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  1. YOKKAO 39-40: Showdown in Sydney

    YOKKAO 39-40: Showdown in Sydney

    It was a night that many Australian fight fans had been waiting for. YOKKAO 39 - 40 came and delivered a night of top-level Muay Thai action that local fans will be talking about for a while. Organized in partnership with Luis Regis and Eduardo Azambuja from SRG YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center Australia, the event brought in top fighters like Singdam, Superbank and Spencer from Thailand while showcasing many of the country’s own fan-favorites and rising stars.

    Having hosted three separate Next Generation shows in the past, YOKKAO 39- 40 marked the first full-fledged YOKKAO double event for the land down under. Australia has one of the most exciting Muay Thai scene outside of Thailand, producing many top athletes in the sport. On this occasion, the country proved its place in the global scene with high-quality, well-matched fights to rival the world’s best.

    YOKKAO 39

  2. YOKKAO 39 - 40 Weigh-in Results

    YOKKAO 39 - 40 Weigh-in Results

    In less than 24 hours, 22 fighters will take turns to enter the ring at YOKKAO 39 - 40 as they put on bout after bout of non-stop Muay Thai action. The double event will be held at the Australian Technology Park with the undercard kicking off on Saturday, 25 May at 17:00 Sydney time.

    The official weigh-ins were held today at the Braza Churrascaria restaurant in downtown Sydney and all fighters have successfully made weight for the show. Remember to follow us on our social media network to catch some of the action live and direct from Sydney.

    Here are the weigh-in results:

    ** Yokkao 40 **

    Superbank 61.0kg vs Zac Einersen 60.8kg

    Spencer YOKKAOSaenchaiGym 63.75kg vs Albert Xavier 63.7kg

    Singpayak 65.2kg vs Lloyd Dean 64.65kg

    Jordie Bargailie 62.45kg vs Joe Coverdale

  3. YOKKAO Receives Two Accolades From Muay Thai World Boxing Council

    YOKKAO Receives Two Accolades From Muay Thai World Boxing Council

    World Boxing Council Muay Thai hosted its annual award ceremony in recognition of the best in the sport today in Bangkok.

    At the ceremony, YOKKAO received 2 out of the 4 prestigious awards that were given out. YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli was present to receive the award from WBC for the best Muay Thai international promotion of the year (2018).

    In the last seven years since hosting the first event, we have promoted 70 official events with over 70 seminars held around the world. YOKKAO has proven itself to be a stable and reliable organization in international Muay Thai events promotion, as evident in the award from WBC. This year, we will host our official flagship event for the first time in Australia and Ireland with more locations to be announced.


  4. YOKKAO Team Has Landed in Sydney, Australia!

    YOKKAO Team Has Landed in Sydney, Australia!

    The YOKKAO team has landed in Sydney, Australia after a smooth 9-hour flight departing from Suvarnabhumi airport. Fresh off the flight, our fighters underwent a medical checkup and getting briefly acquainted with the city.

    The team then spent the evening at SRG Thai Boxing Gym, the YOKKAO Training Center in Australia at the invitation of gym founder and YOKKAO 39-40 promoter, Luis Regis. We received a warm welcome from the gym trainers and gym members who were delighted to meet our fighters.

    Singdam, Superbank and Spencer got down on the treadmill to get ready ahead of the weigh-in and fights this week. After a sweaty workout, the team also took time to chat and take photos with the local fans at the gym before returning back to the hotel for dinner and rest.

    YOKKAO 39-40 is set to take place this Saturday, 25 May at the Australian

  5. YOKKAO Releases New Hip Bag for Summer

    YOKKAO Releases New Hip Bag for Summer

    The newly-launched YOKKAO Hip Bag is the latest Muay Thai accessory in our collection. Made using matte textured canvas and sporting YOKKAO colors, the bag features a 3D embossed rubber patch, same as the ones used on our gloves. The accessory unifies function and style, making it an unique, trendy accessory that is practical for daily use by fighters and fight fans.

    Since its launch earlier in the week, the hip bag has achieved tremendous success in global sales in just a few days. The accessory looks to be a hit this summer.

    Our products are currently available in 23 countries, operating out of two main warehouses in Asia and Europe. Prompted by the increasing demand for our products, the third warehouse was set up in USA earlier this February and will be operative in August to better serve our growing North American customer base.

    YOKKAO Hip Bag is now available on our online store and authorized dealers around the world.

  6. YOKKAO 41: Spencer Brown vs Stefan Korodi

    YOKKAO 41: Spencer Brown vs Stefan Korodi

    Joining the headliners at YOKKAO 41 - 42 will be truly explosive matchup and one that is not to be missed for the fight fans of Ireland. Spencer Brown will clash against Irish fighter, Stefan Korodi in a Super Lightweight faceoff come 27 July in Dublin.

    Training out of Dublin Combat Academy, Korodi may just prove himself to be one of Spencer’s toughest opponents to date. The Irish fighter, has made frequent trips to train and fight in Thailand over the years. In his recent stay in Bangkok, Korodi made his debut at the prestigious Lumpinee stadium while training at the famous PK Saenchai Gym. He won the fight with a round-2 KO, no less. Korodi is a fighter to watch for but he won’t be having an easy time against his opponent in Dublin.

    Spencer will be making his Irish debut at YOKKAO 41 and will look to make his presence felt in the ring. The WBC European champion is coming strong on

  7. Xavier: I Come To Win The Fight Against Spencer at YOKKAO 40

    Xavier: I Come To Win The Fight Against Spencer at YOKKAO 40

    The countdown has officially begun with YOKKAO 39 - 40 just three weeks away from showtime in Sydney, Australia on 25 May. Along with a who’s who of top athletes in Australia, the event will be headlined by multi-time champion, Singdam, and Thai phenom, Superbank.

    WBC European champion, Spencer will also make his return to Sydney, taking on 2-time WBC Victorian champion, Albert Xavier. The Australian-based Timorese fighter holds a record of 22 wins in 33 fights. Nicknamed the Timorese Assassin, Xavier is the first Timorese Muay Thai world champion. We speak to him ahead of his fight against Spencer on YOKKAO 40:

    YOKKAO (Y): Hi Albert, can you introduce yourself to Muay Thai fans outside Australia?

    Albert Xavier (A): I’m 29 years old, coming from Noble Park south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I’m a 2x WBC Victorian Super Lightweight Champion, IKBF Commonwealth Welte

  8. Yodchai Awarded Fight of the Month at Lumpinee Stadium

    Yodchai Awarded Fight of the Month at Lumpinee Stadium

    Located in northern Bangkok, Lumpinee Stadium is widely recognized as the most important arena of Muay Thai. It has hosted thousands upon thousands of fights since opening in 1956. Many of the world’s most renowned Muay Thai athletes made their name fighting in the Lumpinee ring including Samart, Dieselnoi, Singdam, and of course living legend, Saenchai.

    Yodchai joined the YOKKAO Fight Team in 2016 and has proven himself to be one of the camp’s most promising fighters. In his most recent fight on 16 April at the prestigious stadium, Yodchai battled Jomhod Chor Ketweena in the Petchsupaphan promotion main event. The two Thai fighters entangled in a pulsating clash that resulted in a draw to approving spectators. For the exciting performance, the two athletes have been awarded April’s “Fight of the Month” by the stadium committee.

    Yodchai has been diligently working his way up th

  9. Stuart Stabler & Ellie Barker Join YOKKAO Agency

    Stuart Stabler & Ellie Barker Join YOKKAO Agency

    As part of our mission to drive the Muay Thai sport, YOKKAO Agency was launched this April to help build a team of world-class fighters for the new generation. Following the signing of Irish KO artist, Craig Coakley, two of UK’s up-and-coming young fighters have now signed on with our agency: they are Stuart Stabler and Ellie Barker.  

    Stuart has caught everyone’s attention since his promotional debut at YOKKAO 19 - 20 on the undercard. The 19-year-old transitioned to full Muay Thai rules against Wade Sword on YOKKAO 31 in what was considered by many to be the fight of the night. Fighting out of Scorpion Peel Thai Boxing Club in Salford, Stuart was last seen on YOKKAO 37 adding his 7th straight win to his pristine record since turning professional.

  10. YOKKAO 39 - 40 Full Fight Card

    YOKKAO 39 - 40 Full Fight Card

    YOKKAO 39 - 40 is exactly 3 weeks away from fight night on Saturday, 25 May. The event is set to take place at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, and features top fighters from Thailand along with the best from the land down under.

    After an acclaimed performance that bagged him the April "Fighter of the month" award at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium, Yodchai had to pull out from YOKKAO 39 where he was originally matched against Melbourne-based fighter, Quan Trinh. Yodchai is confined under strict rules for the purpose of stadium ranking where he is lined up for a 28 May fight card at Lumpinee. A total of 13 bouts will now take place at YOKKAO 39 - 40 including two on the undercard.

    The double event will be headlined by Muay Thai legend, Singdam and the young Thai phenom, Superbank Mor Rattanabandit as they take on Australian champions, Alexis Petroulias and Zac Einersen respectively. Other exciting matchups to look out for include

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