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  1. YOKKAO Hits Hungary with Saenchai and Kru Manop!

    YOKKAO Hits Hungary with Saenchai and Kru Manop!

    YOKKAO is continuing their ever popular world muay thai tour with a next stop in Budapest, Hungary, [caption id="attachment_2638" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Saenchai Muay Thai Gym YOKKAO Saenchai Muay Thai Gym[/caption] giving loyal YOKKAO fans an event they will not want to miss. Join none others than the ‘Living Legend’ Saenchai, along with world class coach Kru Manop at this exclusive technique development workshop. The seminar will not only give you a great taste of authentic Muay Thai, but will allow you to discover the secrets of Saencahi’s dominating signature style by the Living Legend himself. The series of YOKKAO Muay Thai seminars has been sold out around the world, including Hong Kong, the USA, Australia, and the UK, with Hungary next on the hit list. An amazing opportunity

  2. The All New YOKKAO Air Carbon Fight Shorts!

    The All New YOKKAO Air Carbon Fight Shorts!

    With the new YOKKAO Air Carbon Neon muay thai shorts, you will shine just as brightly outside the ringas inside of it! [caption id="attachment_2628" align="alignright" width="350"]YOKKAO Air Carbon Shorts YOKKAO Air Carbon Shorts[/caption] Created with the latest in modern fight apparel technology, the Air Carbon Neon shorts feature much more than just a rockin’ look. With a number of performance innovations you will feel better than ever from the very first time you put them on. Not only cool, soft, and comfortable, the innovative water resistant material quickly absorb and release sweat nearly as fast as your kicks, allowing the fabric to act as a second skin, ensuring maximum breathability, and a bone dry training session. Nothing is worse than damp, sticky shorts that

  3. Singdam Goes Full Beast Mode for 5 x 4 LIVE on FB!

    Singdam Goes Full Beast Mode for 5 x 4 LIVE on FB!

    YOKKAO fan favourite and elite YOKKAO team fighter Singdam Kiatmoo9 has been training very hard for his upcoming fight in China this July 2nd. This fight will be the third event in China for him, marking the halfway point of his 5 fight 2016 contract. He is hard set on ending this fight in the exact same fashion as his 2 past China fights, by definitive KO. With his daily, intensive muay thai training, and tough conditioning sessions, Singdam is pushing himself harder than ever before along with his YOKKAO all star teammates like Saenchai, Manachai, and Petphaitoon. You can catch Singdam on the YOKKAO FB going full ‘Beast Mode’ and really driving his ring conditioning, pushing hard for a complete 5 four minute rounds inside the all new YOKKAO Bangkok Muay Thai Training Center. Make sure to also check out Singdam reppin’ the all new YOKKAO Air Carbon Neon Green fight shorts on IG. Featuring the latest in material innovations including a soft and cool water resistant

  4. 1 – 1 Draw For Manachai

    1 – 1 Draw For Manachai

    In a tough fight yesterday afternoon at Omnoi Stadium in Bangkok, YOKKAO’s youngest fighter Manachai lost on points to Poneak, a fighter who Manachai beat one year ago. It was tough weight cut this time around for the young YOKKAO athlete, after accepting a fight at a weight lower than he used to fighting at, which resulted in a lack of energy in the 4th round. Not one to be brought down by a loss, Manachai will be back stronger, determined, and more dominate than ever. YOKKAO would like to thank everyone for your ongoing support, and make sure to follow Manachai’s training and continued progress on all YOKKAO social media outlets. Facebook, Instagram, our new Snapchat account, Facebook Live, and Periscope powered by Twitter.

  5. YOKKAO Fight Team: Training Together & Training Hard!

    YOKKAO Fight Team: Training Together & Training Hard!

    The entire month of June has seen the atmosphere in the new YOKKAO Muay Thai Training Center becoming electrically charged as the entire Fight Team each have their own personal missions. With 4 exciting fight events coming up, there is not a moment to rest and no time for slacking off. Everyday the YOKKAO Bangkok fight team: Saenchai, Singdam, Petpahiatoon, and young new warrior Manachai, have been hitting the weights hard, the cardio harder, and pounding away on the pads and sparring. • June 18th, Manachai fights at Omnoi Staduim LIVE on YOKKAO Facebook page • June 25th, the Living Legend Saenchai competes in Amsterdam, Holland (live on UFC fight pass) • June 26th, Petphaitoon competes as the only Thai in a four man tournament (live on Workpoint). • July 2nd, Singdam represent YOKKAO and Thailand in China (broadcasted LIVE in China to 1,000,000 people) The YOKKAO fight team doesn’t train like your typical Thai fighters. Armed with barbells, kettlebells,

  6. Factory to Ring: Saenchai Reppin’ the Latest YOKKAO Shorts!

    Factory to Ring: Saenchai Reppin’ the Latest YOKKAO Shorts!

    It is not very often a large company allows you a sneak peek of the factory to view some new products in process, but that is just one of the things that separates YOKKAO from all the competition. With the all new YOKKAO Snapchat account today you can watch many of the most popular lines of YOKKAO gear being hand crafted in the factory, from basic hand wraps, to the all new, cutting edge Carbon Attack Shorts. Watch the Carbon Attack shorts travel all the way from the sewing machine, to the YOKKAO Shop, right up to Living Legend Saenchai’s most recent intense training session within the all new Yokkao Muay Thai Training Center Bangkok. Saenchai loves to try out the latest in YOKKAO gear, and he loved reppin the all new YOKKAO design, and most importantly, they did not let him down! If you have not added YOKKAO to your Snapchat yet, make sure you do it today, as YOKKAO’s Snapchat account will continue to evolve, and will be bringing you many more behind the scene videos

  7. Jake Purdy vs Brad Stanton added to YOKKAO 20!

    Jake Purdy vs Brad Stanton added to YOKKAO 20!

    This October the 8th, 2016 is promising to be the Muay Thai super event of 2016 with 2 YOKKAO events on one night at the cost of only one ticket. Already a packed night of Muay Thai action with Jordan Watson vs Reece McAllister Liam Harrison vs Fabio Pinca and Amy Pirnie vs Dakota Ditcheva, YOKKAO 20 promises to be an even bigger fight night with the addition of two of the UK’s most dangerous fighters facing off against each other: Jake Purdy vs. Brad Stanton, a fight that UK Muay Thai fans will not want to miss. Both fighters are coming into YOKKAO 20 with 2 wins each in YOKKAO events. Brad with a head kick KO to Wayne Fisher at YOKKAO 8 that sent fans into a mad frenzy, as well as winning ‘Fight of the Night’ at YOKKAO 11 against Crice Boussoukou. Jake is YOKKAO UK ranked #1 fighter 72,5kg who last defeated Soloman Wickstead at YOKKAO 18, a repeat of his defeat over Soloman previously at YOKKAO 15 that crushed Solomon’s dreams of revenging that loss. Tickets

  8. YOKKAO is on Snapchat!

    YOKKAO is on Snapchat!

    Ensuring that YOKKAO brings you, it’s loyal fans, every possible way to get up close and personal with their favourite fighters, and trusted gear, YOKKAO is proud to announce their all new Snapchat account. Snapchat as you are probably aware is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and YOKKAO is never been one to fall behind what the fans want and where they want to see it! The YOKKAO Snapchat account will be taking you even deeper behind the scenes and giving you sneak peeks into all their fight camp, daily lives, conditioning, and training programs. From the Living Legend Saenchai, and multi time Lumpinee champion Singdam Kiatmoo9, to the newest addition to the fight team, the 19 year old Manachai. Of course you will also be able to follow Kru Manop, one of the best trainers in Thailand, as well as Petchdam Kiatmoo9 (brother and coach of Singdam), Petphaitoon, and many more of the exciting and world class YOKKAO fighters. Finally, but not least, you will

  9. Modern Warrior Conditioning with the YOKKAO Fight Team!

    Modern Warrior Conditioning with the YOKKAO Fight Team!

    YOKKAO Team fighters take their fighting very serious, so of course their strength & conditioning is taken seriously too. Where many Muay Thai camps and fighters are still carrying on in older, outdated training traditions, the YOKKAO Fight Team is making sure they keep up with the modern science of strength & conditioning. As we can see in the pictures of todays conditioning session, having a solid yet dynamic training regimen is very important for all the fighters, and each exercise has a specific set of qualities they improve. Deadlifts as performed by Singdam, are one of the best exercises at developing total body strength, and posterior chain development. Saenchai is performing the ‘Turkish Getup’, an exercise that really targets the entire core, and helps to develop increased shoulder strength, along with shoulder range of motion and stability. Manachai is on the ‘Battle Ropes’, a series of exercises made popular in MMA S&C that are excellent for

  10. T Minus 4 to Manachai's fight at Omnoi Stadium!

    T Minus 4 to Manachai's fight at Omnoi Stadium!

    With only 4 short days left until his next fight, Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym, the YOKKAO Fight [caption id="attachment_2510" align="alignright" width="350"]Manachai YOKKAO Training Center Manachai YOKKAO Training Center[/caption] Teams youngest fighter at only 19 years old is already well underway recording his name in the pages of Muay Thai history. Manachai is the first fighter of the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok, to fight under the gym name YOKKAOSaenchaiGym, but that is by far not the only note worthy aspect. The young fighter is also the first to be trained under the best fight preparation team in the Muay Thai business: Kru Manop as his head trainer, with Singdam, Petphaitoon and Petchdam Kiatmoo9 as his trusted assistant trainers and sparring partners. To top that off, supervising the entire training

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