YOKKAO Next Generation Birmingham

YOKKAO Next Generation Birmingham

NOTICE: Due to technical issues and some fighters unavailability, we are sorry to inform our fans that YOKKAO Next Generation Birmingham has been postponed to another date which will be released soon.
All the tickets bought through Paypal will be refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

With Scotland in February and Southampton in April, the Muay Thai talent-searching YOKKAO Next Generation has now confirmed Birmingham as another stop on the UK circuit. 

YOKKAO adds another solid partnership in the expansion of its promoter network. The brand will collaborate with renowned Birmingham promoter, Steve Logan, for the YOKKAO Next Generation Birmingham. Similar to Next Generation Scotland collaborative concept, the Birmingham show will be held in partnership with Steve’s existing long-running K-Star fighters promotion. The event is set to feature A class, B class, C class as well as N class bouts. There is much more at stakes for the competitors this time round as they get the chance to be spotted and fight for the prestigious YOKKAO events in Bolton. 


Steve is the founder and owner of the K-Star Thai Boxing Academy based in Birmingham. With over 20 years of experience imparting the art of Muay Thai to the UK community, K-Star is now the number one Muay Thai academy in the area and a highly-regarded name in the country. There is no person more in tuned with the Birmingham Muay Thai scene than Steve. 


YOKKAO Next Generation Birmingham will be held at Tower ballroom located on Reservoir road, Edgbaston, on 19th May Saturday. Doors open at 3pm with the fights scheduled to start at 4pm. Ringside seats go for £45, seated area for £35, and the standing area for £30. Grab your tickets, head on down and support the local talents in their quest to be the best. 


Contact news@yokkao.com for participating information.


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Yokkao Birmingham