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  1. YOKKAO Introduces Price Policy for Amazon Resellers

    YOKKAO Introduces Price Policy for Amazon Resellers

    Launched this year in March, YOKKAO-Amazon stores offer another safe and trusted online platform from which to purchase authentic YOKKAO products. Fans of the premium Muay Thai brand now have access to a range of the latest goods via the USA, Europe and UK Amazon sites. Managed directly by the company with goods sourced from the YOKKAO factory in Thailand, the Amazon store helps avert the emergence of counterfeit YOKKAO products. There have been concerns and reports of fake goods plaguing other Muay Thai brands retailing on Amazon. YOKKAO has taken the utmost precaution to prevent unauthorized sales of counterfeit products that will not be anywhere near the high quality of YOKKAO. YOKKAO is the most requested brand of the moment with a growing fan base around the world. Some merchants are now buying and reselling the sought-after products on Amazon due to the high demand. This has led to a price war which the company resolves to prevent by keeping prices standard across the board

  2. Manachai Featured on Fox Sports Asia

    Manachai Featured on Fox Sports Asia

    YOKKAO young talent, Manachai has made it into the spotlight again. Sports media giant, Fox Sports Asia recently featured the star on their Facebook page which sees over 2 million followers. The video clip shows him preparing for the coming appearance at All Star Fight 5 in Prague. Thunderous cracks of his hard kicks meeting the heavy bag echo throughout the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. The Muay Thai phenom is definitely looking ready and raring to go. At 21 years of age, Manachai has been one of the most prominent Thai fighters in the Muay Thai scene of the moment. After his formative years at the renowed Kiatmoo9 camp, the Buriram-born fighter was acquired in 2016 by YOKKAO. His unrelenting, hard-hitting style has quickly gained a large following in a short amount of time. In the past year, his Instagram account has seen a three-fold increase in followers that recently crossed the 70k mark. Young, strong and hungry, Manachai always pushes himself to the limits as he learns from

  3. Breaking: Liam Harrison Takes on Rambo at YOKKAO 32!

    Breaking: Liam Harrison Takes on Rambo at YOKKAO 32!

    The highly anticipated main event for YOKKAO 32 has just been confirmed. YOKKAO World Champion, Liam Harrison will put his 65kg title and his honor on the line against the formidable Thai fighter, Rambo Phet Por Tor Aor! Rambo is a prolific fighter on the elite stadium scene in Thailand. His name features regularly on fight cards at Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Siam stadiums. He ranks highly in almost all the venues and holds the lightweight title at the prestigious Channel 7 stadium. The super lightweight fighter has beaten the likes of Rajadamnern number one, Rafi Bohic and multi-time Lumpinee champion, Muangthai PKSaenchaiGym. With his UK debut, the Muay Thai exponent will be looking to make a solid impression, and attempt to make home with the YOKKAO world title. Rambo’s quest will not be an easy task as he takes on one of the best fighters in the world. After much awaiting, YOKKAO World Champion Liam Harrison is set to return to Bolton Macron stadium once again. The UK number

  4. Quick Guide to Pad Work in Muay Thai

    Quick Guide to Pad Work in Muay Thai

    Pad work is arguably the most representative and important part of training in Muay Thai. Unlike many gyms in the West, pad-holding is a task that is more commonly performed by a trainer and not a gym partner. It is a role that is taken seriously by the Thai trainers. This is one of the most intimate moments in training where a trainer gets to shape and sharpen the style of a fighter. Something that cannot be achieved with only partner training.

    Benefits of Pad work

    Pad training begins just as soon as one embarks on the journey of learning the art of 8 limbs. Here are some benefits of pad work in Muay Thai. Stamina Pad work can be as intense, maybe even more intense, than an actual fight. A trainer may choose to mimic ring action with 3 to 5 rounds of 3-min pad training or stretch this up to 8 minutes. This helps to build up a fighter’s cardiovascular endurance so as to ensure tip-top performance. They are the best tools in Muay Thai for improving overall
  5. Interview with YOKKAO Junior Champion Ellie Barker

    Interview with YOKKAO Junior Champion Ellie Barker

    In a month’s time, YOKKAO Next Generation Kids is set to be staged once again at Barnsley Metrodome. The young rising stars of the UK and Europe will come together to pit their skills against each other in the ring of the world’s eminent junior Muay Thai promotion on July 21st. Headlining the event will be YOKKAO Kids Fight Team member and junior world champion, Ellie Barker who fights out of Hanuman Darlington. Below is an interview with Ellie in the lead up to the show. YOKKAO (Y): Hi, Ellie. You are co-headlining the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids in Barnsley. Are you looking forward to it and do you know much about your opponent? Ellie (E): Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it as I couldn't get matched for the last show. My dad and I came to watch and it was really weird not fighting. The only things I know about Siria is that she is usually a K1 fighter and she fought my best friend Erin on the last Scotland show C class rules. It

  6. Importance of Warm-up and Cool down for Muay Thai

    Importance of Warm-up and Cool down for Muay Thai

    Muay Thai subscribes to many of the same ideas that perpetuates through the sports world. Professional Muay Thai fighters in Thailand fight every month so they undergo a very intense training schedule. Hence like any other competitive sport, athletes and their trainers strive to achieve the best possible results while reducing the risk of injuries in training. A standard Muay Thai training session begins with a warm-up, followed by main part (consisting shadow-boxing, padwork, bagwork, sparring and clinching) and finishes off with a cool-down. While the bulk of the work is performed during the main part, the warm-up and cool-down phase of each session is critical to improve performance, achieve maximum gains and minimize injuries. Every successful Muay Thai fighter sticks to this age-old formula which has serve the fighting community well.

    Warm Up

    Warming up helps to gently prepare the body for exercises and to reduce the risks of injuries. This is achieved by a gradual increase
  7. YOKKAO Next Generation Sydney Videos Released on YouTube!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Sydney Videos Released on YouTube!

    YOKKAO Next Generation made its glorious return to Australia after a 2-year absence from the land down under. On 26th May, top fighters in the area congregated for a night of sizzling Muay Thai action that kept fans at the edge of their seats. Organized in collaboration with long-time partner SRG promotions, the event brought together a series of amateur as well as full Muay Thai rules professional bouts. The event was webcasted over Facebook but for those who missed it, YOKKAO has now released a set of high-quality videos of the 5 pro fights on YouTube. Enjoy the highlights and knockouts of the amazing fights up-close. The fight that is not to be missed has to be the main event thriller between Spencer Brown from the YOKKAO Thailand Fight Team versus Singpayak who trains out of PTJ Muay Thai Gym. Right after the success of the sold-out Sydney event, Australian Muay Thai fans have already started to look forward to having the YOKKAO show back in the country. With the tremendous

  8. YOKKAO 32: Jack Kennedy vs Craig Coakley!

    YOKKAO 32: Jack Kennedy vs Craig Coakley!

    It has been a long time coming but get ready for one of the most anticipated clashes come the 13th October at Bolton Macron. The second match-up for the YOKKAO 31 - 32 double bill has just been confirmed and will bring together 2 of the top fighters in the promotion. It’s the English talent, Jack Kennedy going head on against Irish KO extraordinaire, Craig Coakley! A regular name in the YOKKAO UK promotion, Jack Kennedy took home a loss in his last appearance when he faced Thai super star, Singdam. However, he went the distance with 5 rounds of intense battling, proving that he can hold his own against a multi-time Lumpinee and Thailand champion. Prior to YOKKAO 30, Kennedy held an undefeated record on 5 YOKKAO UK outings and he will now attempt to kickstart another round of victories. The 26 year-old fights out of  Imperial Thai boxing Academy in Southport. Kennedy’s opponent, Craig Coakley has acquired quite the reputation for knocking his opponents out in the ring.

  9. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids - The Rising Stars On July 21st

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids - The Rising Stars On July 21st

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids is set to be staged on July 21st  when the rising stars of Muay Thai will congregate once more in Barnsley Metrodome for a full day of fun and action. The YOKKAO Kids show has grown rapidly to become the most important platform for young fighters to prove themselves in the ring. Kids from UK and around the region enjoy the complete fight experience including marching down to the ring in their own walk-in music. For the series’ fifth show, the promoters will be matching as many novices as possible to give them the opportunity to taste the experience of competing in the ring. To keep the fights close, opponents will be matched within 1-year age gap and 2-kg weight difference. There will also be many 4-fighter mini tournaments to spice up the show. The July 21st event will finish with 10 high-end experienced junior bouts featuring several of UK’s finest against overseas opposition. The main events are dedicated to “Girl Power”:

  10. YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai to hit UK, Slovakia and Hungary!

    YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai to hit UK, Slovakia and Hungary!

    Watch out, Europe - Saenchai is coming to town this July for another YOKKAO Seminar tour! As reported earlier, YOKKAO has planned a seminar tour in Europe in response to non-stop requests from gyms and fans. The seminars will once again be conducted by Saenchai, the most requested Muay Thai champion for the training event. YOKKAO seminars are conducted over 2 and a half hours, where Saenchai will impart his unique techniques and signature moves that have helped him capture nearly 300 wins in his career. Some of the participants will also get to spar with the living legend. The meet-and-train seminars will then end with an autograph-signing and photo-taking session. To date, YOKKAO has held over 70 seminars in 10 different countries. These figures look to only increase as more dates are being planned. The seminar team plans to reach UK on the week before the 13th July and conduct a streak of seminars

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