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  1. YOKKAO Official Event Confirmed for Italy January 2019!

    YOKKAO Official Event Confirmed for Italy January 2019!

    YOKKAO comes full circle by going back to the country where the first official event began. It has just been confirmed that YOKKAO will stage its flagship official event in the metropolitan city of Turin (Torino), Italy in January 2019! To promote the popular Muay Thai event series in the beautiful country, YOKKAO has signed a partnership with Thai Boxe Mania promoter, Carlo Barbuto. Founded in 2011, Thai Boxe Mania has hosted the top Muay Thai, K-1 and MMA events in Italy, many of which were broadcasted in many countries on stations such as Fight Channel, Fight Network TV (North America, and Canada), Eurosport and Al Jazeera International. The partnership looks set to bring YOKKAO events to a much wider audience than ever before. In 2012, YOKKAO staged its first-ever show in the Forum d’Assago of Milan. Titled YOKKAO Extreme, the brand made its mark in Muay Thai history with the sold out event that saw 12,000 attendees. YOKKAO Extreme is still considered by many fans to be the biggest M

  2. Breaking News: Manachai Joins Buakaw for All Star Fight 5 in Prague!

    Breaking News: Manachai Joins Buakaw for All Star Fight 5 in Prague!

    After a tremendous success with All Star Fight 4 in Hong Kong on 21st May, the promotion has just confirmed a date for its next event. All Star Fight 5 will take place on 6th July in the Golden City of Prague, Czech Republic. This will be the event’s first show in Europe and the promotion team has lined up some big names. Besides top fighters from the region, All Star Fight 5 will once again be headlined by its leading man, Buakaw Banchamek. Joining the Muay Thai icon will be kickboxing star, Superbon Banchamek, as well as YOKKAO’s very own young talent, Manachai. Manachai has appeared on 3 of the 4 All Star Fight shows to date and taking home the victory each time. He has gone all out on every single occasion he stepped into the ring and never fails to entertain the crowds. The YOKKAO star has racked up a series of wins around the world over the past year in Italy, Hong Kong and back home in Thailand. He will now look to leave his victorious footprints on the soils of

  3. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Back At Barnsley on May 26th

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Back At Barnsley on May 26th

    After 2 successful shows at Barnsley and a third in Scotland, YOKKAO Next Generation Kids returns this Saturday May 26th. The fourth edition of the event is set to be staged back at Barnsley Metrodome, where it all began. The forthcoming event will feature 45 fights on the card with the same structure that has made the event so popular. YOKKAO sponsored fighters, Ellie Barker and Anthony Deary have been confirmed for the show. Anthony will go head to head against Sonny from Yodphet Muay Thai in a rematch that could easily steal the show. Also on the card are young fighters from Norway, Ireland, Denmark and France who will take on UK's best talents. Continuing a tradition started at Scotland in March, the coming show will once again be supporting the “Fighting for Autism” charity. The beneficiary will be represented by Jacob who is instructed by Glyn Blackburn from Alliance Gym in Liverpool. Jacob, who has autism will also be making his debut for the show. He has overcome

  4. Cutting Weight in Muay Thai

    Cutting Weight in Muay Thai

    Cutting weight is a critical part of fighting. It is a complex aspect related to successful pairing of fighters and has a direct influence on the outcome of a match. Mention "weight-cut" and most people picture a fighter running in a vinyl sauna suit, all drenched in sweat. Most fighters tend to compete at a weight that is several pounds less than their walkaround weight. With a proper cut for the weigh-in, it is possible to gain a weight advantage after refueling. This is especially more common for events where weigh-ins are held a day before the actual bouts. In some competitions, weigh-ins are held the same day which minimizes the effect of such disparities. Why cut weight for a fight instead of fighting at walkaround weight? The topic remains one that is still widely discussed but weight divisions allow for fights to be matched in a regulated manner. Most professional fighters compete within 10 pounds range of their normal weight. This is not as extreme compared to MMA where fighters

  5. Manachai Wins in Convincing Fashion at All Star Fight 4

    Manachai Wins in Convincing Fashion at All Star Fight 4

    All Star Fight got off on a grand note for its first international event last night at the Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. The event hall was packed to maximum capacity as fans from Hong Kong and around the region arrived to witness some of the world’s best fighters in the ring. The Muay Thai action was unrelenting with back-to-back bouts, leaving audience with no time to breathe. The rousing atmosphere soon reached its peak as competitors put up stunning performances one after the other. YOKKAO fighter, Manachai was up for bout number 5 on the main card. After a stellar performance at YOKKAO 26 in Hong Kong last September, Manachai has gained a solid reputation among the local fight fans. The young fight star was beaming with confidence as he looked to spark off another winning streak. Canadian fighter, Abdou Haddad was no pushover and it was clear from the start. Both fighters looked for the finish from the get go, throwing vicious elbows

  6. Buakaw and Manachai Ready for War!

    Buakaw and Manachai Ready for War!

    For it's first international promotion outside of Thailand, the All Star Fight events team has picked none other than the dynamic city of Hong Kong - home of martial arts icon, Bruce Lee. Local fight fans are in for a treat on 21st May: 7 exciting match-ups are lined up for the main card, showcasing the best fighters from around the world. The event will be also broadcast live in 208 countries.

    Just one more day to fight night and the weigh-ins for all the competitors have been completed this afternoon. After a last day of weight-cutting, Manachai and opponent Abdou Haddad both cleared the weight limit

  7. Buakaw and Manachai Arrive in Hong Kong!

    Buakaw and Manachai Arrive in Hong Kong!

    The stage is set and the stars of the All Star Fight 4 have arrived in Hong Kong for a night of pure Muay Thai action. Just 2 days away, the event will take place Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre on 21st May, kicking off at 19:30 local time. YOKKAO representative, Manachai touched down in the metropolitan city today with his trainer, Kru Petchdam. They join Buakaw Banchamek and the entire Banchamek camp entourage, along with the other fighters on the spectacular card. For those who have just tuned in, Manachai is set to face Canadian fighter, Abdou Haddad in a fight at 66 kg. The YOKKAO fighter had his undefeated-run reset in Southampton last month and will now look to fire off another winning streak. The main event will see All Star Fight’s leading man, Buakaw squaring off against Victor Nagbe. The 2 last met in 2014 with Buakaw taking home the win via unanimous decision. The 24-year-old Australian is an aggressive fighter who will be hoping to even the

  8. YOKKAO Creates Unique Boxing Gloves for Dubfire

    YOKKAO Creates Unique Boxing Gloves for Dubfire

    YOKKAO has always been a step ahead of its time when it comes to brand awareness and collaborating outside of the fight scene. To date, American rock band, DNCE, fashion model Mia Kang, American rapper Wiz Khalifa, are some of the famous celebrities who have been captured rocking YOKKAO gear. In the progressive brand’s latest collaboration, YOKKAO created the very limited edition Dubfire Boxing Gloves. For those of you not familiar with the dance music scene, Dubfire is the brainchild/stage name of renowned Iranian-American house and techno DJ, Ali Shirazinia. Ali has won many accolades in his prolific career as a musician including international DJ awards as well as the prestigious Grammy. When photos of the Dubfire gloves were being posted on Instagram, YOKKAO received non-stop enquiries pouring in for the gloves’ release date. Both Dubfire and YOKKAO fans are hoping to score a pair of the collaborative gear. ‘Limited edition’ takes on its real meaning with

  9. Singdam Returns to China For Glory of Heroes 31

    Singdam Returns to China For Glory of Heroes 31

    Following a stellar performance at YOKKAO 30 in March, Muay Thai legend Singdam will make his return to the ring on 26 May to delight the fans once again. After over a decade competing on the elite stadium circuit of Thailand, Singdam has amassed a bevy of championship titles as well as the prestigious Fighter of the Year awards. He has now switched his focus on competing in international promotions, most notably in China where he has built a massive fanbase. With an impressive run at Kunlun Fight 66kg tournament last year, the multi-time champion is now set to make a debut for another popular Chinese promotion, Glory of Heroes (GOH) for its 31st show. The Black Lion will take on current Glory of Heroes Junior Lightweight (67kg) champion, Tie Ying Hua in a kickboxing bout. Nicknamed the “Little Tiger” by the Chinese media, Tie defeated Thai champion Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat via a stunning round-1 KO win earlier in January. The 25-year-old Chinese

  10. Superlek vs Haggerty to Headline YOKKAO 31!

    Superlek vs Haggerty to Headline YOKKAO 31!

    YOKKAO 31 - 32 is set to be a cosmic event guaranteed to send shockwaves throughout the Muay Thai universe. The main event for YOKKAO 31 has been confirmed and it will see Superlek Kiatmoo9’s return to Bolton where he will face one of the most prominent UK fighters of the moment, Jonathan Haggerty. Superlek showed up at YOKKAO 27 last October where he faced Scotland’s top fighter, Chris Shaw. It was a convincing victory as the multi-time Lumpinee champion showed why he is one of the best in the scene via an unanimous decision. The 21-year-old fighter hails from Thailand’s  renowned Kiatmoo9 camp, home of legend Singdam, who also happens to be his uncle. After nearly a decade competing at the highest level in the prestigious stadiums of Thailand and bagging numerous titles, he is poised to further his career on the international stage. The opponents don’t come easy at Bolton Macron Stadium. Jonathan Haggerty has proven himself as the top dog at 60kg in

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