It takes a special type of person to get in the ring. Determined, disciplined, hardworking are just a couple of qualities it takes to be a fighter. In this article I will go through what it means to train and/or fight in Muay Thai. I will be covering a range of things, from training camp right through to the fight! The ups and downs of training camp can be intense. One day you can be feeling on top of the world, hitting the pads feeling sharp and on point, other days you can be feeling sluggish, tired and frustrated. It is all part of the journey, all part of reaching your peak ability and preparing, both mentally and physically, to be able to challenge either life or an opponent. Most fighters will train pretty much daily with the aim to keep learning and pushing themselves to be the best they can be. When fight camp starts it is a whole different ball game. Training sessions intensify, nutrition begins to get reined in and scrutinized. Family and friends begin to see a different