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  1. YOKKAO Proudly Presents The Kids Fight Team!

    YOKKAO Proudly Presents The Kids Fight Team!

    YOKKAO is more than a Muay Thai gear and equipment company. With a squad of the best fighters from all around the world, a network of affiliated training centers on every continent, and an increasing number of distributors, YOKKAO is now a most trusted Muay Thai brand operating at a full 360 degrees in the industry. The brand has always been tireless in promoting the sport of Muay Thai and helping to groom young talents for the international stage. With the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids event coming up on 26th November at the Barnsley Metrodome in UK, the search for the future stars of Muay Thai is well underway. [caption id="attachment_3860" align="alignright" width="420"]YOKKAO Kids Muay Thai YOKKAO Kids Muay Thai[/caption] Since the last announcement of the Kids event made in September, YOKKAO has received

  2. Watch YOKKAO 27 via Facebook Live Tonight

    Watch YOKKAO 27 via Facebook Live Tonight

    YOKKAO 27 28 concluded this past Sunday with another showcase of adrenaline-pumping action at the Bolton Macron Stadium. This was, no doubt, the year’s most memorable show for the UK Muay Thai scene. The double event was streamed live on the YOKKAO Instagram account, allowing fans from around the world to tune in on the action in real-time. The sold-out show gave fans many memorable match ups such as the title defense by homegrown hero Liam Harrison, and the UK debut of Thai superstar Superlek against Christopher Shaw in what many dubbed the fight of the night. For those who missed it or wish to relive the great moments of the event, here’s the chance to catch YOKKAO 27 in its entirety by tuning in to YOKKAO’s Facebook page today (20th October) at the following broacast time: Bangkok 22:00 New York: 11:00 Los Angeles 08:00 London 16:00 Milan 17:00 Sao Paulo 13:00 Sydney 02:00 (21st October)

  3. YOKKAO 27 - YOKKAO 28: Battle in Bolton!

    YOKKAO 27 - YOKKAO 28: Battle in Bolton!

    YOKKAO 27 - 28 will surely go down in history as one of the most memorable shows for the UK Muay Thai scene. With stunning knockouts, two successful YOKKAO world title defense and a splattering of blood, sweat and emotions, this show has set the bar higher than before for all future YOKKAO events to live up to.

    YOKKAO 27

    The action escalated quickly with the second bout when Joe Craven finished off the fight fast and furious with a round 1 TKO over Matthew Crozier. Spencer Brown and Stewart Pringle turned the action one notch up with 5 rounds of explosive back and forth battling that saw Spencer taking home the win by points.

    Muay Thai UK: Superlek Kiatmoo9 vs Chris Shaw

  4. YOKKAO 27 - YOKKAO 28 results

    YOKKAO 27 - YOKKAO 28 results

    YOKKAO 27 - YOKKAO 28 results - Sunday October 15th 2017 Macron Stadium (Bolton). ** YOKKAO 28 Results ** YOKKAO World Title -70kg YOKKAO World Champion vs YOKKAO Fight Team Jordan Watson (England) won by KO vs Pongsiri PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym (Thailand)

    YOKKAO Fight Team vs YOKKAO Next Generation UK 55kg Rungarai Kiatmoo9 (Thailand) lost by KO 3° round vs Daniel McGowan (England) YOKKAO Next Generation vs Thailand 58kg Jonathan Haggerty (England) lost by points vs Ja Kiatphontip (Thailand) YOKKAO Next Generation vs Sweden 50kg Amy Pirnie (Scotland) won by points vs Josefine Lindgren Knutsson (Sweden) YOKKAO UK Ranking -65kg Chris Whittle (England) lost by points vs Jack Kennedy (England) YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,5kg Chris Shaw (Scotland) won by KO 1° round vs Connor McCormack ** YOKKAO 27 Results ** YOKKAO World Title -65kg YOKKAO World Champion -65kg vs Germany Liam Harrison (England) won by TKO 2° round vs Kevin
  5. YOKKAO 27 - 28 Weigh-In Results!

    YOKKAO 27 - 28 Weigh-In Results!

    The weigh-ins for YOKKAO 27 - 28 have been completed without any hiccups and all fighters are now raring to go. The popular Muay Thai double event is all set and ready to rock in less than 24 hours’ time at the Macron Stadium in Bolton UK. After the weigh-in, the fighters are all feasting and fueling up for the battle tomorrow. None of the fighters are taking their fight lightly, especially for the 2 YOKKAO world champions, Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson, whose titles are on the line. Local fans will be looking out for the UK debut of Muay Thai stars, Pongsiri, Rungarai and of course, Superlek. Their opponents and homegrown fighters will definitely be putting up a strong fight for themselves as well as their local supporters. [caption id="attachment_3821" align="alignright" width="390"]Pongsiri vs Jordan Watson Pongsiri

  6. YOKKAO Launches Online Muay Thai Outlet!

    YOKKAO Launches Online Muay Thai Outlet!

    Here’s a piece for great news for all bargain hunters: YOKKAO has launched the Muay Thai Outlet, a brand new section on the website with selected gear going at up to 40% off the retail price! With the launch of the online outlet store, fans now have access to many of the high quality YOKKAO products at truly the most competitive prices anywhere. The online outlet offers products that are selected and updated on a weekly basis. This means that deals on products may only be available for a limited period. The discounted products are not defective or lower grade stock, but the very best items on offer at irresistible prices. [caption id="attachment_3811" align="alignright" width="380"]YOKKAO Muay Thai Shop Bangkok YOKKAO Muay Thai Shop Bangkok[/caption] YOKKAO has come a long way as a Muay Thai brand since its inception

  7. Full Fight Card for YOKKAO 27 - 28!

    Full Fight Card for YOKKAO 27 - 28!

    Months of finding and matching opponents have finally ended, culminating in one of the best matchmaking in YOKKAO events to date. 2 events, 12 bouts featuring the best fighters from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Thailand, descending in the town of Bolton UK for a rumbling Muay Thai Sunday matinee. [caption id="attachment_3800" align="alignright" width="350"]Muay Thai fighter: Superlek Kiatmoo9 Muay Thai fighter: Superlek Kiatmoo9[/caption] After an overwhelmingly successful YOKKAO 23 -24 earlier this year in March, the popular Muay Thai event returns to the Bolton Macron Stadium this coming 15th October. As the date draws nearer, the tension is building up for fans and fighters alike. YOKKAO 27 - 28 will be headlined by the 2 title defense fights of local heroes, Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson respectively.

  8. YOKKAO Dream Team Captures 3 Wins On One Night!

    YOKKAO Dream Team Captures 3 Wins On One Night!

    Muay Thai fans around the world were spoilt for choices this past Saturday 30th September with a series of top-notch events taking place on the same night. One event lined up after the other featuring many of the sport’s biggest names including YOKKAO Fight Team’s very own Pakorn, Manachai and top Muay Thai legend, Saenchai. [caption id="attachment_3787" align="alignright" width="400"]Muay Thai Bangkok: Manachai in action at All Star Fight 2 Muay Thai Bangkok: Manachai in action at All Star Fight 2[/caption] The action-packed evening kicked off with All-Star Fight 2 as Buakaw and gang returned to entertain the crowds once again in the Thai and Muay Thai capital of Bangkok. After an explosive inaugural event that set the bar high for the promotion, All-Star Fight 2 once again captivated the spectators

  9. Liam Harrison: “I’m looking forward to going to war”

    Liam Harrison: “I’m looking forward to going to war”

    YOKKAO World Champion -65kg Liam Harrison will be fighting again to defend his title at YOKKAO 27 on 15th October at the Bolton Macron Stadium in UK. This time, Harrison will face a young and formidable foe: German kickboxer, Kevin Burmester. Here is an interview with him on the upcoming fight and an inquiry into the fighter’s mind. Hi Liam, hope everything’s going well. We would like to ask you some questions before the upcoming event: Q. How is your training going for YOKKAO 27? How have you been preparing yourself for the upcoming fight? LIAM HARRISON: I’ve been training very hard as always. My preparation doesn’t change, I train hard for every fight. The only thing that changes in the gym is working on a different game plan. On October 15th I’ll be in the best shape possible ready to put on a show. Q. You have spent some time training in Thailand. Do you do that for the coming fight or is it full-time at Bad Company?

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