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  1. YOKKAO Launches UK and Italian Web Store!

    YOKKAO Launches UK and Italian Web Store!

    In conjunction with the launch of the official European warehouse in Republic of San Marino, YOKKAO is proud to announce that its UK and Italian web stores have now gone ‘live’. Featuring all-in stock YOKKAO Muay Thai goods, UK and Italian buyers can expect their items [caption id="attachment_3690" align="alignright" width="300"]YOKKAO Italia YOKKAO Italia[/caption] purchased from the web store to be shipped directly from the European warehouse. This ensures the best shipping rates as well as the best prices in pounds or Euros free from import taxes, and in the languages for the respective markets. By doing away with intermediaries, the brand now establishes itself as the most competitive Muay Thai brand in the European region. Shoppers can expect the fastest shipping on a full range of premium Muay

  2. YOKKAO opening Warehouse in Hong Kong!

    YOKKAO opening Warehouse in Hong Kong!

    There is no better time than now to be a Muay Thai fan in Hong Kong. First, the upcoming YOKKAO 25 - 26 fight night that will feature a slew of great matchups and 3 headlining acts starring Saenchai, Singdam and Manachai. The other great news is the opening of a dedicated YOKKAO warehouse to serve the Muay Thai community of Hong Kong and Greater China. After yesterday’s announcement on the official launch of YOKKAO’s warehouse in Europe, the company is already making preparations for its next international retail logistics facility outside of Thailand. YOKKAO has taken to set up these international facilities to ensure the best service and prices for its ever-increasing global supporters. With the opening of the new warehouse in Hong Kong, local buyers can expect faster delivery, lower shipping costs and the full range of the brand’s premium, made-in-Thailand Muay Thai products. YOKKAO first made its official venture into Hong Kong in June 2015 with the affiliated

  3. How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor if you are in Thailand!

    How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor if you are in Thailand!

    The most talked about event of 2017 is finally here with some calling it the fight of the century. Nearly 2 years in the making, UFC Lightweight champion and icon, Conor McGregor will finally come face to face with undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather in a professional boxing match. The fight is set to take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada USA on August 26th 2017 (US time). Dubbed “The Money Fight” by media, there is a lot of cash at stake in the whole promotion.  The allure of a handsome profit is the main -perhaps only- reason Mayweather is coming out of retirement to step in the ring again. But even at the age of 40, a good 11 years senior of the younger McGregor, Mayweather is the favorite to win given his pristine professional boxing career compared to McGregor’s lack thereof. The latter has zero experience in professional boxing while Mayweather has a perfect 49 wins out of 49 fights including a staggering 26 KOs. The “Notorious”

  4. YOKKAO Muay Thai Premium Gear now available in Europe!

    YOKKAO Muay Thai Premium Gear now available in Europe!

    It’s official. YOKKAO has successfully launched its first warehouse in Europe to better serve the Muay Thai community in the continent. This is certainly great news for all Muay Thai fans in Europe for a number of reasons: 1) all in-stock products. No more lag time due to production lag time 2) no more import taxes 3) much lower shipping cost. What’s more, the full range of YOKKAO products will be in stock and available for purchase. That’s right, the complete range of premium, made-in-Thailand Muay Thai products shipped out fast with just a few simple clicks. By operating without intermediaries, YOKKAO now establishes itself as the most competitive Muay Thai brand in the EU market. Shops, gyms and individual buyers can now purchase YOKKAO products from the online store and the items will be shipped out of the warehouse facility in Republic of San Marino. Due to the successful run of fight promotions, no other brand reaches a wider audience in Europe than

  5. Singdam making his first appearance in Hong Kong at YOKKAO 25!

    Singdam making his first appearance in Hong Kong at YOKKAO 25!

    It is back-to-back action for Singdam in the coming weeks with a busy schedule. First, a fight in the Kunlun Tournament Final 16 on August 27th and followed closely by YOKKAO 25 this September 11th in Hong Kong. At YOKKAO 25 -26, fans will finally have the opportunity to see the best middle kick of Thailand live in action. Singdam’s soul-crushing kicks are the stuff of legend and have won him many titles throughout his fight career. Other than Singdam, key figures from YOKKAO Fight Team, Saenchai and Manachai are confirmed to be there alongside other fighters in a fight card that will be released soon. Singdam aka the Black Lion is on a wild hunt, coming off a streak of 9 wins that include 4 KOs. One of his last wins was in his Kunlun Fight debut against Chinese fighter, Gu Hui who has beat nothing less than Albert Kraus last year. The multiple-time Lumpinee champion and 2-time Sports Writer Fighter of Thailand Fighter of the Year is focus on his preparation

  6. Chris Shaw Meets Connor McCormack at YOKKAO 28!

    Chris Shaw Meets Connor McCormack at YOKKAO 28!

    The coming YOKKAO event this 15th October at Bolton Macron Stadium is already packed to the brim with the very best fights, including 2 title defense by current YOKKAO world champions, Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson. Here’s one more exciting matchup to add to the card of YOKKAO 28 that’s guaranteed to stir things up: Chris Shaw vs Connor McCormack. Chris is a household name in the UK and has fought some of the biggest names in the sport including YOKKAO World Champion Jordan Watson and Michael Wakeling. He is moving down in weight for this fight and will meet his opponent at 71 kg. Chris has fought on YOKKAO 19 against Jersey Pinto and winning the bout on points. He comes to the ring with a record of 34 fights with 29 wins and is 2-time Scottish and British Champion as well as being a Patong Stadium Champion. He fights out of the ULT Muay Thai gym that he runs himself in Ayr, Scotland. Connor will be making his debut on YOKKAO Fight promotion but like Chris, he is also

  7. Manachai’s opponent for YOKKAO 25-26 Hong Kong announced!

    Manachai’s opponent for YOKKAO 25-26 Hong Kong announced!

    In less than 3 weeks’ time, YOKKAO returns to the city of Hong Kong for another night of frenetic action on 11th September. As always, the event promotion team is bent on putting up another great show for fans with the most exciting matchups. The latest addition to the fight card features YOKKAO’s young star fighter Manachai against Carlos Araya from Spain. [caption id="attachment_3649" align="alignright" width="300"]Muay Thai Fighter: Carlos Araya Muay Thai Fighter: Carlos Araya[/caption] Carlos Araya is an European WMC Champion with a fighting record that speaks for itself: an astounding 43 wins in 50 fights. Araya fights out of Shoothon Gym located in the beautiful Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife. He has fought mainly in Spanish and European promotions but has ventured out to fighting globally in

  8. Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Spencer Brown the KO Kid!

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Spencer Brown the KO Kid!

    The Body Snatcher has done it again. Another opponent bites the dust as Spencer Brown delivers a win with yet another KO. The 20 year-old fighter from Irvine, Scotland was up against Thai homegrown fighter, Mongkolpetch Naya Parkview for the show last evening on Mx Muay Xtreme. The fight exploded right from the start with no withholding back from both sides. It was déjà vu for Spencer and the spectators as he ended the fight in the same spectacular fashion as his last Max Muay Xtreme appearance: with a KO in round 1 once again! The KO-inducing right hook makes this the seventh KO win out of a young fighting career of 13 wins in 18 fights. Spencer is without a doubt, one of Europe’s most promising exports to make waves in the Muay Thai scene. He first started training in the sport about 5 years ago at the age of 14 and fought in the ring shortly after. Back home in Irvine, he trains out of Rama Camp Muay Thai but currently devotes his time training and fighting

  9. Saenchai vs Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian at YOKKAO 26 Hong Kong!

    Saenchai vs Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian at YOKKAO 26 Hong Kong!

    Saenchai's opponent for the coming YOKKAO 26 has been released. Since the announcement was made 2 months ago looking for the right challenger, many fighters and gyms have sent in their proposals to fight the living legend Saenchai this September 11th in Hong Kong. After much consideration, YOKKAO event management has found the right candidate in Spanish fighter, Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian for the headlining match of the night. [caption id="attachment_3631" align="alignright" width="330"]Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian Jonathan "Scarface" Fabian[/caption] Fabian is one of the most promising fighters to come out of Spain in the recent years. He is a 8-time Spanish champion and a 2013 European champion, with a fight record of 45 wins in 79 fights. The fight is definitely going to a key milestone in his fight career

  10. Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai dominate the game at All-Star Fight!

    Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai dominate the game at All-Star Fight!

    Another brilliant performance was given by YOKKAO Fight Team stars, Pakorn and Manachai yesterday at the debut of All-Star Fight: Elite Fighter in Bangkok. Both fighters won via points to showcase their talents in what could potentially be one of the most popular fight promotions in the country. [caption id="attachment_3620" align="alignright" width="350"]Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym[/caption] Pakorn delivered a solid Muay Thai performance especially at the third round, where he switched into beast mode, completely neutralizing his opponent Julio Lobo from Brazil. There was certainly no surprise when Pakorn’s hand was raised at the end of the match. After a period of discontinued training, Pakorn returned to the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok earlier this year to follow a strict regime alongside

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