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  1. Pakorn's CrossFit Training preview!

    Pakorn's CrossFit Training preview!

    This video is a preview of the special workout routine Pakorn PK MuayThaiGym is doing these days at CrossFitBK under the guidance of Ror Alexander and Henrik Olofsson. Both Alexander and Olofsson are Aspire Club professional trainers with an impressive background in training-specific strength and conditioning. The workout, which was filmed by Rocket Media, Bangkok’s premiere marketing agency and official sponsor of YOKKAO 10 and 11, will be examined at the end of the program to verify the results gained in terms of speed, strength, power, and flexibility. For the occasion, Yokkao Boxing has created equipment specifically for the CrossFit workout in collaboration with the coaches. This equipment includes: special throwing bags, 10kg and 15kg weighted balls, and a variety of other interesting items that will be available in December at Don' miss Pakorn PK MuayThaiGym in action

  2. Karim Bennoui enters YOKKAO 10!

    Karim Bennoui enters YOKKAO 10!

    Karim Bennoui has entered the YOKKAO 10 card as a late replacement for Keith McLachlan. Bennoui will face off against Panicos Yusuf, who is still enjoying his moment in the spotlight after defeating the Thai Rittuak Kaewsamrit at YOKKAO 8. [caption id="attachment_151" align="alignright" width="340"]Panicos Yusuf in action at YOKKAO 8 Panicos Yusuf in action at YOKKAO 8[/caption] Bennoui, who is better known as “Le Chirurgien" because of his accuracy in delivering techniques, is considered one of the three best fighters in the world in the 62kg weight class. His superb mix of speed and force is sure to put a strain on Yusuf’s game plan. The match will take place in the 62kg weigh class in 5

  3. Tim Thomas replaces Liam Harrison to fight Kongsak at YOKKAO 10!

    Tim Thomas replaces Liam Harrison to fight Kongsak at YOKKAO 10!

    It’s been confirmed that Tim Thomas will replace Liam Harrison to fight Kongsak Sitboonmee in the 65kg weight class in 5x5 minute rounds of full Muay Thai action. Tim Thomas, who is already known for his performance against Reece Mc Allister at YOKKAO 8, is now set to make his return against the highly decorated Muay Thai fighter, Kongsak Sitboonmee. At the news of the change of opponent, Kongsak said “I imagined that Liam for one reason or another would not fight with me. I’m ready for any fighter.” Tim Thomas is a fighter with all the right credentials and an excellent record of 78 fights with 61 wins, 15 losses, and 2 draws. Kongsak, with a record of over 300 fights, is a step up for any fighter. Tim Thomas’s skills will surely be tested when he will face the Thai champion. Tim Thomas vs Kongsak Sitboonmee will take place at YOKKAO 10. The main event of YOKKAO 10 will feature Jordan Watson vs Mickael Piscitello. The question

  4. Liam Harrison out of YOKKAO 11 due to injury!

    Liam Harrison out of YOKKAO 11 due to injury!

    It's official. Liam Harrison will not be able to fight against Kongsak [caption id="attachment_133" align="alignright" width="250"]Liam Harrison's shin Liam Harrison's shin[/caption] Sitboonmee at YOKKAO 11 due to a shin injury that Liam sustained in his recent fight against Mehdi Zathout. Liam Harrison and his trainer Richard Smith (Bad Company Yokkao Training Center), initially confirmed the participation in the event thinking that the injury would heal quick enough to have time to prepare for Kongsak. In fact, the injury was not that serious, but the doctor who examined Harrison did not give him the green light to fight. "The health of the athletes is first of all, we want the fighter to be at 100% of their capacity,”

  5. YOKKAO 6: Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs Wanchalerm Uddonmuang free on Youtube!

    YOKKAO 6: Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs Wanchalerm Uddonmuang free on Youtube!

    Released yesterday FREE on Youtube the main event of YOKKAO 6, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs Wanchalerm Uddonmuang, held in Thailand on January 3rd, 2014 at Pattaya World Boxing Stadium The weight was settled at 66 kg in 3 rounds x 3 minutes, powered by a KO Bonus in case of knockout or counting. Pure adrenaline for a great YOKKAO fight that is going viral on the web!

  6. YOKKAO 10 and YOKKAO 11 Full-Cards!

    YOKKAO 10 and YOKKAO 11 Full-Cards!

    The complete fight cards for YOKKAO 10 and YOKKAO 11 have been officially released. The two massive events that will take place in the same night, have been dubbed by many fans as the “Muay Thai Day of the Year.” Promoters Stefania Picelli and Brian Calder came together with the idea to host two events on the same day as a way to give fans the most anticipated day in Muay Thai, the kind of day that, if you a real fan of Muay Thai, you won’t want to miss. If you have been following our Facebook and Twitter feeds, then you will already know about our action filled cards. If you haven't, here are the cards in full: YOKKAO 10 [caption id="attachment_107" align="alignright" width="350"]Jordan Watson vs Kem Sitsongpeenong at Yokkao Extreme 2013

  7. Liam Harrison’s reply to Kongsak!

    Liam Harrison’s reply to Kongsak!

    After defeating Mehdi Zatout for the WBC world title this Saturday in England, Liam Harrison asked Yokkao for the chance to reply to what Kongsak declared during his last interview released few days ago. In that interview Kongsak defined Liam Harrison as an “average” fighter, a reductive adjective for someone who won 4 world titles, faced off against the best fighters and has also been considered by the Muay Thai legend, Saenchai, as "the best farang I have ever fought with.” With an atmosphere of a real war this fight is becoming more interesting than what was expected. But that’s not all because Yokkao Boxing has some even bigger news on the way. Don't miss YOKKAO 10 and YOKKAO 11, 2 events in 1 night saturday 11th October 2014 Reebok Stadium - Bolton. Tickets are on sale at >>> [caption id="attachment_98" align="alignnone"

  8. Pakorn wins vs Saketdao at Lumpinee Stadium!

    Pakorn wins vs Saketdao at Lumpinee Stadium!

    Another win for Pakorn, the most valued fighter of the moment and newest entry of the Yokkao Fight Team. With a decisive victory of 50-47 by all three judges this win adds stock to Pakorn’s portfolio, confirming him as the Lumpinee Stadium champion. Considering that Saenchai probably will not fight anymore at Lumpinee, Pakorn is now the strongest fighter in the -65kg weigh division. He holds a gold contract with Yokkao Boxing and Stefania Picelli, allowing him to fight and conduct seminars abroad as well as in Thailand. Pakorn's Yokkao debut is scheduled for YOKKAO 10 on October 11, 2014 in Bolton, England and will feature him facing one of United Kingdom’s best at 63.5kg, Greg Wootton. For this reason, during her recent stay in Thailand, Stefania Picelli, together with the direction of Yokkao Boxing, designed a special training schedule for Pakorn that is sure to up his ring aggression. While you are waiting for the video of Pakorn we wish you a good workout

  9. Runmai Mo Tammachat ready for Dean James at YOKKAO 11!

    Runmai Mo Tammachat ready for Dean James at YOKKAO 11!

    After defeating Gery Bavetta by points at YOKKAO 7 and the Chinese fighter Ji Wenhao by KO at YOKKAO 9, Runmai Mo Tammachat is now ready to face off against Dean James at YOKKAO 11 in Bolton, England. Both Runmai Mo Tammachat and Dean James are coming off of wins by TKO. Runmai left the audience shocked as he defeated Ji Wenhao by flying knee at YOKKAO 9 while Dean James surprised everyone when he defeated Rungravee Sasiprapa using powerful kicks at YOKKAO 8. In the event of another win by TKO or KO at YOKKAO 11, YOKKAO will present the winner of this fight with the opportunity to be part of one of the next YOKKAO events that will soon be released. Muay Thai Superstars Pakorn Pk MuayThaiGym, Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson, Kongsak Sitboonmee, Mickael Piscitello, Crice Boussoukou, Runmai Mo Tammchat, Dean James, Greg Wootton, Brad Stanton and many others are ready to write a page in the Muay Thai history book of the UK. YOKKAO 10 and YOKKAO 11. Two events. One night. You don’t

  10. Kongsak Sitboonmee talks Liam Harrison for YOKKAO 11!

    Kongsak Sitboonmee talks Liam Harrison for YOKKAO 11!

    Here is Kongsak Sitboonmee’s interview that was released yesterday on Kongsak is the newest fighter of Yokkao’s Military Fight Team and will face off with Liam Harrison on Saturday, October 11, in Bolton, England at Supershowdown presents Yokkao 11. Kongsak is a Muay Thai fighter with an impressive record of over 300 fights and multiple times Lumpinee Stadium champion. In this interview he promises Liam Harrison to let him know the true meaning of pain. The interview was filmed one month ago but released yesterday on YouTube and it is generating much discussion on the web, preparing the right climate for what is sure to be a real war. Do you really think Liam Harrison is an average fighter? Will Kongsak show Harrison what it really means to be in a fight? Let us know what you think in the comments below through Facebook.

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