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  1. YOKKAO Creates Unique Boxing Gloves for Dubfire

    YOKKAO Creates Unique Boxing Gloves for Dubfire

    YOKKAO has always been a step ahead of its time when it comes to brand awareness and collaborating outside of the fight scene. To date, American rock band, DNCE, fashion model Mia Kang, American rapper Wiz Khalifa, are some of the famous celebrities who have been captured rocking YOKKAO gear. In the progressive brand’s latest collaboration, YOKKAO created the very limited edition Dubfire Boxing Gloves. For those of you not familiar with the dance music scene, Dubfire is the brainchild/stage name of renowned Iranian-American house and techno DJ, Ali Shirazinia. Ali has won many accolades in his prolific career as a musician including international DJ awards as well as the prestigious Grammy. When photos of the Dubfire gloves were being posted on Instagram, YOKKAO received non-stop enquiries pouring in for the gloves’ release date. Both Dubfire and YOKKAO fans are hoping to score a pair of the collaborative gear. ‘Limited edition’ takes on its real meaning with

  2. YOKKAO Creates One-Of-A-Kind Boxing Gloves for Wiz Khalifa

    YOKKAO Creates One-Of-A-Kind Boxing Gloves for Wiz Khalifa

    YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli and Muay Thai living legend, Saenchai are in Los Angeles enroute to Canada for a 3-day YOKKAO Seminar tour. Through special arrangements, the YOKKAO team hosted a private seminar with Saenchai for American rap star, Wiz Khalifa at the city's renowned Unbreakable Performance Center. Over the past year or so, Wiz Khalifa has been spending a large chunk of his time working out at the gym, and getting serious in training Muay Thai. The mixed martial arts practitioner has now expressed his interest in competing in the sport which has generated an overwhelming response from both his fans as well as fight enthusiasts. Stefania Picelli took the opportunity to present Wiz Khalifa with a one-of-a-kind YOKKAO boxing gloves created specially for the rapper. Featuring Wiz’s name in graffiti-style fonts, and designs inspired by heavily-inked star’s tattoos, the stylish gloves are certainly befitting

  3. YOKKAO Celebrates Songkran Festival with 30% Storewide Sale!

    YOKKAO Celebrates Songkran Festival with 30% Storewide Sale!

    The annual Songkran Festival is here once again! Today marks the first day of the Thai New Year celebrations which goes on for 3 days until Sunday. To celebrate the festive occasion, YOKKAO is offering 30% discount storewide! Also known around the world as the Water Festival, Songkran celebration is marked by both merit-making and merry-making. Thai people spend the first day visiting local temples and offering food to monks before engaging in some wild water fights.Throughout the festive period, major streets may be closed to traffic as young and old indulges in lots of splashing and spraying, which helps to cool off from the summer heat. Like the New Year’s Day on the Gregorian calendar, Songkran marks a new beginning. For those who have neglected all the new year resolutions made at the dawn of the year, here’s a chance to revisit them and make a fresh start. Those looking to get stronger, fitter and better in Muay Thai, it’s time to stock up on some fresh YOKKAO

  4. YOKKAO Partners Up With Amazon!

    YOKKAO Partners Up With Amazon!

    The long wait is now over. YOKKAO products will soon be available on Amazon stores around the world as the brand has now joined as a partner retailer. USA, Canada and Europe have been identified as the first international Amazon sites to carry YOKKAO products. Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, with a massive user base and an equally impressive customer support. From the perspective of shoppers, Amazon offers arguably the best return policy along with the best shipping options in terms of price and speed. Another benefit of shopping on Amazon is that shoppers can read the reviews of a product’s actual customers before making any purchasing decision. It is clear that shoppers and fans will stand to gain the most as YOKKAO partners with Amazon. YOKKAO’s Amazon store helps avert the emergence of counterfeit YOKKAO products. With third-party sellers, there is no way of regulating or verifying the authenticity of what they sell. Counterfeit products are often priced

  5. Introducing The All-New YOKKAO Vertigo Boxing Gloves!

    Introducing The All-New YOKKAO Vertigo Boxing Gloves!

    Product research and development has always been YOKKAO’s key focus. From the use of premium-quality materials to product aesthetic design, the YOKKAO design team strives to take into consideration a wide range of factors in creating the best possible products. YOKKAO Vertigo Muay Thai gloves are the brand’s options for those looking for the perfect balance of affordability and quality. The driving force behind the significant price reduction comes in the form of the microfiber leather construction. Microfiber leather is a synthetic leather mades using polyurethane resin and ultra fine microfiber bundles. It has a microscopic structure and feel similar to genuine leather, and a relatively new technology in synthetic leather industry. Microfiber leather offers several benefits over traditional synthetic leathers (vinyl, PU etc.) including higher resistance to tear, better breathability and more lightweight. It is also antibacterial, odourless and very easy to clean. The

  6. Announcing the Launch of YOKKAO France Website

    Announcing the Launch of YOKKAO France Website

    Following a recent launch of its online store in Spanish language, YOKKAO has swiftly constructed a French site to cater for the diversity of the sport’s followers. France has long been a major hotbed of Muay Thai in Europe. The country has produced many of the world’s most well-known foreign Muay Thai fighters such as Fabio Pinca, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Dany Bill, and Damien Alamos. These French Nak Muays have fought at the highest level of the sport in Thailand, some of whom also held the prestigious Lumpinee and Rajadamnern at various points in their career. Most importantly, they have inspired a whole new generation of Muay Thai fighters and enthusiasts who continue to shape the future of the sport in the country. Maybe even the world. To date, YOKKAO has localized its English website into Chinese, Italian, Spanish and now French for speakers of the different
  7. YOKKAO Gear Now Available in Spain!

    YOKKAO Gear Now Available in Spain!

    YOKKAO is rapidly expanding its reach across the world. The online store is currently translated in Chinese and Italian to cater to speakers of these languages. Now YOKKAO is proud to announce that a Spanish site has been added for the growing international audience. Today, there are hundreds of Muay Thai gyms in Spain across Barcelona, Madrid, and various cities in the country. The sport has seen an exponential growth of practitioners in Spain as more outlets open to offer authentic Muay Thai training. Some of the notable Spanish Muay Thai fighters include Carlos Araya, who fought on YOKKAO 26 against Manachai. [caption id="attachment_4326" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Muay Thai Espana: YOKKAO[/caption] The YOKKAO expansion is unceasing and following the Spanish site, French and German versions are already in the

  8. YOKKAO Launches Sales Plan for Authorized Stores

    YOKKAO Launches Sales Plan for Authorized Stores

    To cater to a rapidly growing number of fans and customers, YOKKAO will be setting up 2 more warehouses this year for the markets of Australia and USA. The 2 new logistic points will complement the current worldwide setup consisting of Bangkok, Hong Kong and Republic of San Marino that serve the markets of Asia, Greater China and Europe/UK/Ireland respectively. With more retailers, gyms and distributors on board, YOKKAO has come up with a comprehensive plan of sales strategies in a bid to help boost sales for its authorized dealers. To kick things off, a complete listing of authorized stores is now up on the YOKKAO website. This directory informs fans and customers on the most convenient venues in obtaining the brand's high-quality gear and apparel. At the same time, YOKKAO dealers can be more effectively reached by their local customer base. Online stores
  9. Singdam Wins At Wu Lin Feng Debut In China!

    Singdam Wins At Wu Lin Feng Debut In China!

    Multi-time Muay Thai world champion, Singdam made a return to the ring on 3rd February since his last fight in November last year. This was his debut appearance for the Chinese fight promotion, Wu Lin Feng. After an impressive campaign last year on another Chinese promotion, Kunlun Fight, Singdam returned to resume his Chinese conquest. It’s been over 2 months since his last appearance in the ring but Singdam showed no sign of rust with a solid performance for his Wu Lin Feng debut. Despite facing a younger, fitter opponent in Xie Lei, Singdam’s rich experience of over 300 fights in his career was evident as the fight played out. The heavy-handed Xie was clearly aware of Singdam’s famed middle kicks. The Chinese remained constantly prepared to catch Singdam’s kicks but underestimated the Thai champion’s proficiency in all weapons including some very hard punches. While Xie started off strong in the first round, Singdam controlled the pace of the remaining

  10. Why does YOKKAO have The Most Competitive Price in the Market?

    Why does YOKKAO have The Most Competitive Price in the Market?

    YOKAKO's Account executive Nat Kanokwan explains why YOKKAO has the most competitive price in the market: "Over the last few years, YOKKAO has risen to become a powerhouse brand in the world of Muay Thai. From international fight promotions, to world-class seminars, to the best social media content, no other brand in Muay Thai is as prolific as YOKKAO. YOKKAO remains most committed to developing cutting edge products to cater to the global fight community. Handmade in Thailand by professional craftworkers, YOKKAO gear is unrivaled in terms of quality and design. Premium gear and equipment sales remains at the core of the brand’s focus and by streamlining the retail logistics, it now has the most competitive prices in the market. At the moment, YOKKAO has warehouses set up in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Republic of San Marino. The 3 logistics points are set up to directly serve the markets of Asia, Greater China and Europe/UK/Ireland respectively. These various warehouses around

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