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  1. Manachai Scores KO Victory at YOKKAO Next Generation Phuket

    Manachai Scores KO Victory at YOKKAO Next Generation Phuket

    On Sunday, 30th September, YOKKAO Next Generation headed to the southern island of Phuket. The event was held at the famous local arena, Bangla Boxing Stadium. YOKKAO Next Generation Phuket gave young, promising fighters a stage to showcase their skills with opportunity to be talent-spotted for international events and wider global exposure.

    Thonsai from the YOKKAO Kids Fight Team was one of the fighters featured on the fight card. The young talent trains at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, and has clocked over 20 wins in around 30 fights to date. Thonsai delivered a solid performance, finishing the fight in round 4 with a TKO win via referee stoppage.

    The main event featured Manachai who took on Phetnarin, a Max Muay Thai champion. After dominating in the first 3 rounds, the YOKKAO fighter turned up the heat in round 4 by unleashing a barrage of his signature low kicks. The relentless strikes left Phetnarin crumbling onto the canvas just barely 10 seconds into the round.

  2. YOKKAO Factory Expands to Adjacent Property

    YOKKAO Factory Expands to Adjacent Property

    Prompted by the increasing demand for its product, YOKKAO has just expanded to the adjacent factory next to their current facility. The production operations are set to be installed on the new 30,000 square-feet compound.

    “In terms of quality and design, we are going in an upward direction. In fact, the demand has had an unprecedented increase in the last few years. The new factory will give us the possibility to increase production, while maintaining a high-quality control as well as better logistic management.” said YOKKAO’s production manager, Pinyada Kasetpibaln.

    YOKKAO products are currently available in 23 countries, with 2 warehouses in Asia and Europe to cater to the respective continents. The third warehouse in US will be opened this year to better service the North American markets.

    Besides the new warehouse and the expansion of the factory, YOKKAO has a few more plans in the pipeline. YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok will undergo a renovation to accom

  3. Saenchai & Manachai Team up for New YOKKAO Seminar Concept

    Saenchai & Manachai Team up for New YOKKAO Seminar Concept

    The YOKKAO Seminar was first launched in December 2011 with the events conducted by famous Muay Thai fighters who impart techniques and their signature moves. Some of the stars who have led the seminars include Buakaw Banchamek, Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and Saenchai.

    Since 2017, YOKKAO Seminar has become synonymous with the living legend, Saenchai who has led every event as the sole celebrity fighter. Things are about to get a shake-up as YOKKAO Seminar introduces a new concept. YOKKAO young talent, Manachai will join his mentor for a YOKKAO Seminar beginning first in Stuttgart, Germany on 31st January 2019.

    Saenchai is a true icon of Muay Thai, undeniably one of the most well-known figures in the sport. He has been entertaining and educating fans over the last decade all over the world. YOKKAO Seminars with Saenchai give fans a chance to learn a wide range of signature moves that have helped the superstar capture numerous titles over his illustrious career.

    In addition

  4. Manachai Headlines YOKKAO Next Generation Phuket!

    Manachai Headlines YOKKAO Next Generation Phuket!

    The search for young Muay Thai talents continue as YOKKAO Next Generation makes its way to Phuket on 30th September.

    More than 2 years since its launch, the talent-search initiative finally sets foot on the popular tourist island. Besides a card of up-and-coming fighters, YOKKAO Next Generation Phuket will be headlined by Manachai, who takes on Max Muay Thai and Nai Khanom Tom Day champion, Phetnarin. It will not be an easy fight for the YOKKAO star but after his July appearance in Prague at All Star Fight 5, Manachai is itching to get back in the ring. The coming fight will also serve as a prelude to his WBC welterweight title shot next month in Hong Kong with YOKKAO 34.

    Phuket has built a reputation for being one of the top destinations for beach-loving tourists and Muay Thai vacationers. The island boasts one of the highest numbers of Muay Thai camps per square mile in Thailand. Outside of Bangkok, Phuket is often another favorite spot to go for the best Muay Thai

  5. YOKKAO Ready for Muay Thai Takeover in Hong Kong!

    YOKKAO Ready for Muay Thai Takeover in Hong Kong!

    For the third year in a row, YOKKAO will hold its acclaimed official event in the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong. YOKKAO 33 - 34 finds its way back to last year’s venue of Kowloon International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) on 29 October, with a stellar lineup and explosive matchups.

    In the YOKKAO 34 main event, Manachai will take on Brazilian fighter Julio Lobo in a highly-anticipated match off for the prestigious WBC Muay Thai world welterweight title. It has been a long-awaited title shot for Manachai and with the gold up for grab, the fight is bound to erupt into an all-out war zone.

    YOKKAO 33 will see the return of Singdam to the ring as the headlining act since his last fight in May. The multitime Thailand champion is back to show why he’s still one of the toughest fighters in the scene. The coming Hong Kong double event also pits members of the YOKKAO Fight Team against top fighters in the Chinese territory. Other than familiar YOKKAO faces like Yodchai, Nob

  6. Guide to Heavy Bag Training for Muay Thai

    Guide to Heavy Bag Training for Muay Thai

    Bag work is a standard and important part of Muay Thai, and also for almost all stand-up striking. After adequate warm-up, and perhaps a few rounds doing shadow boxing, it’s off for a few rounds on the heavy bags. There are various ways of training with a heavy bag in Muay Thai as it is a versatile equipment. It can be used to build cardio endurance, strength, power, and balance. Common ways of heavy bag training include repetitive striking (e.g. 100 kicks, 100 knees, 1-minute punches), freestyle bag work, resistance band workout, and combination drills.

    Benefits of Heavy Bag Training

    There’s a reason why bag work is an essential component at every single Muay Thai training session. In fact, here are the top 5 reasons:

    The impact of training with heavy bags leads to the strengthening of muscles and bones over time. This allows the body to better withstand the hard impact and

  7. Manachai To Fight for WBC World Title in Hong Kong!

    Manachai To Fight for WBC World Title in Hong Kong!

    It’s been a long time coming for YOKKAO’s bright young star, Manachai but his long-awaited title shot has arrived. Come 29th October, he will take on Brazilian fighter, Julio Lobo for the coveted WBC Muay Thai World Welterweight title at YOKKAO 34.

    The WBC championship belts are widely acknowledged to be among the most prestigious titles in the world. Many Thai champions present and past have held WBC titles at some points in their careers. It goes without saying that Manachai will be giving all he has got to have the belt around his waist. His opponent, Julio Lobo is a regular face on the Thailand circuit who has not only fought on top promotions but also against the likes of Saenchai, Pakorn, and Victor Pinto. This will be no walkover for the YOKKAO fighter and a main event guaranteed to bring the house down.

    The collaboration with WBC is a new beginning that has opened the doors for further partnerships down the road. For the event in Hong Kong, representatives fro

  8. Essential Guide to Choosing The Best Muay Thai Gloves

    Essential Guide to Choosing The Best Muay Thai Gloves

    The first and most important gear for anyone taking up Muay Thai is a pair of gloves. Finding the right pair, especially for a beginner, can be a daunting task. There are so many models available from different brands that it can be hard to make a decision.

    Muay Thai gloves are designed to protect the hands by absorbing the impact of the blows. However, glove design is not simply an act of putting foam in leather. There are many factors to take into consideration in order to come up with boxing gloves that protect, feels comfortable and even look good.

    How to choose the right boxing gloves? This is a question many people would find themselves asking when they start training in pugilistic sports such as Muay Thai, boxing or kickboxing. There are several key factors to consider:

    Proper glove sizes are measured in ounces (oz). The choice of gloves weight depends on the weight of

  9. Qualities of A Good Muay Thai Gym

    Qualities of A Good Muay Thai Gym

    As fight sports get more popular, finding a gym to train martial arts is getting easier year after year. Martial artists are spoilt for choices especially for those living in cities. Muay Thai is widely-acknowledged as one of the most effective stand-up striking arts, leading to the mushrooming of Thai boxing gyms around the world. With so many gyms comes the issue of varying quality and training style.

    People train in the art of 8 limbs for various reasons too. Some do it for fitness, while some do it to compete. Choosing a good Muay Thai gym will depend on the individual’s training objective and so it goes that the qualities of a good gym varies accordingly too. Whether it’s back at home or in Thailand, here are some indicators to look out for when searching for the right Muay Thai gym:

    Good Trainers
    Good trainers are truly what make a good gym. Trainers are the first-line experience for

  10. YOKKAO Celebrates Labor Day With 20% Off Storewide!

    YOKKAO Celebrates Labor Day With 20% Off Storewide!

    For 5 days from now till 3rd September, YOKKAO will be celebrating Labor Day with a storewide sale. To show appreciation for the contributions made by workers around the world, all YOKKAO products in the online store will receive 20% off usual prices during this limited time period!

    Labor Day is celebrated around the world and the date varies across the globe. In many countries, it commonly occurs around 1st May which is why it is also widely known as May Day. In the United States, Labor Day is fixed on the first Monday of September. During this holiday, it has become customary for merchants in the country to dish out great discounts.

    This year, YOKKAO is joining in the celebration to offer some of the best deals for the season. It’s time for a well-deserved break and a well-deserved treat. Now’s a good time to load up on a few new pieces of Muay Thai gear and apparel to rock in the gym. Nothing beats a good session of Muay Thai training for a good dose of stress-relieving end

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