboration with the coaches. This equipment includes: special throwing bags, 10kg and 15kg weighted balls, and a variety of other interesting items that will be available in December at Don' miss Pakorn PK MuayThaiGym in action

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