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One highly-anticipated appearance on YOKKAO 35 – 36 has to be the return of Liam Harrison to the YOKKAO ring. With about a month left to fight night, Harrison’s match-up has just been finalized. The UK number one will take on Italian fighter Ivan Naccari. Naccari recently fought on the

A third title bout has now been confirmed and added to YOKKAO 35 – 36 taking place on 26 January 2019. The previously announced fight between Yodchai from YOKKAO Fight Team and Jonathan Astarita from Italy will now be an official WBC Lightweight Intercontinental title match. Yodchai has built a

Muay Thai & MMA Gear Reviews Muay Thai MMA Gear Reviews

In its continual quest in developing innovative gear and equipment, YOKKAO has come up with an original pad training equipment unlike anything on the market. With inputs from the trainers and fighters of YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, the product development team has come up with the all-new Bomber Pad. Traditionally,


Bag work is a standard and important part of Muay Thai, and also for almost all stand-up striking. After adequate warm-up, and perhaps a few rounds doing shadow boxing, it’s off for a few rounds on the heavy bags. There are various ways of training with a heavy bag in


The first and most important gear for anyone taking up Muay Thai is a pair of gloves. Finding the right pair, especially for a beginner, can be a daunting task. There are so many models available from different brands that it can be hard to make a decision. Muay Thai

Labor Day Muay Thai

For 5 days from now till 3rd September, YOKKAO will be celebrating Labor Day with a storewide sale. To show appreciation for the contributions made by workers around the world, all YOKKAO products in the online store will receive 20% off usual prices during this limited time period! Labor Day