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  1. Saenchai: “Train Like You Fight”

    Saenchai: “Train Like You Fight”

    Legendary words, by a legendary man. In a recent interview with T-Sport, the living legend Saenchai told fans one of the secrets to fighting success is to “train like you fight” and an even more recent video that can be found of the official Yokkao facebook page shows him doing just this. In the video, you will see for yourself Saenchai trains exactly as he fights, which is an important aspect of his being a champion. Saenchai works very hard at perfecting his skills and making them second nature, so he makes sure his training is reflected in his fighting, and his fighting is reflected in his training. And his world class skills were again showcased in his recent win on July 22nd. Make sure to check out the behind the scenes footage from this recent fight on the Yokkao Snapchat account. Make sure to follow the living legends advice, “train like you fight”, and you too could be a champion.

  2. Singdam's Coming to Australia!

    Singdam's Coming to Australia!

    Mark Saturday August 27th on your calendars, and put the dates in your phones, YOKKAO is returning to Australia! Combining the very popular new YOKKAO Next Generation events with previous and action packed women's bouts, YOKKAO is coming back to Australia, this time with 9 women's fights capped with a massive main event headlined by Multi Time Lumpinee Champion Singdam Kitamoo9 against one of the best Muay Thai fighters from Australia to be named soon. Don't miss the first ever event from Dynamite Naksoo and YOKKAO featuring the best Muay Thai female fighters Australia has to offer, and an opportunity to see Singdam Kitamoo9 live in the ring, demonstrating some of the hardest hitting and sharp Muay Thai skills. As always, to stay on top of YOKKAO news/events and updates, make sure you follow on all social media: Facebook, Instagram, Periscope powered by Twitter, You Tube and the new YOKKAO Snapchat, as well as at

  3. Saenchai trains Brazialian Jiu Jitsu in Bangkok!

    Saenchai trains Brazialian Jiu Jitsu in Bangkok!

    [caption id="attachment_2648" align="alignright" width="300"]Saenchai's cartwheel kick in YOKKAO Kimono Saenchai's cartwheel kick in YOKKAO Kimono[/caption] Muay Thai living legend Saenchai, started to train today in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the new YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok, known also as YOKKAO SAENCHAIMUAYTHAIGYM. The first video showing Saenchai's very first armbar and cross collar choke has been released on Instagram generating interest of both Muay Thai and MMA fans who can't wait to see Saenchai's debut in MMA. More news coming soon!

  4. The YOKKAO Team Grows Again!

    The YOKKAO Team Grows Again!

    The YOKKAO Camp, Fight Team, and Coaching Team continues to rapidly grow and evolve each week. Beginning with the new YOKKAO Muay Thai Training Center in Bangkok, home base of fighters like the ‘living legend’ Saenchai, and Singdam, along with master coach Kru Manop, to newer Fight Team members like the young and energetic Manachai, YOKKAO refuses to slow down or get complacent. Last week YOKKAO continued it’s push to stay the best, and working with only the best by welcoming Olympic boxing trainer Ajarn Pui to the YOKKAO coaching team. One of the best boxing trainers in all of Thailand, Ajarn took quite a bit of convincing to join the team as he’s one of the most requested and sought after boxing coaches in the country. Ajarn Pui has coached the legendary fighter Samart Payakaroon, and is currently coaching the super talented Sangmanee Sor Tienpo, continuing this tradition by personally coaching the young Manachai, as well as the entire YOKKAO Fight Team. Ajarn

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