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  1. YOKKAO Gear Now Available in Spain!

    YOKKAO Gear Now Available in Spain!

    YOKKAO is rapidly expanding its reach across the world. The online store is currently translated in Chinese and Italian to cater to speakers of these languages. Now YOKKAO is proud to announce that a Spanish site has been added for the growing international audience. Today, there are hundreds of Muay Thai gyms in Spain across Barcelona, Madrid, and various cities in the country. The sport has seen an exponential growth of practitioners in Spain as more outlets open to offer authentic Muay Thai training. Some of the notable Spanish Muay Thai fighters include Carlos Araya, who fought on YOKKAO 26 against Manachai. [caption id="attachment_4326" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Muay Thai Espana: YOKKAO[/caption] The YOKKAO expansion is unceasing and following the Spanish site, French and German versions are already

  2. The Return of YOKKAO Kids - Another Resounding Success at Barnsley

    The Return of YOKKAO Kids - Another Resounding Success at Barnsley

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids returned to Barnsley Metrodome on February 10th, for another fun-filled day of junior Muay Thai action. The card was completely stacked with 55 pairs of bouts taking place at the show. Over a hundred young competitors arrived along with their coaches and families flocked to witness the return of YOKKAO Kids. Besides competitors from the home nation, young fighters from Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Spain and Ireland descended to take part in the event. YOKKAO junior fighters Ellie Barker and Joe Ryan both defended their titles successfully against their respective challengers. The 2 fighters put in a world class performance as the headlining acts of the show. Ellie took on her old sparring partner and good friend Anya from Steve Wright’s Erawan Gym. The fight was closely-matched but Ellie was able to secure her win with big late rounds. Joe was fresh off his silver medal win from IFMA Baltic. He took on a dangerous Kyriakos from Cyprus that resulted in

  3. YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai Sold Out In Poland!

    YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai Sold Out In Poland!

    YOKKAO Seminar is back on the road once again for a series of the immensely popular Muay Thai training event. The team flew to Poland to hold the first ever YOKKAO seminar in the country for the 2-day weekend on 24th and 25th February, stopping over at the Polish cities of Poznań and Słubice to packed houses with the highly-anticipated event. On day one, an army of 300 fight enthusiasts in the country turned up for the rare chance to get up close and personal with Muay Thai living legend, Saenchai. Under the watchful guidance of Saenchai who went around the sports recreation hall to mentor, the participants were taught different Muay Thai techniques and unique moves made famous and demonstrated by the master himself. Like all seminars with Saenchai, selected attendees were also gifted with golden opportunity to spar with the legend. The seminar on day two at Słubice will see another 200 fans and is expected to be fun-filled and unforgettable experience for everyone.

  4. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland: Fighting For A Cause!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland: Fighting For A Cause!

    YOKKAO Next Generation Kids has built a world stage for a new generation of junior fighters to showcase their skills, laying the path for a career in Muay Thai. Come the 3rd March at the Grangemouth Leisure Complex in Scotland, the event is bringing two amazing stories that illustrate how junior Muay Thai can also improve lives both in and out of the ring. Two amazing young ladies, Maddie and Darcy will come together at YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland for a local Scottish junior title. The even greater prize involved in the matchup will go beyond the ring as they will both represent beneficiaries for 2 nonprofit social causes respectively. First up, Maddie fights out of The Griphouse in Glasgow where she trains under YOKKAO regular, Keith McLachlan. The 10 year-old has already accumulated four decision bouts since she started to compete. Maddie is living proof of how Muay Thai helps to overcome adversities as she battles autism along with Tourette’s. Since she started training

  5. YOKKAO Launches Sales Plan for Authorized Stores

    YOKKAO Launches Sales Plan for Authorized Stores

    To cater to a rapidly growing number of fans and customers, YOKKAO will be setting up 2 more warehouses this year for the markets of Australia and USA. The 2 new logistic points will complement the current worldwide setup consisting of Bangkok, Hong Kong and Republic of San Marino that serve the markets of Asia, Greater China and Europe/UK/Ireland respectively. With more retailers, gyms and distributors on board, YOKKAO has come up with a comprehensive plan of sales strategies in a bid to help boost sales for its authorized dealers. To kick things off, a complete listing of authorized stores is now up on the YOKKAO website. This directory informs fans and customers on the most convenient venues in obtaining the brand's high-quality gear and apparel. At the same time, YOKKAO dealers can be more effectively reached by their local customer base. Online stores
  6. Manachai Delivers Dominating Victory at Channel 7 Stadium!

    Manachai Delivers Dominating Victory at Channel 7 Stadium!

    One of the most anticipated fights for the start of 2018 had been none other than the Channel 7 147lbs title bout between Manachai and Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym. Regrettably the title was scraped a day before the fight. The reason given by the organizers was that Manachai would be making his Channel 7 stadium debut. This supposedly did not qualify him for the title, even though there have been precedents where fighters who were making their debut actually competed in title bouts. [caption id="attachment_4282" align="alignright" width="400"]Muay Siam Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Muay Siam Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym[/caption] Despite taking away the prized belt from the match, Manachai remained undeterred and motivated. He came out strong right from the first round with loud, chopping leg kicks that could be

  7. Erhan YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Delivers Round 1 TKO Win On MX!

    Erhan YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Delivers Round 1 TKO Win On MX!

    Erhan arrived at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok back in 2016 and has since made it his home. Living and training with the YOKKAO Fight Team has been an enriching experience. The 27 year-old now counts Thai legends like Saenchai, Singdam and Pakorn among his training partners, all under the watchful guidance of the camp’s champion trainers. During this period, Erhan has competed twice on YOKKAO’s international events and even at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium where he is currently ranked sixth in his weight class. In December, Erhan made his debut for popular Muay Thai fighting show, MX Muay Xtreme, where he faced golden age legend, Orono Por Muang Ubon. The Turkish warrior proved too much for the returning 44 year-old Orono, especially with the brutal 6 oz gloves. Despite cruising to a win via decision after 3 full rounds, Erhan displayed humility and utmost respect for his opponent - showing the mark of a real martial artist. Last Friday, the YOKKAO fighter made his

  8. YOKKAO 30: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab!

    YOKKAO 30: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab!

    YOKKAO Fight Team’s very own Spencer Brown (Spencer YOKKAOSaenchaiGym) is set to make a brief return to the UK on March 10th. The fighter from Irvine, Scotland has been confirmed for YOKKAO 30 where he will go head to head against fellow countryman, Connor McNab in the ring. The A Class bout will be fought at 63.5kg Connor McNab fights out of the D Unit Combat Sports Hub based in the town of Dumbarton, Scotland. The young fighter will be making his YOKKAO debut and this will be a great opportunity to prove himself on an international level, given the grand scale of the event. He is no freshman to the sport and has competed in both the UK as well as in Thailand where he trained for a period of time. However, his quest for victory will not go easy as he faces the KO Kid, Spencer Brown. Spencer hardly needs any introduction for the YOKKAO fans. Since being hand picked to train at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok alongside the fight team members, the young YOKKAO stalwart has been

  9. 5 KO In 5 Fights For The YOKKAO Fight Team!

    5 KO In 5 Fights For The YOKKAO Fight Team!

    The YOKKAO Fight Team is smashing things up in the ring. Over the course of 5 events, 5 individual YOKKAO fighters have gone home with the win, all via knockouts. After a brief absence since his winning appearance on YOKKAO 25 in Hong Kong, Nobita has returned to train full-time at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok with his team mates. The WMC boxing champion marked his return with a KO-win using his signature power punches, kickstarting the new Year in an impactful way for YOKKAO. Manachai continued his wreckage with his Italian debut at the Night of Kick and Punch promotion on 20th January. The fight ended in fast fashion via referee stoppage in round 1 after just 2:35 minutes and Manachai was declared the winner by TKO. The young star has clocked a series of KO wins over the past couple of months and the win in Milan against Italian Nak Muay Nuriel Glorian Cauli extends the streak. Manachai will next face Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym on February 18th for the Channel 7 14lbs Title.

  10. YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai Confirmed for Canada in April!

    YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai Confirmed for Canada in April!

    Canadian Muay Thai enthusiasts, get ready for the event that everyone has been waiting for. Following Poland and Italy in February, Saenchai will next head to the Great White North for a series of YOKKAO Seminars on the 28th and 29th April respectively. The seminars will be hosted by Budo Canada located in the city of Toronto. 2 seminars will be held each day to cater to the overwhelming requests and demand. There is no active fighter in the world who is as highly-regarded as Saenchai, a name that needs hardly any introduction. With more than 10 world championship titles of the highest honour in the sport, Saenchai is arguably the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. The living legend continues to compete actively on an international level after sominating the elite Thailand Muay Thai scene for close to two decades. Saenchai is most well-known for his amazing and effective arsenal of Muay Thai moves that makes him the most entertaining fighter to watch in the ring. The seminar

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