1. YOKKAO Acquires New Fighter From Buriram

    YOKKAO Acquires New Fighter From Buriram

    YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok welcomes a new fighter this week. 

    At the young age of 18, Chalawan Sor Thanapet is already a regular on the elite stadium scene, having fought at the prestigious Lumpinee and Channel 7 stadiums. Chalawan is an all-rounded technical fighter but has been known to finish his fights with sharp precision and power. His current record stands at 154 fights with 121 wins (12 KOs) and 33 losses.

    Born and raised in Isaan like many Thai fighters, Chalawan joins fellow Buriram fighters including Singdam and Manachai at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. The young fighter will train under the supervision of Kru Petchdam along with monitoring by YOKKAO legends like Saenchai and Singdam.

    Fans can soon see Chalawan in action under the new fight name, Chalawan YOKKAOSaenchaiGym. Look out

  2. Manachai & Chalawan to fight on Kiatpetch promotions in July!

    Manachai & Chalawan to fight on Kiatpetch promotions in July!

    Chalawan and Manachai, together with YOKKAO’s gym manager Khun Yo, were invited to visit Kiatpetch offices on Tuesday 2 July. A series of fights have been scheduled for the two fighters which will take place over the next few months on Kiatpetch events.

    Founded by Mr Phirapong Theeradeatpong, Kiatpetch promotions is one of the biggest Muay T

  3. Yodchai Awarded Fight of the Month at Lumpinee Stadium

    Yodchai Awarded Fight of the Month at Lumpinee Stadium

    Located in northern Bangkok, Lumpinee Stadium is widely recognized as the most important arena of Muay Thai. It has hosted thousands upon thousands of fights since opening in 1956. Many of the world’s most renowned Muay Thai athletes made their name fighting in the Lumpinee ring including Samart, Dieselnoi, Singdam, and of course living legend, Saenchai.

    Yodchai joined the YOKKAO Fight Team in 2016 and has proven himself to be one of the camp’s most promising fighters. In his most recent fight on 16 April at the prestigious stadium, Yodchai battled Jomhod Chor Ketweena in the Petchsupaphan promotion main event. The two Thai fighters entangled in a pulsating clash that resulted in a draw to approving spectators. For the exciting performance, the two athletes have been awarded April’s “Fight of the Month” by the stadium committee.

    Yodchai has been diligently working his way up th

  4. Stuart Stabler & Ellie Barker Join YOKKAO Agency

    Stuart Stabler & Ellie Barker Join YOKKAO Agency

    As part of our mission to drive the Muay Thai sport, YOKKAO Agency was launched this April to help build a team of world-class fighters for the new generation. Following the signing of Irish KO artist, Craig Coakley, two of UK’s up-and-coming young fighters have now signed on with our agency: they are Stuart Stabler and Ellie Barker.  

    Stuart has caught everyone’s attention since his promotional debut at YOKKAO 19 - 20 on the undercard. The 19-year-old transitioned to full Muay Thai rules against Wade Sword on YOKKAO 31 in what was considered by many to be the fight of the night. Fighting out of Scorpion Peel Thai Boxing Club in Salford, Stuart was last seen on YOKKAO 37 adding his 7th straight win to his pristine record since turning professional.

  5. Craig Coakley Signs 3-year Deal with YOKKAO Agency

    Craig Coakley Signs 3-year Deal with YOKKAO Agency

    The launch of YOKKAO Agency was first announced on 18 April. Our fighter management agency has just officially signed with our first fighter who is none other than Ireland’s KO specialist, Craig Coakley.

    Since his promotional debut at YOKKAO 23, Coakley has dished out three stunning victories by means of knockouts. The Irish Muay Thai phenom has built his reputation and a growing fanbase as one of the most exciting and formidable fighters on the UK and Ireland circuit.

    Coakley’s first fight as a YOKKAO Agency athlete pits him against Thai legend, Singdam. The two will battle it out at YOKKAO 42 over one of Muay Thai’s most prestigious and coveted green belt: WBC Diamond Championship title. Coakley, a WBC ranked fighter, will now have the chance to prove himself as one of Muay Thai’s best Lightweights in the world.

    YOKKAO Agency aims to provide more opportunities for Coa

  6. BREAKING: Singdam vs Coakley for WBC Diamond title at YOKKAO 42

    BREAKING: Singdam vs Coakley for WBC Diamond title at YOKKAO 42

    YOKKAO’s inaugural Ireland showcase has just confirmed its main event matchup and it is set to be one of the biggest fights in YOKKAO history. On 27 July, Thai legend, Singdam will battle it out with Ireland’s own Craig “Coco” Coakley for the highly-coveted WBC Diamond championship belt!

    WBC first created the "Diamond Championship" belt in 2009 as a championship to award the winner of a historic fight between two high-profile fighters. To date, only 2 Muay Thai fighters have  the honour of holding the title and they are two of the biggest stars in the entire Muay Thai history: Buakaw Banchamek and living legend, Saenchai.

    Come the night of 27 July, another fighter will be honored with the distinguished Diamond championship belt. Either way it goes, we expect this to be an explosive fight like never before.

    Irish knockout extraordinaire, Craig Coakley has built a

  7. BREAKING: Manachai vs Rafi Bohic Lumpinee Title Bout Confirmed!

    BREAKING: Manachai vs Rafi Bohic Lumpinee Title Bout Confirmed!

    Almost a year in the making, one of the most anticipated welterweight faceoff is finally going to take place. Manachai will go head to head against Rafi Bohic on 30 April for the Lumpinee stadium welterweight title. They will be meeting at 142 lbs for the fight.

    The 2 welterweight powerhouses were originally supposed to face off in May last year but the fight had to be postponed as Manachai had committed to another event. The matchup is now officially confirmed and there is no turning back.

    Manachai had been longing for a stadium title shot and his wish is finally granted. After clocking a successful run of wins, he took home the coveted WBC Muay Thai world championship title in October 2018. Come 30 April, Manachai will be looking at one of the most important challenges in his career as he takes on the current Lumpinee welterweight champion.

    Training out of Phuket’s S

  8. Liam Harrison Back At YOKKAO Camp In Preparation for Italy

    Liam Harrison Back At YOKKAO Camp In Preparation for Italy

    YOKKAO 35 - 36 is just less than three weeks away, and things are heating up at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Joining our fighters this week at the camp is UK legend, Liam Harrison who is back in preparation for the coming event in Turin, Italy.

    Harrison has stepped up the intensity at training after a day or 2 acclimating to the Bangkok heat. As “iron sharpens iron”, he has been sparring with Saenchai and Manachai on top of the daily intensive rounds on the pads with our trainers.

    The Hitman looks to be in great shape and ready for his challenge where he will square off against Italian fighter, Ivan Naccari. The UK fighter’s last appearance in the YOKKAO ring saw him walked away with a victory against Kevin Burmester back in October of 2017. Harrison is now laser-focused on marking his return in spectacular fashion. We expect to see him put on a show against Naccari in Italy.

    There will be more to come as Harrison has also been confirmed for the YOKKAO 37 -

  9. Manachai: Path to Clinching WBC Championship Title

    Manachai: Path to Clinching WBC Championship Title

    Manachai’s journey to winning the WBC title has been fraught with obstacles and challenges. His title dreams were repeatedly shattered when the organizer and opponent pulled out on 2 separate occasions. However, he pressed on despite the setbacks and was finally rewarded with the WBC title fight. This would be one of Manachai’s toughest fights in the past 2 years as he took on young up-and-coming fighter Julio Lobo from Brazil. The YOKKAO star stepped up to the confrontation dominating the first 3 rounds with his signature hard low kicks and skillful takedowns. Lobo proved himself to be a worthy challenger for the coveted WBC championship title. The Brazilian attempted to take advantage of his reach in later rounds and fought hard looking for an upset finish. Even with his reach disadvantage, the Thai fighter took on the offense from Lobo with great composure
  10. Manachai To Fight for WBC World Title in Hong Kong!

    Manachai To Fight for WBC World Title in Hong Kong!

    It’s been a long time coming for YOKKAO’s bright young star, Manachai but his long-awaited title shot has arrived. Come 29th October, he will take on Brazilian fighter, Julio Lobo for the coveted WBC Muay Thai World Welterweight title at YOKKAO 34.

    The WBC championship belts are widely acknowledged to be among the most prestigious titles in the world. Many Thai champions present and past have held WBC titles at some points in their careers. It goes without saying that Manachai will be giving all he has got to have the belt around his waist. His opponent, Julio Lobo is a regular face on the Thailand circuit who has not only fought on top promotions but also against the likes of Saenchai, Pakorn, and Victor Pinto. This will be no walkover for the YOKKAO fighter and a main event guaranteed to bring the house down.

    The collaboration with WBC is a new beginning that has opened the doors for further partnerships down the road. For the event in Hong Kong, representatives fro

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