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  1. The Return of  the Golden Boy!

    The Return of the Golden Boy!

    After a brief but missed absence from the ring, Pakorn returned with a bang by clinching the World Muay Thai Council and Phoenix Fighting Championship welterweight titles earlier this April in Beirut. The even better news? He is also officially back training at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, alongside his YOKKAO fight team mates Saenchai, Singdam, Manachai and others. [caption id="attachment_3409" align="alignright" width="350"]Muay Thai Bangkok: Singdam & Pakorn Muay Thai Bangkok: Singdam & Pakorn[/caption] Nicknamed the “Golden boy”, Pakorn has won many belts in his illustrious career including Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and YOKKAO championship titles. Not forgetting winning the coveted Sports Authority of Thailand’s ‘Fighter of the year’ award in 2010. Over this time, Pakorn has

  2. 5 reasons to train at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok!

    5 reasons to train at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok!

    Muay Thai is the national sport and pride of Thailand and Bangkok is where the best action is at. Every Muay Thai fighter dreams of training in Bangkok and fighting in the famed stadiums like Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. This has led to a collection of the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand. Every year, Muay Thai enthusiasts descend in droves on the Thai capital to learn or sharpen their Muay Thai skills. Simply because there is no better place for it. But with hundreds of camps to choose from, trying to pick one to train at can be an intimidating decision to make. So what makes YOKKAO Training Center THE place to train at? [caption id="attachment_3399" align="alignright" width="380"]YOKKAO Muay Thai Trainers YOKKAO Muay Thai Trainers[/caption] Here are the top 5 reasons to train Muay Thai at YOKKAO Training Center:

  3. YOKKAO Shop in Bangkok becomes a Wholesale distributor!

    YOKKAO Shop in Bangkok becomes a Wholesale distributor!

    YOKKAO has opened its doors and is now offering wholesale distribution at its Bangkok location. The shop is right next to the YOKKAO facility which offers top of the line training for athletes from around the world. [caption id="attachment_3391" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Muay Thai Fighers at the Shop YOKKAO Muay Thai Fighers at the Shop[/caption] Living legend Saenchai and Singdam Kiatmoo9 regularly train at the gym making the shop a great spot to get some gear and to see some of the best of the best in action. The shop is offering huge discounts up to 50% from the retail price list, for orders of $1,000 or more. This is a great way for travelers to make some action cash as they can get a discount off of top of the line gear from YOKKAO and bring it back with them to their home countries

  4. Introducing the Matrix Boxing Gloves!

    Introducing the Matrix Boxing Gloves!

    YOKKAO is pushing the boundaries of boxing and Muay Thai equipment with the new Matrix edition. The premium leather gloves are handmade in Thailand by professionals who have crafted the art of building boxing gloves over decades of practice. The Matrix gloves are top of the market and recently new research and development has been put into them to create a longer lasting more durable foam. This protecting padding provides the ultimate cushion and support for hard hitting action on the pads, the bags, and sparring. [caption id="attachment_3377" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Boxing Gloves Matrix YOKKAO Boxing Gloves Matrix[/caption] The Matrix edition is also offering a new black logo with the most in-demand brand of the moment, YOKKAO, bold and alive

  5. Amy Pirnie - Muay Thai Lady of the hour

    Amy Pirnie - Muay Thai Lady of the hour

    Amy Pirnie is a force to be reckoned with. Featuring on the YOKKAO stage with three consecutive wins, Amy showed exactly what it takes to be the toughest name in UK Muay Thai. Pirnie's is a name that has been ringing through the Muay Thai community for some time now. After defeating Dakota Ditcheva at YOKKAO 24, when fans are asked to think of the top female fighter that the UK has produced, the name is always YOKKAO Next Generation fighter, Amy Pirnie.  Pirnie has been held the number one spot for some time now at 50.5kg and has been awarded female fighter of the year two years running in 2015 and 2016. She's continuing to grow as a fighter and profile that people can look up to and aspire to achieve. Living and training at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok isn't
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