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  1. YOKKAO 29: Dakota Ditcheva vs Hannah Brady!

    YOKKAO 29: Dakota Ditcheva vs Hannah Brady!

    Female fighters are no less explosive as their male counterparts, especially on YOKKAO events. The coming March 10th show at Bolton Macron has already set up a sizzling bout between Amy Pirnie vs Ilenia Perugini. Now another female match-up is confirmed for YOKKAO 29 featuring English ladies, Dakota Ditcheva and Hannah Brady. At only 18 years of age, Dakota already has a number of titles to her name including British, European and World Championships. One of Dakota’s claim to fame was her battle with Amy Pirnie at YOKKAO 24. The female bout remains one of the most talked-about and best female fights on YOKKAO to date. Despite losing over decision at the end of 5 intense rounds, Dakota put up a stellar performance that found favor with many fans that night. The girl from Cheshire returns to YOKKAO 29 where she will go head-on with Hannah Brady. Hannah trains and fights out of Kiatphontip Gym in Leeds. The 28 year-old last fought on YOKKAO Next Generation in March last year and

  2. McAllister out of YOKKAO 30! Singdam now faces Jack Kennedy!

    McAllister out of YOKKAO 30! Singdam now faces Jack Kennedy!

    One of the most anticipated match-ups at the upcoming YOKKAO 30 in Bolton was the headlining act featuring Singdam against Reece McAllister. Reece has had to pull out of the event as he had torn his hip and is in the hospital for treatment. The YOKKAO Team wish McAllister a speedy recovery and look forward to having him back soon in the ring. Taking Reece McAllister’s place in the battle against Singdam will be fellow English fighter, Jack Kennedy. YOKKAO 30 marks Jack’s sixth appearance on the promotion and there are few as befitting as him as part of the main event. Fighting out of the Imperial Thai boxing Academy in Southport, Jack is a Golden Belt English Champion, as well as a ISKA British title holder. The 26 year-old Southport fighter is building a solid reputation as one of the most talented Muay Thai fighters in UK today. Jack has maintained a clean unbeaten record on YOKKAO events at 65kg but it looks like the Englishman will face perhaps his strongest opponent

  3. Singdam Wins At Wu Lin Feng Debut In China!

    Singdam Wins At Wu Lin Feng Debut In China!

    Multi-time Muay Thai world champion, Singdam made a return to the ring on 3rd February since his last fight in November last year. This was his debut appearance for the Chinese fight promotion, Wu Lin Feng. After an impressive campaign last year on another Chinese promotion, Kunlun Fight, Singdam returned to resume his Chinese conquest. It’s been over 2 months since his last appearance in the ring but Singdam showed no sign of rust with a solid performance for his Wu Lin Feng debut. Despite facing a younger, fitter opponent in Xie Lei, Singdam’s rich experience of over 300 fights in his career was evident as the fight played out. The heavy-handed Xie was clearly aware of Singdam’s famed middle kicks. The Chinese remained constantly prepared to catch Singdam’s kicks but underestimated the Thai champion’s proficiency in all weapons including some very hard punches. While Xie started off strong in the first round, Singdam controlled the pace of the remaining

  4. Presenting The All-New YOKKAO Freedom CarbonFit Muay Thai Shorts!

    Presenting The All-New YOKKAO Freedom CarbonFit Muay Thai Shorts!

    A new product has just been unveiled and has arrived at the online store: presenting the all-new YOKKAO Freedom CarbonFit Muay Thai shorts! Freedom is the third CarbonFit model to be released this year and it has adopted the split design last seen on the recently-released “What’s Up” shorts. YOKKAO product design team has constantly pushed to come up with the most unique and stylish products, the results speak for itself. Freedom is unlike anything in the market. Nothing expresses the spirit of freedom as aptly as the iconic American road trip. Palm trees, jagged snow mountains, and long drives in the middle of nowhere. These elements are printed in graphic form on premium-quality polyester blend material, the perfect wear for roughing it out in the ring or the gym. CarbonFit shorts are cut and tailored to increase mobility and allow complete range of movement. The shorts are so fabulously comfortable they might just be the ideal apparel for the long drives on the

  5. YOKKAO, Saenchai and Shane Fazen to be Featured On Snapchat TV Show BRAWLER!

    YOKKAO, Saenchai and Shane Fazen to be Featured On Snapchat TV Show BRAWLER!

    Snapchat, one of the biggest social media and messaging apps started its push into TV-like programs for its platform last year. The Snap TV initiative sees the social media giant teaming up with collaborators the likes of ESPN, NFL, BBC, Discovery and Vice, to create original video content made for the vertical screen. It is set to be the next big thing in social media. Enters Uproxx, the award-winning digital media and publishing company, who captures more than 5 million views daily. The production team is creating a new show for Snap TV called BRAWLER, that focuses on the modern fight culture. For one of its premiering shows on Muay Thai, Uproxx has opted to spotlight none other than YOKKAO and living legend, Saenchai. The filming crew dropped by YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok on Tuesday this week with the host for the show, Shane Fazen. Shane is a martial artist and popular YouTuber with over 1.5 million subscribers who tune in to his channel regularly for fight tips and pointers.

  6. How to become a YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center!

    How to become a YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center!

    Located in the heart of downtown Bangkok, the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok is the official camp of the YOKKAO Fight Team. It is where Muay Thai legends like Singdam, Pakorn, and Saenchai train on a daily basis. The YOKKAO camp is also the adopted home of renowned trainers such as Kru Manop and Kru Petchdam, both of whom are the personal trainers of Saenchai and Singdam respectively. Since opening in 2016, the training center has rapidly built itself up as a renowned Muay Thai camp. With the best fighters and trainers, topped with world-class training, it is now visited daily by Muay Thai fans from all over the world. The YOKKAO training center affiliate program first began in 2013 to offer local fighters and fight enthusiasts an authentic outlet for learning the art of 8 limbs as well as access to the brand’s high quality gear and equipment. Over the next few years, several prominent gyms around the world signed up in the program, most notably the Training Centers in Sydney,

  7. YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton: Bernie Mendieta vs Shaq Davies!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton: Bernie Mendieta vs Shaq Davies!

    2018 is shaping up to be an action-packed year for UK fight fans. YOKKAO has increasingly partnered up with promoters and a whole series of events have been lined up for the year ahead. On top of the regular and immensely popular show with UK promoter Brian Calder at Bolton Macron Stadium, it’s going to be month after month of Muay Thai showdowns with the talent-search Next Generation and Next Generation Kids. YOKKAO Next Generation has always been one of the most anticipated events as it is seen as the best platform for young up-and-coming fighters to handpicked for more prestigious events and bigger opportunities. One of the stops that have been announced earlier is Southampton where YOKKAO has teamed up with local promoter Sean Toomey to deliver a cracking Sunday fight matinee. Set to take the spotlight on 29th April, the event will feature a card of promising local and regional fighters as they battle it out for fame and glory. Fans attending the event can also expect some

  8. Why does YOKKAO have The Most Competitive Price in the Market?

    Why does YOKKAO have The Most Competitive Price in the Market?

    YOKAKO's Account executive Nat Kanokwan explains why YOKKAO has the most competitive price in the market: "Over the last few years, YOKKAO has risen to become a powerhouse brand in the world of Muay Thai. From international fight promotions, to world-class seminars, to the best social media content, no other brand in Muay Thai is as prolific as YOKKAO. YOKKAO remains most committed to developing cutting edge products to cater to the global fight community. Handmade in Thailand by professional craftworkers, YOKKAO gear is unrivaled in terms of quality and design. Premium gear and equipment sales remains at the core of the brand’s focus and by streamlining the retail logistics, it now has the most competitive prices in the market. At the moment, YOKKAO has warehouses set up in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Republic of San Marino. The 3 logistics points are set up to directly serve the markets of Asia, Greater China and Europe/UK/Ireland respectively. These various warehouses around

  9. Singdam Fighting At Chinese Promotion Wu Lin Feng on 3rd February!

    Singdam Fighting At Chinese Promotion Wu Lin Feng on 3rd February!

    After a month of rest, Singdam went back to an intensive training regime and smashing pads at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok. His signature brick-smashing kicks looked as vicious as ever before. The multi-time Muay Thai champion has just finished preparing for his next fight that will take place tomorrow in China on February 3rd at Wu Lin Feng. Singdam’s last appearance in the squared circle was at Kunlun Fight 67 in the race for glory on the KLF 66 kg World Championship 8-man tournament. Despite eliminating 2 fighters on the night of the tournament and making into the finals, his campaign was concluded by Chinese opponent, Yang Zhuo over a split decision. Even though he did not go away with the tournament championship belt, his outstanding performance found him with a legion of new Chinese fans. Undeterred in his unsuccessful campaign at Kunlun Fight, the valiant Singdam will return to Chinese soil once again in his quest for

  10. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Returns to Barnsley on 10th February!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Returns to Barnsley on 10th February!

    In about a week’s time, the increasingly prominent YOKKAO Next Generation Kids returns to the Barnsley Metrodome for another round of junior Muay Thai fun and action. The date is fixed for 10th February Saturday and the stage is now set for the young warriors to show what they have got. The return to Barnsley follows the event’s inauguration held last November 26th. Organized in partnership with SuperShow, the resoundingly successful event saw a stacked 59 bouts featuring Muay Thai Kids from UK and around Europe. The event also saw the crowning of Joe Ryan as the first YOKKAO Junior World Champion and Ellie Barker as the YOKKAO Intercontinental Champion. For the February 10th show, it is going to be another truly international event with 20 overseas juniors attending from Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Germany and Ireland. Headlining the event will be none other than Ellie Barker who trains out of the Hanuman Gym in Darlington with Craig Willis. This is a great North

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