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  1. Manachai Returns to Italy on April 8th!

    Manachai Returns to Italy on April 8th!

    In January, Manachai made his Italian debut at the long-running event, “The Night of Kick and Punch” for his first fight of this year. The Thai wrecking ball delivered a smashing performance by finishing the the fight by TKO in the first round. After making a strong impression in Italy, Manachai is now poised for a return to the beautiful country on April 8th. He is set to face Christian Zahe on the Parabellum promotion by Luca Pigliafreddo from Yamabushi Gym, which hosted the recently sold-out YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai. The fight is set at 66kg for 3x3-minute rounds. Christian Zahe is a prominent competitor on the European Muay Thai circuits. He has fought notable opponents such as Jimmy Vienot of France and Daniel Zahra of Malta. The last 2 years saw the 35 year-old competing on high-profile shows in Thailand such as Super Muay Thai and Thai Fight, going up against Changpuek MTA and PTT Petchrungrueng. In 2015 Christian successfully clinched the WKN World super lightweight

  2. Introducing The All-New YOKKAO Vertigo Boxing Gloves!

    Introducing The All-New YOKKAO Vertigo Boxing Gloves!

    Product research and development has always been YOKKAO’s key focus. From the use of premium-quality materials to product aesthetic design, the YOKKAO design team strives to take into consideration a wide range of factors in creating the best possible products. YOKKAO Vertigo Muay Thai gloves are the brand’s options for those looking for the perfect balance of affordability and quality. The driving force behind the significant price reduction comes in the form of the microfiber leather construction. Microfiber leather is a synthetic leather mades using polyurethane resin and ultra fine microfiber bundles. It has a microscopic structure and feel similar to genuine leather, and a relatively new technology in synthetic leather industry. Microfiber leather offers several benefits over traditional synthetic leathers (vinyl, PU etc.) including higher resistance to tear, better breathability and more lightweight. It is also antibacterial, odourless and very easy to clean. The

  3. Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat Comes to YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

    Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat Comes to YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

    YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok frequently receives world-renowned champions and coaches who drop by to train or assist in the training. Some of the guests in the past have included fighters like Dzhabar Askerov, Tetsuya Yamato, and also top trainers like UFC striking coach Frank Lester, and famous martial arts breakdown specialist, Barry Robinson. This week, another Muay Thai champion has arrived at the camp: he is none other than Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat. Iquezang is here to help prepare Manachai for upcoming fight on March 24th, stepping up as a sparring and clinching partner. Iquezang’s unique name comes from the famous Japanese Zen Buddhist, Ikkyu-san of whom an anime series was based on. The 28 year-old is a seasoned Thai fighter who has frequently competed in Kard Chuek matches (notorious bouts with ropes instead of padded gloves). Iquezang brings with him many years of ring experience and an aggressive fighting style that will complement Manachai’s technical mastery.

  4. Announcing the Launch of YOKKAO France Website

    Announcing the Launch of YOKKAO France Website

    Following a recent launch of its online store in Spanish language, YOKKAO has swiftly constructed a French site to cater for the diversity of the sport’s followers. France has long been a major hotbed of Muay Thai in Europe. The country has produced many of the world’s most well-known foreign Muay Thai fighters such as Fabio Pinca, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Dany Bill, and Damien Alamos. These French Nak Muays have fought at the highest level of the sport in Thailand, some of whom also held the prestigious Lumpinee and Rajadamnern at various points in their career. Most importantly, they have inspired a whole new generation of Muay Thai fighters and enthusiasts who continue to shape the future of the sport in the country. Maybe even the world. To date, YOKKAO has localized its English website into Chinese, Italian, Spanish and now French for speakers of the different
  5. YOKKAO Seminar Adds Montreal Stop On Canadian Tour!

    YOKKAO Seminar Adds Montreal Stop On Canadian Tour!

    Come next month, YOKKAO will be making its way to Canada for a series of seminar with the legend, Saenchai. In the last announcement, 2 dates have been confirmed for the 28th and 29th April in Toronto, Ontario. YOKKAO is now pleased to announce the addition of a Montreal stop on 30th April at Sherbatov MMA in Laval city. The YOKKAO Seminar team is fresh off a sold-out tour in Poland and Italy, arriving in packed venues of passionate Muay Thai practitioners each day. As not everyone has the opportunity to travel to Bangkok, the seminars with Saenchai have fulfilled the dreams of many fans around the world of training under the Muay Thai legend. Nothing compares to training right under the guidance of Saenchai himself. The master technician is an adept in explaining and imparting his diverse range of effective moves that have either knocked out opponents or helped captured many world titles over the years. Not only are his seminars educational, they are also known to be fun as he is

  6. YOKKAO Kids Fight Team Welcomes New Member Anthony Deary

    YOKKAO Kids Fight Team Welcomes New Member Anthony Deary

    Following his 2017 Fighter of the Year award and an impressive performance on the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids show in February, Anthony Deary joins Joe Ryan and Ellie Barker to become the newest member of the YOKKAO Kids Fight Team. Anthony trains and fights out of Liverpool’s Fortitudo Muay Thai, under coach Allen Kaufman as well as his father, Ian Deary. He started training in Muay Thai since he was 5 years old and won his first Area title at the age of 8. The 13 year-old now holds multiple titles including 3 European titles, a British title, an Intercontinental title and a junior World title. To date, Anthony has fought really strong opponents from countries all over the continent including France, Portugal, Lithuania, Scotland and Ireland. He would often give up weight of up to 3 or 4 kilograms and has never turned down a fight even at only a few days’ notice. Anthony embodies true Nak Muay spirit of the Thai fighters, which is amazing for someone his age. 2017

  7. Announcing the Inaugural YOKKAO UK Open Championship!

    Announcing the Inaugural YOKKAO UK Open Championship!

    In support of the rapidly growing Muay Thai scene in the UK, YOKKAO is proud to announce the first-ever YOKKAO UK Open competitions. YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli has once again teamed up with YOKKAO UK promoter, Brian Calder along with YOKKAO Kids organizer, Peter Spensley for this latest event featuring categories for kids, juniors and adults. With the Open, amateur fighters of all levels and ambitions can now come together to put their Muay Thai skills to the test in the ring with a chance for glory. The YOKKAO UK Open is set to take place on 14th and 15th April at the Barnsley Metrodome in England. It is going to be an event of mammoth proportions with 5 rings to be set up at the venue. YOKKAO UK Open is expected to host as many as 400 athletes over the 2-day event. Participants from ages 5 to 14 will take part in the Kids category; those from 15 to 17 will take part in the junior category; and those
  8. YOKKAO 29 - 30: A Night of Non-stop Muay Thai Action

    YOKKAO 29 - 30: A Night of Non-stop Muay Thai Action

    It was back once again - the biggest Muay Thai event in UK. The highly-anticipated YOKKAO 29 - 30 returns to Bolton Macron Stadium on March 10th for the best Muay Thai action. It was a night of vicious knockouts, gruelling battles, class acts and always a display of true martial arts spirit. With each fight, it was non-stop action right from the first bell to the last. The entire evening was an insane all-out war that kept the audience at the edge of their seats. This was something that cannot be compared as even fights in Thailand tend to have real action that begins only in the third and fourth rounds. YOKKAO UK has truly upped the ante and set a new industry standard for which to follow.

    YOKKAO Next Generation

    7 bouts warmed up the crowds sufficiently with 14 young, up-and-coming fighters from the region. Stuart Stabler, who was making his second appearance for Next Generation
  9. YOKKAO 29 - YOKKAO 30 Weigh-in results!

    YOKKAO 29 - YOKKAO 30 Weigh-in results!

    YOKKAO 29-30 weigh-in took place today at Mezzanine Macron Stadium in Bolton. ** YOKKAO 30 Weigh-in results ** Singdam YokkaoSaenchaiGym (Thailand) 64.5kg vs Jack Kennedy (England) 65kg Paul Karpowicz (England) 59.8kg vs Ja Kiatphontip (Thailand) 59.4kg Chris Whittle (England) 63.2kg vs Craig Coakley (Ireland) 62.9kg Amy Pirnie (Scotland) 49.6kg vs Ilenia Perugini (Switzerland) 49.1kg Spencer Brown (Scotland) 63kg vs Connor McNab (Scotland) 62.8kg Brian Totty (Scotland) 65.7kg vs Mohamed Kalf (Ireland) 68.2kg ** YOKKAO 29 Weigh-in results ** Jonathan Haggerty (England) 59kg vs Keith McLachlan (Scotland) 59.1kg Myk Estlick (England) 59.8kg vs Luke Hill (England) 59.9kg Dakota Ditcheva (England) 54.4kg vs Hannah Brady (England) 53.6kg Joe Craven (England) 72.5kg vs Ammari Diedrick (England) 70.7kg Niall Brown (England) 72.1kg vs Robbie Collins (England) 70kg Anton Austin (England) 59.9kg vs Isaac Taylor (England)

  10. YOKKAO Seminar Sell-Out Streak in Italy!

    YOKKAO Seminar Sell-Out Streak in Italy!

    Earlier last month, YOKKAO announced 2 seminar dates with Saenchai in the Italian cities of Milan and Bologna on the 27th and 28th February respectively. The Italian seminar tour announcement was met with an immediate overwhelming response - both dates were sold out instantly. In order to cater to requests of the enthusiastic Italian fans, YOKKAO followed up by releasing 2 more seminar dates on 2nd March in Rome and returning to Bologna on 3rd March. Yet again, the Rome seminar sold out in record time to make it 3 strikes for the Italian seminar tour. Anyone who knows about Muay Thai even remotely, will be familiar with the living legend - Saenchai is a name that needs no introduction. The iconic figure of Muay Thai and star fighter of the YOKKAO Fight Team brings with him decades of Muay Thai expertise to the seminars. Over the course of two hours, participants learnt about the different techniques of Muay Thai that have made Saenchai one of the greatest fighter in the history of Muay

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