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  1. Manachai and Abdurahman Ready for War at YOKKAO Southampton

    Manachai and Abdurahman Ready for War at YOKKAO Southampton

    After months in preparation, YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton is now just one day away from action. Fans can expect 14 exciting bouts with 6 A-Class bouts, 3 B-Class bouts and 5 C-Class bouts. The one that everyone is looking forward to will be none other than the main event cracker between Manachai and home-town GLORY K1 star – Mo Abdurahman. The weigh-ins have been completed for all the fighters with Manachai coming in at 65.2 kg vs Mo Abdurahman at 65 kg. The slight weight disparity will be largely offset with almost 19 hours of travel including a 4-hour delay of flight on Manachai's journey to UK. It's fair to say that the scale is well-balanced for this match-up. Manachai has been running an undefeated campaign in his last 10 outings. At the weigh-in press conference, the YOKKAO fighter was beaming with confidence. When asked by UK Fight Scene reporter about his coming match against rising star Mo Abdurahman, Manachai expressed his confidence about his level and remains

  2. YOKKAO Creates One-Of-A-Kind Boxing Gloves for Wiz Khalifa

    YOKKAO Creates One-Of-A-Kind Boxing Gloves for Wiz Khalifa

    YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli and Muay Thai living legend, Saenchai are in Los Angeles enroute to Canada for a 3-day YOKKAO Seminar tour. Through special arrangements, the YOKKAO team hosted a private seminar with Saenchai for American rap star, Wiz Khalifa at the city's renowned Unbreakable Performance Center. Over the past year or so, Wiz Khalifa has been spending a large chunk of his time working out at the gym, and getting serious in training Muay Thai. The mixed martial arts practitioner has now expressed his interest in competing in the sport which has generated an overwhelming response from both his fans as well as fight enthusiasts. Stefania Picelli took the opportunity to present Wiz Khalifa with a one-of-a-kind YOKKAO boxing gloves created specially for the rapper. Featuring Wiz’s name in graffiti-style fonts, and designs inspired by heavily-inked star’s tattoos, the stylish gloves are certainly befitting

  3. YOKKAO Hosts Private Seminar With Saenchai For Wiz Khalifa

    YOKKAO Hosts Private Seminar With Saenchai For Wiz Khalifa

    Following a one-day seminar in Rome over the weekend, Saenchai and YOKKAO have made their way across the Atlantic and disembarked on Los Angeles. On 24th April, Saenchai and YOKKAO Key person Stefania Picelli, showed up at the renowned Unbreakable Performance Center, an exclusive training facility best known for being the gym of choice for celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Demi Lovato, and Joe Jonas. Through prior arrangements, the Muay Thai legend held a private YOKKAO seminar for world-famous American rapper, Wiz Khalifa, along with music producer, Ricky P and a few of their close friends. Over the course of the seminar, Saenchai imparted many of his game-winning moves from his extensive arsenal. Wiz Khalifa and Ricky P also got to spar with the master himself. The seminar then ended with a joyous photo-taking session. It was a memorable event for everyone involved on the day. There is no debate when it comes to Saenchai’s place as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of this

  4. YOKKAO 30: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab Full Fight Video Released

    YOKKAO 30: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab Full Fight Video Released

    Without a doubt, YOKKAO 29 - 30 was the most spectacular event for UK fight fans this year so far. Round after round, bout after bout, fighters delivered non-stop action that left the audience in a state of adrenaline rush the entire night. March 10th was truly a night to remember for those in attendance. Spencer Brown returned to UK soil since his appearance last October on YOKKAO 27. He was up against fellow Scotsman, Connor McNab who was making his YOKKAO debut. After a series of knockouts in the evening, the KO Kid was looking to add one of his own to the list. Spencer unleashed a flurry of powerful punches right off the bell against a tough opponent who refused to stay down. The 2 youngsters went the distance and gave the audience an exciting full 5 rounds. This was easily one of the crowd’s favorite fights of the night. The event was webcasted partially over Facebook so here’s the chance to recapture the night’s action. YOKKAO has released a high-quality video

  5. Where to train Muay Thai in Thailand: Bangkok vs Phuket

    Where to train Muay Thai in Thailand: Bangkok vs Phuket

    Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and practised all around the world. The country also happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with over 30 million visitors in 2016 alone. With the increasing popularity of fight sports and the rising trend of Muay Thai as a fitness workout, more and more people are traveling into Thailand just to train in the Thai combat arts. There are hundreds over hundreds of Muay Thai gyms all over Thailand. In every province and every town, it is easy to find one. While the majority of gyms in the past used to train solely Thai fighters, more and more are opening up to foreigners due to the obvious financial gains. These days, there are gyms that forgo training Thai fighters to cater purely to a foreign clientele. Some camps continue to persist in the old ways maintaining their focus on raising Thai fighters for the elite stadium fighting circuit. Then there are those that strike a delicate balance between the 2, and

  6. Manachai vs Christian Zahe Full Video Released!

    Manachai vs Christian Zahe Full Video Released!

    YOKKAO fighting star, Manachai made his return to Milan on 8th April for his second Italian fight appearance. He took on local hero Christian Zahe for 3 rounds of intense Muay Thai battle on the Parabellum promotion. As always, the Thai phenom delivered an outstanding performance, showing why he is one of the most formidable Muay Thai fighters today. Manachai has gained a reputation for leaving a wreckage in the ring over the past year, with a smashing 5 wins via KO out of his last ten victories. In the fight against Christian Zahe, the Italian proved to be a worthy opponent, standing strong after the full 3 rounds despite Manachai’s merciless repeated leg kicks. The fight was webcasted over Facebook but for those who missed the webcast, YOKKAO has now released a high-quality video of the full fight on YouTube. Manachai’s tenth straight win in his undefeated streak was captured in its full glory and is now available for viewing. Manachai’s next 2 fights will see

  7. YOKKAO World Champion Liam Harrison On Joe Rogan Podcast!

    YOKKAO World Champion Liam Harrison On Joe Rogan Podcast!

    YOKKAO World Champion -65kg, Liam Harrison is one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters ever to come out of the UK. The 32 year-old is a multi-time world champion and recipient of the Muay Siam Magazine Foreign Fighter of the Year in 2007. After a short break from competing due to an injury sustained in December last year, Liam recently went on a seminar tour in the US along with official YOKKAO commentator, Vinny Shoreman. The duo delivered a well-received seminar series that focused on both mental and physical aspects of Muay Thai. Towards the tail end of the tour, they were invited to Joe Rogan’s podcast program for an in-depth interview. Joe Rogan needs little introduction for mixed martial arts fans. The comedian and martial arts commentator hosts his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast show, which is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Joe Rogan regularly invites top UFC fighters and celebrities

  8. First-Ever YOKKAO UK Open Championship Set The Bar High

    First-Ever YOKKAO UK Open Championship Set The Bar High

    Over the last weekend, more than 400 fighters from UK and across Europe descended on Barnsley Metrodome for the inaugural YOKKAO UK Open Championship. The 2-day event which featured both Muay Thai and K-1 kickboxing competitions, concluded with a resounding success.

    On Saturday, 350 Muay Thai fighters took turns to compete in the 5 rings during the course of day one. There was a total of 180 categories with athletes from as young as 5 years old taking part. Regardless of age, the competitors gave all they have got to battle for the YOKKAO Open championship belts. The action continued on Sunday

  9. YOKKAO Celebrates Songkran Festival with 30% Storewide Sale!

    YOKKAO Celebrates Songkran Festival with 30% Storewide Sale!

    The annual Songkran Festival is here once again! Today marks the first day of the Thai New Year celebrations which goes on for 3 days until Sunday. To celebrate the festive occasion, YOKKAO is offering 30% discount storewide! Also known around the world as the Water Festival, Songkran celebration is marked by both merit-making and merry-making. Thai people spend the first day visiting local temples and offering food to monks before engaging in some wild water fights.Throughout the festive period, major streets may be closed to traffic as young and old indulges in lots of splashing and spraying, which helps to cool off from the summer heat. Like the New Year’s Day on the Gregorian calendar, Songkran marks a new beginning. For those who have neglected all the new year resolutions made at the dawn of the year, here’s a chance to revisit them and make a fresh start. Those looking to get stronger, fitter and better in Muay Thai, it’s time to stock up on some fresh YOKKAO

  10. YOKKAO UK Open Championship Hits The Stage April 14th - 15th

    YOKKAO UK Open Championship Hits The Stage April 14th - 15th

    The day that fans and competitors have been waiting for has arrived. The first-ever YOKKAO UK Open Championship is set to explode with hundreds of fighters from UK and around the region competing for a shot at glory. On 14th and 15th April over the weekend, YOKKAO UK Open will be taking place at Barnsley Metrodome. The venue is incidentally, the site of YOKKAO Next Generation Kids shows. At the Open, juniors from as young as 5 years old to adults up to 35 will give all they have got and put their skills to the test. Participants will be competing in Muay Thai or K1-rules kickboxing fights at the event. Since 2014 when YOKKAO hosted its first UK show at Bolton Macron Stadium, the brand has been a key driving force in promoting the region’s Muay Thai scene. Many UK fighters got their big break on the YOKKAO main shows and Next Generation events, receiving unprecedented exposure on a global scale. UK fans remain the biggest winners as the promoters regularly brought in elite fighters

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