1. Breaking News: Manachai Scores Round One KO win at Channel 3 Main Event!

    Breaking News: Manachai Scores Round One KO win at Channel 3 Main Event!

    Manachai has done it again. In his latest fight held on 24th March, Manachai has scored another win against an elite Lumpinee stadium fighter. Televised live over Thailand’s Channel 3 TV station, Manachai was up against Attachai Tor Morsi as the main event at Siam Boxing Stadium. Attachai is a regular face at the prestigious Lumpinee stadium and has frequently faced the top fighters in the ring. Everyone from the punters to the fans were expecting the fight to go the distance of full 5 rounds. The YOKKAO team was there to rally behind the young fight star who did not disappoint. The Thai wrecking ball continued his exciting display of smashing things up in the ring. Manachai adopted the axeman fight persona yet again, delivering crippling, leg-chopping low kicks looking for the finish right from the bell. A quick finish it was, with Manachai reducing his opponent to the canvas via a series of leg kicks and declared the winner via a round one KO! The KO win officially takes

  2. Spencer Brown Back in Thailand Ready For Lumpinee Debut!

    Spencer Brown Back in Thailand Ready For Lumpinee Debut!

    After a solid victory at YOKKAO 30 held in the UK earlier this month, Spencer Brown seized the opportunity to take a well-deserved break back in his hometown in Scotland. The YOKKAO fighter is now sufficiently recharged and ready to take on new challenges as he makes his way back to Bangkok and rejoin his team mates at YOKKAO Training Center. Spencer has earned a reputation for always putting up a great show in the ring, both in and out of Thailand. Win, or lose, the young explosive fighter never fails to deliver a smashing good fight. Arriving at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok in 2016, Spencer has adapted to the arduous life of a Thai fighter. He adjusted to the environment, and faced various obstacles which he overcame one after another. Spencer’s greatest takeaway has been training alongside and learning from the YOKKAO Fight Team’s elite fighters like Saenchai, Singdam and Manachai. Since then, he has racked up a series of impressive wins. The KO Kid is now ready

  3. YOKKAO Kids Fight Team Welcomes New Member Anthony Deary

    YOKKAO Kids Fight Team Welcomes New Member Anthony Deary

    Following his 2017 Fighter of the Year award and an impressive performance on the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids show in February, Anthony Deary joins Joe Ryan and Ellie Barker to become the newest member of the YOKKAO Kids Fight Team. Anthony trains and fights out of Liverpool’s Fortitudo Muay Thai, under coach Allen Kaufman as well as his father, Ian Deary. He started training in Muay Thai since he was 5 years old and won his first Area title at the age of 8. The 13 year-old now holds multiple titles including 3 European titles, a British title, an Intercontinental title and a junior World title. To date, Anthony has fought really strong opponents from countries all over the continent including France, Portugal, Lithuania, Scotland and Ireland. He would often give up weight of up to 3 or 4 kilograms and has never turned down a fight even at only a few days’ notice. Anthony embodies true Nak Muay spirit of the Thai fighters, which is amazing for someone his age. 2017

  4. Manachai Takes On Rambo for Champion of Thailand Title!

    Manachai Takes On Rambo for Champion of Thailand Title!

    There is no denying Manachai a shot for a championship title. The YOKKAO fighter has been raking up the wins over the past year, it’s about time he gets the gold around his waist. In his last fight, Manachai met Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym in the ring of Channel 7 stadium for what should have been a title fight. He was unjustifiably let down by the organizers who scraped the title only a day before the fight. Manachai, however, is not one to be discouraged easily and he went on to take home the win against one of the most reputable welterweight fighters. Come Friday 16th March, Manachai will get a shot at the prestigious Champion of Title belt. Standing between him and the belt is another elite Thai fighter, Rambo Pet Por Tor Or. Rambo is a familiar face on the stadium circuit, fighting at both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern regularly. The PTT Gym fighter has faced many top fighters
  5. Manachai Delivers Dominating Victory at Channel 7 Stadium!

    Manachai Delivers Dominating Victory at Channel 7 Stadium!

    One of the most anticipated fights for the start of 2018 had been none other than the Channel 7 147lbs title bout between Manachai and Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym. Regrettably the title was scraped a day before the fight. The reason given by the organizers was that Manachai would be making his Channel 7 stadium debut. This supposedly did not qualify him for the title, even though there have been precedents where fighters who were making their debut actually competed in title bouts. [caption id="attachment_4282" align="alignright" width="400"]Muay Siam Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Muay Siam Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym[/caption] Despite taking away the prized belt from the match, Manachai remained undeterred and motivated. He came out strong right from the first round with loud, chopping leg kicks that could be heard from

  6. 5 KO In 5 Fights For The YOKKAO Fight Team!

    5 KO In 5 Fights For The YOKKAO Fight Team!

    The YOKKAO Fight Team is smashing things up in the ring. Over the course of 5 events, 5 individual YOKKAO fighters have gone home with the win, all via knockouts. After a brief absence since his winning appearance on YOKKAO 25 in Hong Kong, Nobita has returned to train full-time at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok with his team mates. The WMC boxing champion marked his return with a KO-win using his signature power punches, kickstarting the new Year in an impactful way for YOKKAO. Manachai continued his wreckage with his Italian debut at the Night of Kick and Punch promotion on 20th January. The fight ended in fast fashion via referee stoppage in round 1 after just 2:35 minutes and Manachai was declared the winner by TKO. The young star has clocked a series of KO wins over the past couple of months and the win in Milan against Italian Nak Muay Nuriel Glorian Cauli extends the streak. Manachai will next face Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym on February 18th for the Channel 7 14lbs Title.

  7. Manachai Delivers Smashing Performance in Italian Debut!

    Manachai Delivers Smashing Performance in Italian Debut!

    Manachai has done it again, doing what he does best - smashing faces and chopping legs! The young Muay Thai wrecking machine made his Italian debut over the weekend in Milan on “The Night of Kick and Punch”, a long-running event by promoter Angelo Valente. In the pre-fight weigh-in, Manachai recorded a weight of 65.5kg compared to his opponent, Nuriel Glorian Cauli’s 65.9kg. The fight was originally decided at 65kg but subsequently changed to 66kg as agreed on by both parties. For his Italian fight debut, Manachai delivered exactly what the audience ordered: a smashing performance of Muay Thai at the highest level. Right from a graceful display of the pre-fight Wai Khru ceremonial dance, Manachai exhibited Muay Thai in pure authenticity. Nuriel attempted to take the fight to the clinch right from the onset and the battle was fought with a flurry of knee exchanges. Once the clinch was disengaged, Manachai took to unleashing a multi-hit combo of hard punches, elbows

  8. Manachai and Yodchai Deliver Double KO Wins!

    Manachai and Yodchai Deliver Double KO Wins!

    [caption id="attachment_3948" align="alignright" width="350"]Muay Thai fighter Manachai YOKKAO Muay Thai fighter Manachai YOKKAO[/caption] YOKKAO headed east of Bangkok to Surin on November 17th for a night of local Muay Thai action. The event was a debut co-promotion with long-time collaborator, PK Saenchai, the top promoter at Lumpinee Stadium. YOKKAO was represented on the fight card by Fight Team stars, Manachai and Yodchai and the results were a night of high-octane action that delighted the local fans. Manachai took on the woodcutter persona and went into the match with relentless leg-chopping action. By the third round, Manachai’s hard-hitting strikes proved too much for his opponent, sending him crumbling onto

  9. YOKKAO Instagram Video Garners over 2 million views!

    YOKKAO Instagram Video Garners over 2 million views!

    YOKKAO has once again shown why it is number one in the Muay Thai social media-sphere. The latest video on YOKKAO IG account to go viral is a clip of Liam Harrison’s low-kick knockout win at the recent YOKKAO 27. The clip has spread like wildfire on social media, reaching 1 million views in just 2 days of being uploaded. In just a few days’ time, a record of over 2 million views has been achieved and is still going strong. The video has really gone viral and was even shared by social media giant SportBible. In the short 20-second video clip, Liam Harrison shows why he’s still at the top of the game. The fight took place at the recent YOKKAO 27 held in Bolton UK where Harrison was matched-up against a young, iron fist opponent in Kevin Burmester. Despite facing a hungry and strong opponent, Harrison’s experience and fight IQ shows as he dismantled Burmester with tree-chopping leg kicks and took home a win for the day with TKO via referee stoppage. Besides its

  10. YOKKAO and PK Saenchai Co-Promotion Debuts at Surin!

    YOKKAO and PK Saenchai Co-Promotion Debuts at Surin!

    YOKKAO heads to Surin, Thailand for a local fight promotion this Friday 17th November. For the event, PK Saenchai SurinYOKKAO will be partnering with none other than the top Lumpinee Stadium promotion, PK Saenchai. The fight card features Muay Thai stars, Manachai and Yodchai from the YOKKAO Fight Team and of course, fighters from the PK Saenchai gym among others. The promotion partnership is a first of its kind for YOKKAO and more are already in the pipeline. YOKKAO’s partnership with PK Saenchai goes back to 2014 when the PK Saenchai gym first opened in Surasak. This was and remains one of the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand, with a stable of elite champion fighters

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