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  1. Toyota Tournament: Manachai gets True4You, Sorgraw wins!

    Toyota Tournament: Manachai gets True4You, Sorgraw wins!

    The Toyota 8 Man Tournament took place yesterday, January 27th, in Phitsanoulok, Thailand in two separate weight catagories: 65 and 70kg. In the 65kg Tournament 4 of the Top gyms in Thailand challenged each other to know who has the best 65kg fighter in Thailand: Manachai representing YOKKAOSaenchaiGym, Saksongkram representing Poptheeratham gym (Samart Payakaroon's camp), the 2016 Toyota Tournament Champion Yodthuangtong representign Petchyindee Academy and Saensak representing Petbancha gym. [caption id="attachment_3202" align="alignright" width="350"]Left: Saksongkram Poptheeratham 65kg Champion, right: Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy Left: Saksongkram Poptheeratham 65kg Champion, right: Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy[/caption] The drawing lots decided for Manachai to face off against Yodthuangton, the fighter that Manachai

  2. Manachai: "I can't wait to fight Stephen Meleady!"

    Manachai: "I can't wait to fight Stephen Meleady!"

    Manachai, the young addition to the YOKKAO Fight Team, has just been confirmed to fight at YOKKAO 24 against the WMC European Champion Stephen Meleady, on Saturday March 25th 2017 at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. [caption id="attachment_3194" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO 24: Manachai vs Stephen Meleady YOKKAO 24: Manachai vs Stephen Meleady[/caption] The news, launched yesterday on Manachai's Facebook page, has grabbed quickly the attention of Muay Thai fans in England. Manachai at just 21yrs old, has already built his name in the Muay Thai scene. Ranked Lumpinee #1 at 19yrs old and Toyota Marathon finalist, Manachai has been asked again to participate at the Toyota 8 Man Tournament which will take place on Friday, January 27th in Phitsanulok (north

  3. CNN ranks YOKKAO as TOP 5 Businesses in Thailand!

    CNN ranks YOKKAO as TOP 5 Businesses in Thailand!

    Another milestone has been reached by YOKKAO Boxing. Tuesday January, 18th 2017, the most trusted name in news, CNN International, arrived at the YOKKAO headquarters to interview the YOKKAO key person Stefania Picelli about how YOKKAO has gained in popularity in such a short time span. The CNN episode “Made in Thailand” will feature 5 of the Top up and coming successful businesses in Thailand, one of which we are very proud to announce is YOKKAO Boxing. YOKKAO is the most powerful Muay Thai brand on social media with a consolidated network of retailers/distributors in Europe and Asia. In the last few months, the demand of YOKKAO reached the highest peak of the history of the company. Numbers don't lie, YOKKAO is able to reach more than 10,000,000 Muay Thai fans per month via its social media outlets. From fighters to famous singers, supermodels and your everyday Nak Muay, YOKKAO is the must have brand for martial

  4. Jordan Watson to defend the World Title against Sorgraw Petchyindee!

    Jordan Watson to defend the World Title against Sorgraw Petchyindee!

    Official: Jordan Watson is set to defend  the YOKKAO 70kg World Title -70kg against Sorgraw Petchyindee. [caption id="attachment_3180" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Muay Thai World Champion Jordan Watson YOKKAO Muay Thai World Champion Jordan Watson[/caption] Coming from the famous Petchyindee Academy, Sorgraw is the winner of the Toyota Tournament 147lb weight class with wins at Lumpinee against Saensak Petchbuncha and Manowan Sit Tong. Jordan Watson, is considered by Thai fighters as the "The Farang to Beat". Watson regained his YOKKAO World Title in the UK against Sanny Dahlbeck at YOKKAO 18 on March 2016 and has defended it against Ben Hodge at YOKKAO 20. For the second time in UK history, after facing off Buakaw Banchamek (at that time Buakaw Por Pramuk) in 2010, Muay Thai fans will have

  5. Liam Harrison set to defend the World Title against Rayan Mekki!

    Liam Harrison set to defend the World Title against Rayan Mekki!

    Official: Liam Harrison will defend the YOKKAO 65kg World Title against the Frenchnem Rayan Mekki. Rayan Mekki, 19 years old, is one of the most talented youngsters to represent France's Team Nasser-K. He started Muay Thai at the age of 13 collecting 36 fights, 31 wins with 10 of those wins coming from KOs. [caption id="attachment_3171" align="alignright" width="350"]Liam Harrison at YOKKAO 17 Liam Harrison at YOKKAO 17[/caption] Currently the European WMC Champion, Mekki has racked up 13 consecutive victories and managed to impose his winning ways on more experienced and recognized fighters on the Muay Thai circuit, like the Thai Champion SIRIMONGKOL and PONGSAGLEK and lastly the his fellow countrymen Vang MOUA. The upcoming fight versus the YOKKAO World Title holder Liam Harrison will be clearly the most challenging

  6. Panicos Yusuf retires from fighting!

    Panicos Yusuf retires from fighting!

    Breaking News: Panicos Yusuf has declared his retirement from fighting. Panicos manager Jamie Alaise made contact with the YOKKAO Team explaining that Panicos is retiring from Muay Thai competition due to the fact that he doesn't have enough time to train in Thailand, run the gym and most importantly spend quality time with his family. "In order to compete against the best he would need to train in Thailand, and if he was to continue Thai Boxing that is what he would want to do." says Jamie Alaise. Panicos Yusuf fought two times in YOKKAO events scoring a win against Rittuak Kaewsamrit at YOKKAO 8 and a loss against the youngest new entry of the YOKKAO Fight Team, Manachai YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM at YOKKAO 20. Panicos Yusuf was scheluded to fight against the Muay Thai superstar Superlek Kiatmoo9 Saturday,March 25th at YOKKAO 23 at the weight of 63kg, but in lieu of his retirement the fight has been cancelled. At the moment, no replacement have been found to fight Superlek,

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