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  1. YOKKAO Summer Sales Now On - Up to 50% Off!

    YOKKAO Summer Sales Now On - Up to 50% Off!

    The summer season has arrived and YOKKAO is celebrating the change of season with a special Summer Sales on a wide range of selected items. 

    With product discounts from 20 to 50% off their usual prices, this is a great time to stock up on training gear and essentials like boxing gloves, Muay Thai shorts and a convertible gym bag for portable storage. The sale items include many of our bestsellers from the current and past seasons. 

    For the first time ever, we are extending the Summer Sales to our Wholesale customers. We are offering additional discounts on top of our regular wholesale prices. To find out more, contact our sales department at

    For our online customers, there is no need for any coupon code to enjoy the special offer. All final discounted prices are marked clearly on each individual product. J

  2. YOKKAO Best Fights of 2018

    YOKKAO Best Fights of 2018

    2019 is already upon us with YOKKAO 35 - 36 less than two weeks away to kick off a new year of events. 2018 was filled with highlights from our 3 double events as well as a series of Next Generation and Kids shows. We witnessed many all-out wars in the ring, some devastating knockouts, and the crowning of Manachai as the new WBC world welterweight champion. Here’s a recap of the top fights from 2018:

    YOKKAO 29: Jonathan Haggerty vs Keith McLachlan

    Yokkao 29: Jonathan Haggerty vs Keith McLachlan

    This 59kg battle for the top UK ranking went down in a way that no one e

  3. YOKKAO Introduces The All-New & Original Bomber Pad

    YOKKAO Introduces The All-New & Original Bomber Pad

    In its continual quest in developing innovative gear and equipment, YOKKAO has come up with an original pad training equipment unlike anything on the market. With inputs from the trainers and fighters of YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, the product development team has come up with the all-new Bomber Pad.

    Traditionally, pad training is performed in 2 ways using traditional Thai kick pads: standard and freestyle padwork. The former involves the trainer/pad-holder calling out the action to which the fighter responds according. Freestyle padwork is an advanced form of Muay Thai pad holding. The fighter strikes freely and the trainer reads and responds to meet the incoming strikes.

    To accord the fighters like Saenchai and Manachai even greater freedom during pad training, the Bomber Pad concept was developed and realized. The resulting product looks simple but has been proven and tested to be effective for training. Here are some benefits of the Bomber Pad:

  4. Guide to Heavy Bag Training for Muay Thai

    Guide to Heavy Bag Training for Muay Thai

    Bag work is a standard and important part of Muay Thai, and also for almost all stand-up striking. After adequate warm-up, and perhaps a few rounds doing shadow boxing, it’s off for a few rounds on the heavy bags. There are various ways of training with a heavy bag in Muay Thai as it is a versatile equipment. It can be used to build cardio endurance, strength, power, and balance. Common ways of heavy bag training include repetitive striking (e.g. 100 kicks, 100 knees, 1-minute punches), freestyle bag work, resistance band workout, and combination drills.

    Benefits of Heavy Bag Training

    There’s a reason why bag work is an essential component at every single Muay Thai training session. In fact, here are the top 5 reasons:

    The impact of training with heavy bags leads to the strengthening of muscles and bones over time. This allows the body to better withstand the hard impact and

  5. Essential Guide to Choosing The Best Muay Thai Gloves

    Essential Guide to Choosing The Best Muay Thai Gloves

    The first and most important gear for anyone taking up Muay Thai is a pair of gloves. Finding the right pair, especially for a beginner, can be a daunting task. There are so many models available from different brands that it can be hard to make a decision.

    Muay Thai gloves are designed to protect the hands by absorbing the impact of the blows. However, glove design is not simply an act of putting foam in leather. There are many factors to take into consideration in order to come up with boxing gloves that protect, feels comfortable and even look good.

    How to choose the right boxing gloves? This is a question many people would find themselves asking when they start training in pugilistic sports such as Muay Thai, boxing or kickboxing. There are several key factors to consider:

    Proper glove sizes are measured in ounces (oz). The choice of gloves weight depends on the weight of

  6. YOKKAO Celebrates Labor Day With 20% Off Storewide!

    YOKKAO Celebrates Labor Day With 20% Off Storewide!

    For 5 days from now till 3rd September, YOKKAO will be celebrating Labor Day with a storewide sale. To show appreciation for the contributions made by workers around the world, all YOKKAO products in the online store will receive 20% off usual prices during this limited time period!

    Labor Day is celebrated around the world and the date varies across the globe. In many countries, it commonly occurs around 1st May which is why it is also widely known as May Day. In the United States, Labor Day is fixed on the first Monday of September. During this holiday, it has become customary for merchants in the country to dish out great discounts.

    This year, YOKKAO is joining in the celebration to offer some of the best deals for the season. It’s time for a well-deserved break and a well-deserved treat. Now’s a good time to load up on a few new pieces of Muay Thai gear and apparel to rock in the gym. Nothing beats a good session of Muay Thai training for a good dose of stress-relieving end

  7. Benefits of Jumping Rope for Muay Thai

    Benefits of Jumping Rope for Muay Thai

    Visit any Muay Thai gym in Thailand and it’s a prevalent practice to begin each training session with a run or a few rounds on the jump rope. Rope-jumping, or skipping, is a simple, traditional but still one of the most widely-used warm-up exercises for Muay Thai.

    The benefits are numerous and go beyond preparing the body for the intense training ahead. Jumping rope is one of the most loathed exercises, especially for unconditioned beginners new to the sport. It’s not uncommon to feel calf muscle fatigue just a couple of minutes on the jump rope. Skipping can also feel mundane compared to a scenic jog in the park. It’s no surprise why many people choose to give up after just a few minutes or give up on it altogether.

    The fact is that skipping is a favored exercise routine for not only Muay Thai fighters but also boxers and many other fight sports athlete. It’s because the simple workout comes with many benefits. Don’t skip the skipping warm-up for Muay Thai training

  8. Importance of Mouthguards for Muay Thai Sparring

    Importance of Mouthguards for Muay Thai Sparring

    For those who have embarked on the path of training Muay Thai, sparring is the the next step after those initial months learning all the basic moves and techniques.

    Sparring is an intermediate-level training to help put basic moves into practice against a partner, and helps to bridge the gap between training and actual competitive fighting. Besides wearing heavier gloves and shin guards, mouthguard is also an indispensable protective tool in sparring.

    The most commonly cited and important reasons for wearing mouth guard is that it keeps the wearer’s teeth intact and protecting against lip lacerations. Muay Thai is a full-contact fight sport and getting punched in the face is all part of the game. Accidents occur from time to time in sparring, so wearing mouthguards can help to minimize or prevent oral damage. The act of biting down also helps to stabilize the jaws which can reduce the risks of jaw fractures or sprains.

    Wearing mouthguards takes some getting u

  9. YOKKAO Introduces Price Policy for Amazon Resellers

    YOKKAO Introduces Price Policy for Amazon Resellers

    Launched this year in March, YOKKAO-Amazon stores offer another safe and trusted online platform from which to purchase authentic YOKKAO products. Fans of the premium Muay Thai brand now have access to a range of the latest goods via the USA, Europe and UK Amazon sites. Managed directly by the company with goods sourced from the YOKKAO factory in Thailand, the Amazon store helps avert the emergence of counterfeit YOKKAO products. There have been concerns and reports of fake goods plaguing other Muay Thai brands retailing on Amazon. YOKKAO has taken the utmost precaution to prevent unauthorized sales of counterfeit products that will not be anywhere near the high quality of YOKKAO. YOKKAO is the most requested brand of the moment with a growing fan base around the world. Some merchants are now buying and reselling the sought-after products on Amazon due to the high demand. This has led to a price war which the company resolves to prevent by keeping prices standard across the board

  10. Quick Guide to Pad Work in Muay Thai

    Quick Guide to Pad Work in Muay Thai

    Pad work is arguably the most representative and important part of training in Muay Thai. Unlike many gyms in the West, pad-holding is a task that is more commonly performed by a trainer and not a gym partner. It is a role that is taken seriously by the Thai trainers. This is one of the most intimate moments in training where a trainer gets to shape and sharpen the style of a fighter. Something that cannot be achieved with only partner training.

    Benefits of Pad work

    Pad training begins just as soon as one embarks on the journey of learning the art of 8 limbs. Here are some benefits of pad work in Muay Thai. Stamina Pad work can be as intense, maybe even more intense, than an actual fight. A trainer may choose to mimic ring action with 3 to 5 rounds of 3-min pad training or stretch this up to 8 minutes. This helps to build up a fighter’s cardiovascular endurance so as to ensure tip-top performance. They are the best tools in Muay Thai for improving overall
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