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  1. Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10!

    Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10!

    After a successful Italian debut back in January, Manachai returned to Milan on 8th April for the Parabellum promotion by Luca Pigliafreddo from Yamabushi Gym. The young talent had won via a round-one TKO at "The Night of Kick and Punch" in his previous Italian appearance and local fans were looking forward to seeing him live in action again. In his return to Milan, Manachai took on Italian opponent, Christian Zahe for a 3x3 (3 rounds of 3 minutes) matchup. It was non-stop action from start to end where Manachai brought on his signature wreckage in the ring. Despite the punishment from Manachai via a barrage of crippling low kicks, the resilient Zahe refused to go down. Both fighters finished the 3 rounds intact with Manachai awarded the win via unanimous decision after a dominating performance. With the win against Christian Zahe, Manachai has now taken his winning streak to a perfect ten. The YOKKAO fighter has been racking up back-to-back wins and it will be interesting to see

  2. Guide to Buying Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

    Guide to Buying Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

    No Muay Thai vacation to Bangkok is complete without scoring a stash of gear. The Thai capital offers the best deals on Muay Thai goods and the widest range possible. Most visitors inevitably stock up on cheap but great-quality hand wraps, Thai liniment oil and a pair of boxing gloves, or two. T-shirts with Muay Thai logos or graphics are popular options too. It would certainly be a crime to return home empty-handed. Shopping for Muay Thai gear is always a fun experience for fight fans. Due to the immense tourist traffic heading into the country every year, some local shop owners charge a “tourist premium” on unsuspecting customers to make a quick buck. Such shops are usually found around areas where tourists congregate such as Nana in downtown Sukhumvit and the popular MBK mall. While some enjoy the bargaining aspect of shopping in Bangkok, one can often find Muay Thai goods at better prices in official shops and trusted retailers. Muay Thai gear shops are scattered around

  3. Top Bangkok Hotels for Muay Thai Vacation

    Top Bangkok Hotels for Muay Thai Vacation

    One of the most important tasks when traveling to train Muay Thai in Bangkok is to find a place to stay. Due to rising land prices leading to space constraints, not every Bangkok gym provide accommodation unlike on Phuket. When it comes to a pleasant travel experience, it’s all about location. Bangkok is notorious for its frequent traffic gridlock and getting stuck in a jam is a daily affair. One of the best ways to get around the city is to use the convenient network of skytrain and subway. There is a number of top Muay Thai gyms located near to skytrain or subway stations. So it makes sense to be based in a hotel located with easy access to the stations. There are some other factors to consider when choosing a hotel such as nightly rates, facilities, service, and accessibility to amenities in the area. There are so many hotels in Bangkok that doing some research will
  4. Meet and Train with Saenchai at YOKKAO Seminar Canada This April!

    Meet and Train with Saenchai at YOKKAO Seminar Canada This April!

    April has arrived and it’s the month that all Canadian Muay Thai fans have been waiting for. Saenchai will make his way to Toronto and Montreal from 28th to 30th April to hold a series of the long-awaited YOKKAO Seminar. The events will be hosted at Budo Canada in Toronto and Sherbatov MMA in Laval City. There is little debate when it comes to Saenchai’s place as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time. In his heydays, the living legend has won in every Muay Thai arena in Thailand, bagging championship titles and also the Fighter of the year award twice. More impressively, the 37 year-old continues to compete actively in the ring, dominating fights and beating younger opponents. At last count, he has remained undefeated in his last 36 outings over the last 4 years. Saenchai’s career longevity in the fight sport boils down to an amazing agility, fight intelligence and a wide repertoire of unique but effective techniques. The moves have entertained the audience

  5. 5 Reasons to Train Muay Thai in Thailand

    5 Reasons to Train Muay Thai in Thailand

    What happens when Muay Thai and travel cross paths? Muay Thai vacations! More and more people around the world are taking up Muay Thai over the years. It is now widely recognized as the most effective stand-up striking art-form. Outside of the ring, there is a plethora of benefits with training the Thai sport including fitness, self-defense, and mood-lifting effects. People of all races, genders and ages are taking up Muay Thai and this population looks only to increase. For many years since the world started to learn about Muay Thai, foreigners have traveled to Thailand to train and compete. This trend has evolved to accommodate a diverse group of visitors from athletes to casual fans who train for various reasons. Even people with no martial arts background travel to Thailand in themed vacations to learn about the country through its national sport. Even as Muay Thai gyms are now founded in almost every country, lovers of the sport continue to travel to Thailand to train, and

  6. Top 5 Places to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

    Top 5 Places to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

    For fans of Muay Thai or MMA, no visit to Bangkok is complete without attending one of the daily fights that go on in the city. As the Muay Thai capital, Bangkok has -hands down- the best Muay Thai fights in the world. With such top-notch ring action, it is an experience not to be missed even for the casual tourist. Muay Thai fights are preceded by the traditional dance known as the Wai Kru Ram Muay. The dance ritual pays respect to the fighter's teacher and is accompanied by traditional Thai music known as Sarama. Watching a Muay Thai fight is a very different experience from western boxing. Muay Thai fights There are many venues to catch the sport live in and around the Thai capital. From prestigious stadiums to touristy shopping malls and even a go-go bar, Muay Thai is everywhere. Here are the top 5 places to catch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok:

    1. Lumpinee Stadium

    Despite being located out of town, Lumpinee Stadium hosts the best fights in the country. For this reason,
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