1. YOKKAO Seminar in Budapest Sees Over 150 Attendees

    YOKKAO Seminar in Budapest Sees Over 150 Attendees

    After 2 years since he last set foot in Hungary, Saenchai returned to Budapest on 30th July for the widely-acclaimed YOKKAO Seminar. It is a rare occasion to have the Muay Thai legend in town and over 150 Hungarian fans turned up for the one-day event at the BME Sports Center. The two and a half hour seminar saw Saenchai impart many of his signature moves that helped capture numerous titles and the hearts of fans around the world. In the tradition of YOKKAO seminars, some of the attendees also got to spar with the living legend. Towards the end of the seminar, the massive turnout paired up for the YOKKAO Challenge that is going viral now on Instagram. It was truly an impressive mass display of stomach-punching action with the 150-strong crowd. The seminar then finished off with photo-taking session with Saenchai, and everyone left with plenty of smiles. As the event also coincided with Saenchai’s 38th birthday, the seminar team, along with his fans celebrated with a birthday

  2. YOKKAO Challenge Heats Up Around the World

    YOKKAO Challenge Heats Up Around the World

    The latest craze to sweep across the Muay Thai social media-sphere right now has to be the YOKKAO Challenge Instagram contest. It all began with an Instagram post that went viral and people are now sharing them even on Facebook and other social media channels. Around the world, fans are uploading YOKKAO Challenge videos that range from hardcore action to some truly hilarious moments. As the day goes, the submissions are getting more and more creative. Saenchai was recently in Budapest, Hungary for a one-day YOKKAO Seminar at the BME Sports Center. Over 150 enthusiastic Muay Thai fans showed up to train and learn from legend. At the end of the seminar, the massive turnout finished off the session with the YOKKAO Challenge in a mass display of abs-smashing fun. It’s quite a sight to behold. (see below) To reiterate the contest rules: participants are required to team up in twos (or more) for some abs-pounding fun. Participants will attempt to throw as many punches as possible

  3. YOKKAO Launches Viral Contest on Instagram

    YOKKAO Launches Viral Contest on Instagram

    It’s time for everyone to have some fun at Muay Thai training. YOKKAO has launched a contest on Instagram and it’s heating up across social media. In less than 24 hours, the post has already garnered almost 350k views with more than 1500 comments! The enthusiastic response from fans around the world shows once again shown why YOKKAO is the king of the Muay Thai social media-sphere. In many fight sports like Muay Thai or boxing, abs conditioning is an important part of an athlete’s training program. This may be done by dropping medicine balls on the abs, slamming with a kick pad, or just straight up punching and kicking. For this first-ever YOKKAO Challenge on Instagram, participants are expected to team up in pairs for a hardcore abs conditioning workout. One participant will attempt throw as many body punches as possible to the partner’s abs in 20 seconds and capture it on video. To win the contest, it’s not only about speed but also power, style, and

  4. Quick Guide to Pad Work in Muay Thai

    Quick Guide to Pad Work in Muay Thai

    Pad work is arguably the most representative and important part of training in Muay Thai. Unlike many gyms in the West, pad-holding is a task that is more commonly performed by a trainer and not a gym partner. It is a role that is taken seriously by the Thai trainers. This is one of the most intimate moments in training where a trainer gets to shape and sharpen the style of a fighter. Something that cannot be achieved with only partner training.

    Benefits of Pad work

    Pad training begins just as soon as one embarks on the journey of learning the art of 8 limbs. Here are some benefits of pad work in Muay Thai. Stamina Pad work can be as intense, maybe even more intense, than an actual fight. A trainer may choose to mimic ring action with 3 to 5 rounds of 3-min pad training or stretch this up to 8 minutes. This helps to build up a fighter’s cardiovascular endurance so as to ensure tip-top performance. They are the best tools in Muay Thai for improving overall
  5. Importance of Warm-up and Cool down for Muay Thai

    Importance of Warm-up and Cool down for Muay Thai

    Muay Thai subscribes to many of the same ideas that perpetuates through the sports world. Professional Muay Thai fighters in Thailand fight every month so they undergo a very intense training schedule. Hence like any other competitive sport, athletes and their trainers strive to achieve the best possible results while reducing the risk of injuries in training. A standard Muay Thai training session begins with a warm-up, followed by main part (consisting shadow-boxing, padwork, bagwork, sparring and clinching) and finishes off with a cool-down. While the bulk of the work is performed during the main part, the warm-up and cool-down phase of each session is critical to improve performance, achieve maximum gains and minimize injuries. Every successful Muay Thai fighter sticks to this age-old formula which has serve the fighting community well.

    Warm Up

    Warming up helps to gently prepare the body for exercises and to reduce the risks of injuries. This is achieved by a gradual increase
  6. Cutting Weight in Muay Thai

    Cutting Weight in Muay Thai

    Cutting weight is a critical part of fighting. It is a complex aspect related to successful pairing of fighters and has a direct influence on the outcome of a match. Mention "weight-cut" and most people picture a fighter running in a vinyl sauna suit, all drenched in sweat. Most fighters tend to compete at a weight that is several pounds less than their walkaround weight. With a proper cut for the weigh-in, it is possible to gain a weight advantage after refueling. This is especially more common for events where weigh-ins are held a day before the actual bouts. In some competitions, weigh-ins are held the same day which minimizes the effect of such disparities. Why cut weight for a fight instead of fighting at walkaround weight? The topic remains one that is still widely discussed but weight divisions allow for fights to be matched in a regulated manner. Most professional fighters compete within 10 pounds range of their normal weight. This is not as extreme compared to MMA where fighters

  7. Watch Video Highlights of YOKKAO Seminar in Canada

    Watch Video Highlights of YOKKAO Seminar in Canada

    The YOKKAO Seminar team has done it once again. Saenchai, along with YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli travelled to Canada in late-April for a round of the popular seminar series with overwhelming reception at every stop. To celebrate the success of the Canadian Seminar tour, YOKKAO has released a video of the highlights from the Toronto stop. The video offers a peek into what goes on behind the scenes and footage of the actual seminar. It’s a chance to relive the moments for those who were present at the seminar. For fans interested in attending a YOKKAO seminar in future, the video is a must-watch. YOKKAO Seminar was first launched in 2011 and since then, over 50 events have been held around the world and have consistently sold out. With Muay Thai legends such as Saenchai at the heart of each seminar, Muay Thai fans have been presented with the invaluable chance to learn from the very best in the sport. To date, YOKKAO seminars have been conducted in many parts of the

  8. Essential Guide to Cleaning Muay Thai Shorts

    Essential Guide to Cleaning Muay Thai Shorts

    Muay Thai shorts were modeled after boxing shorts with an almost identical look. Along the way, they started to evolve and develop into a style of their own. These days, Muay Thai shorts come in every color combination imaginable, elaborate Thai fonts and cool embroideries or patches too.  Not forgetting the newest trend featuring striking all-over print as seen on YOKKAO CarbonFit shorts, made possible with dye sublimation printing. The most common fabrics used in Muay Thai shorts are satin and nylon. Satin is the number one choice and satin shorts are used in competitions and training. Nylon is typically used in cheaper shorts for day-to-day training or sold as souvenirs in Thailand. Satin is a very hardy but also comfortable material. As a polyester blend fabric, it dries relatively fast too. Nylon is generally less hardy and can turn translucent when drenched in sweat. However, there are higher grade nylon fabrics which are nearly as comparable to satin in terms of quality with

  9. Where to train Muay Thai in Thailand: Bangkok vs Phuket

    Where to train Muay Thai in Thailand: Bangkok vs Phuket

    Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and practised all around the world. The country also happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with over 30 million visitors in 2016 alone. With the increasing popularity of fight sports and the rising trend of Muay Thai as a fitness workout, more and more people are traveling into Thailand just to train in the Thai combat arts. There are hundreds over hundreds of Muay Thai gyms all over Thailand. In every province and every town, it is easy to find one. While the majority of gyms in the past used to train solely Thai fighters, more and more are opening up to foreigners due to the obvious financial gains. These days, there are gyms that forgo training Thai fighters to cater purely to a foreign clientele. Some camps continue to persist in the old ways maintaining their focus on raising Thai fighters for the elite stadium fighting circuit. Then there are those that strike a delicate balance between the 2, and

  10. 5 Reasons to Train Muay Thai in Thailand

    5 Reasons to Train Muay Thai in Thailand

    What happens when Muay Thai and travel cross paths? Muay Thai vacations! More and more people around the world are taking up Muay Thai over the years. It is now widely recognized as the most effective stand-up striking art-form. Outside of the ring, there is a plethora of benefits with training the Thai sport including fitness, self-defense, and mood-lifting effects. People of all races, genders and ages are taking up Muay Thai and this population looks only to increase. For many years since the world started to learn about Muay Thai, foreigners have traveled to Thailand to train and compete. This trend has evolved to accommodate a diverse group of visitors from athletes to casual fans who train for various reasons. Even people with no martial arts background travel to Thailand in themed vacations to learn about the country through its national sport. Even as Muay Thai gyms are now founded in almost every country, lovers of the sport continue to travel to Thailand to train, and

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