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  1. YOKKAO Now Accepts Bitcoin Payment!

    YOKKAO Now Accepts Bitcoin Payment!

    YOKKAO has done it again. Always an early adopter of the world’s latest trends, YOKKAO is proud to announce that it will now accept Bitcoin payment from customers! Besides Bitcoin, the YOKKAO online store will also accept a wide selection of commonly-traded cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash, among many others. For Muay Thai fans and shops who have embraced cryptocurrencies, this is certainly worth celebrating as it offers another outlet to use digital money. Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm with many touting it as the future of money. YOKKAO is now set to be one of the, if not the earliest fight brand to accept cryptocurrency as payment. It joins many of the world’s biggest names who have already started taking advantage of the technology including Microsoft and Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten. There are also reports suggesting Amazon and Ebay may soon join the digital payment revolution. The future is here and YOKKAO is on board together

  2. Best Spots for Running in Bangkok

    Best Spots for Running in Bangkok

    Running is an important aspect of Muay Thai. Thai fighters always go for a run prior to each training session, clocking between 5 to 12 km each time. Muay Thai trainers are often adamant when it comes to running too, and enforces it as part of a fighter’s training regime. Running helps to build a fighter's cardiovascular endurance which has a huge impact on fight performance. For anyone looking to improve athletic performance in Muay Thai, running is not an option - it is mandatory. In Thailand, running is an important part of the modern lifestyle especially in the big cities like Bangkok. Every morning and evening, locals would lace up their running shoes for a jog in the park. Due to both human and vehicle traffic, locals do not go for runs on the sidewalk or along the roads. It’s also an unsafe practice with motorbikes, food carts, and people weaving about. Thankfully, there are public parks peppered around Bangkok with lush greeneries ideal for joggers. Fighters from

  3. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Heads To Scotland On 31st March

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Heads To Scotland On 31st March

    Muay Thai fans in Scotland are in for another treat after the overwhelming reception at the YOKKAO Next Generation show held on 24th February. It’s time for the kids to be in the spotlight as YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland goes live this Saturday 31st March. Originally scheduled on March 3rd, YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland was postponed due to severe weather conditions. The whole of UK experienced the worst weather pattern in over 50 years with the first ever red alert issued due to bad weather. Airports and major roads were closed and resulted in the postponement. In true unwavering Muay Thai spirit, the show is back on and will go on as planned with a stacked card of 42 bouts lined up. Junior fighters from UK and along with some visitors from France and Italy will be taking part in the show, all ready to put their skills and hard work to the test. The event will be headlined by Erin from Glasgow’s Griphouse gym who will take on the unbeaten Siria from Italy.

  4. Spencer Brown Headlines YOKKAO Next Generation Sydney!

    Spencer Brown Headlines YOKKAO Next Generation Sydney!

    YOKKAO Next Generation, the global Muay Thai talent search initiative is set to descend in Australia on 26th May 2018. After much anticipation and a postponement last November, the event is revived and will take place at the Marrickville Town Hall in Sydney. YOKKAO’s last 2 visits to the land down under took place in Sydney and Melbourne in May and August of 2016 respectively. The Melbourne show broke the usual gender format and featured an inspiring all-women fight card. Both shows were exceedingly well-received by Australia’s Muay Thai community. After a long absence, YOKKAO is formally back with Spencer Brown lined up for the main event. Spencer is fresh off a win at the recent YOKKAO 30 event at Bolton Macron Stadium. The Body Snatcher has now come off a series of impressive wins in the past year both in Thailand and abroad. He will face Australia-based Thai fighter, Singapayak PTJ Chombueng who is representing the PTJ Muay Thai Gym in New South Wales, Australia. The

  5. Best Massage in Bangkok to Pamper Yourself After Muay Thai Training

    Best Massage in Bangkok to Pamper Yourself After Muay Thai Training

    There is nothing more therapeutic than a session of authentic full-body Thai massage after a hard day of training at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Thai massage is often said to be the ultimate sports massage, ideal for professional athletes and everyone who leads an active lifestyle. In the Muay Thai camps of Thailand, fighters get massages from their coaches or campmates especially closer to fight dates. On fight nights, a full-body rub-down is also performed with Thai liniment oil. Before getting into the recommendations, it is worth highlighting the benefits of having regular massages. Massages help to relieve muscle aches, tensions and soreness. Scientific studies have shown that massages help to reduce the production of compounds in the body known as cytokines. Cytokines are pro-inflammation and may be responsible for the feeling of pain. Pills like aspirins or other anti-inflammatory drugs may offer pain relief but could inhibit cell recovery. On the other hand, massages have

  6. YOKKAO Partners Up With Amazon!

    YOKKAO Partners Up With Amazon!

    The long wait is now over. YOKKAO products will soon be available on Amazon stores around the world as the brand has now joined as a partner retailer. USA, Canada and Europe have been identified as the first international Amazon sites to carry YOKKAO products. Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, with a massive user base and an equally impressive customer support. From the perspective of shoppers, Amazon offers arguably the best return policy along with the best shipping options in terms of price and speed. Another benefit of shopping on Amazon is that shoppers can read the reviews of a product’s actual customers before making any purchasing decision. It is clear that shoppers and fans will stand to gain the most as YOKKAO partners with Amazon. YOKKAO’s Amazon store helps avert the emergence of counterfeit YOKKAO products. With third-party sellers, there is no way of regulating or verifying the authenticity of what they sell. Counterfeit products are often priced

  7. Breaking News: Manachai Scores Round One KO win at Channel 3 Main Event!

    Breaking News: Manachai Scores Round One KO win at Channel 3 Main Event!

    Manachai has done it again. In his latest fight held on 24th March, Manachai has scored another win against an elite Lumpinee stadium fighter. Televised live over Thailand’s Channel 3 TV station, Manachai was up against Attachai Tor Morsi as the main event at Siam Boxing Stadium. Attachai is a regular face at the prestigious Lumpinee stadium and has frequently faced the top fighters in the ring. Everyone from the punters to the fans were expecting the fight to go the distance of full 5 rounds. The YOKKAO team was there to rally behind the young fight star who did not disappoint. The Thai wrecking ball continued his exciting display of smashing things up in the ring. Manachai adopted the axeman fight persona yet again, delivering crippling, leg-chopping low kicks looking for the finish right from the bell. A quick finish it was, with Manachai reducing his opponent to the canvas via a series of leg kicks and declared the winner via a round one KO! The KO win officially takes

  8. Spencer Brown Back in Thailand Ready For Lumpinee Debut!

    Spencer Brown Back in Thailand Ready For Lumpinee Debut!

    After a solid victory at YOKKAO 30 held in the UK earlier this month, Spencer Brown seized the opportunity to take a well-deserved break back in his hometown in Scotland. The YOKKAO fighter is now sufficiently recharged and ready to take on new challenges as he makes his way back to Bangkok and rejoin his team mates at YOKKAO Training Center. Spencer has earned a reputation for always putting up a great show in the ring, both in and out of Thailand. Win, or lose, the young explosive fighter never fails to deliver a smashing good fight. Arriving at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok in 2016, Spencer has adapted to the arduous life of a Thai fighter. He adjusted to the environment, and faced various obstacles which he overcame one after another. Spencer’s greatest takeaway has been training alongside and learning from the YOKKAO Fight Team’s elite fighters like Saenchai, Singdam and Manachai. Since then, he has racked up a series of impressive wins. The KO Kid is now ready

  9. YOKKAO UK Open Receives Application From Over 300 Fighters in 2 Days!

    YOKKAO UK Open Receives Application From Over 300 Fighters in 2 Days!

    The time has come for Muay Thai and kickboxing practitioners to prove themselves in the ring. In less than one month’s time, the first-ever YOKKAO UK Open will take center-stage for what is set to be one of the largest fight sport events in the world. Since the announcement of the YOKKAO UK Open was made, applications have poured in from all over the European continent. In just two days, almost 300 enthusiastic fighters from eleven countries have signed up to take part in the inaugural event! Applications are still coming in fervently and it is expected that the 400 competitor slots for the Open will be completely filled up in no time. The YOKKAO UK Open is the latest project from the dream team of Stefania Picelli, Brian Calder and Peter Spensley. The event will provide the stage for amateur fighters of all ages to test their skills and a chance for glory. YOKKAO has been an active force in driving wider recognition for Muay Thai with talent-search initiatives like YOKKAO Next

  10. Manachai to face Attachai Tor Morsi At Channel 3 Main Event

    Manachai to face Attachai Tor Morsi At Channel 3 Main Event

    A title shot has once again slipped away for Manachai who was originally set to take on Rambo Pet Por Tor Or for the Champion of Thailand belt in Ayutthaya. Scheduled on 16th March, the fight was called off just days away from taking place. Due to pending issues that with the Thai army, Rambo had to pull out from the fight. The match is now postponed and will be announced at a later date. Manachai’s intensive fight camp over the past weeks will not go to waste as a match has quickly been set up. Coming Saturday on 24th March, he will face Attachai Tor Morsi in a main event at Siam Boxing Stadium. Manachai has been partial to fighting at the highest level and his opponent will not be an easy fight. Attachai is a regular competitor at Lumpinee Stadium and has frequently fought the best in the game. The fight is set at 143 lbs and will be televised live over Channel 3 in Thailand. Following this Friday’s bout against Attachai, Manachai will next return to Italy on 8th April

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