YOKKAO 35 & 36

YOKKAO 35 & 36



YOKKAO 35 – 36 will head to the Italian city of Turin on 26th January 2019 for a night of world-class Muay Thai action. Organized in partnership with Thai Boxe Mania promoter, Carlo Barbuto, the double event will take place at the Palaruffini multi-purpose indoor arena and is shaping up to be one of YOKKAO’s biggest shows.


Besides the massive 5000-seat capacity, YOKKAO 35 – 36 has set up an impressive lineup for its return to Italy. Four prominent figures from the YOKKAO Fight Team are now confirmed to make appearances for the Turin showdown including Saenchai, Singdam, Manachai and Spencer Brown.


Saenchai is a Muay Thai living legend, considered by many to be one of the greatest fighters of all time. He has captured numerous titles and awards with a flamboyant yet effective fighting style unlike any others in the history of combat sports. Saenchai holds a fight record of 332 fights that include 286 wins.


He is joined by YOKKAO teammate and fellow legend, Singdam who is a multi-time Lumpinee champion with a total of 340 fights in his career. Other than the 2 Muay Thai veterans, the fight team’s young stars, Manachai and Spencer Brown will inject additional adrenaline into the show with their brand of dynamite fighting style.


At just 22 years old with a record of 295 fights and 204 wins, Manachai has built a reputation for an exciting ring presence with his crippling low kicks. He racked up an impressive 13 wins out of his last 14 appearances, with half of the victories via knockouts. Spencer adds a forward-moving style to the mix with strong powerful punches that have earned him the nickname of “The Body Snatcher” and “The KO Kid”.


There are more reasons to be in Turin as YOKKAO Next Generation Kids will also be held one day after on the 27th January 2019 for 2 days of back-to-back Muay Thai entertainment. The event will be headlined by the junior Thai fighters who train out of YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok and bright, young prospects from around Italy.


YOKKAO 35 – 36 will be a double treat with two events on one night for the price of one ticket.


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YOKKAO 35 – 36 si terra’ in collaborazione con ThaiBoxeMania il 26 gennaio 2019 a Torino, per una serata internazionale all’insegna della Muay Thai. Il doppio evento si svolgerà presso l’arena polifunzionale Palaruffini e si preannuncia come uno dei più grandi spettacoli al mondo di Muay Thai.


Oltre alla massiccia capacità di 5000 posti, YOKKAO 35 – 36 offrira’ due fight card impressionanti. Direttamente da Bangkok, quattro figure di spicco del Team YOKKAO sono confermate per la searata: Saenchai, Singdam, Manachai e Spencer Brown.


Saenchai è la leggenda vivente della Muay Thai, considerato come uno dei più grandi fighter di tutti i tempi. Ha vinto numerosi titoli mondiali e premi grazie ad uno stile di combattimento fiammeggiante ed efficace, diverso da tutti gli altri nella storia degli sport da combattimento. Detiene un record di 332 match con l’impressionante numero di 286 vittorie.


Per la serata, sara’ prevista la partecipazione di un’altra leggenda vivente della Muay Thai: Singdam YOKKAOSaenchaiGym, un pluripremiato campione dello stadio Lumpinee con un totale di 340 combattimenti e 272 vittorie. Oltre ai 2 veterani della Muay Thai, le giovani star del team YOKKAO, Manachai e Spencer Brown, inietteranno ulteriore adrenalina nello show con il loro stile di combattimento.


Manachai con un record di 295 combattimenti e 204 vittorie, a soli 22 anni ha costruito una reputazione per una presenza eccitante nel ring con i suoi low kick micidiali. Ha collezionato ben 13 vittorie nelle ultime 14 presenze, con metà di quest’ultime per KO. Il giovane inglese Spencer Brown, residenten nella palestra YOKKAO di Bangkok, si e’ fatto conoscere in Thailandia per i suoi pugni potenti e i continui KO. I fans lo hanno soprannominato “The KO Kid”.


Oltre ai due eventi, nella stessa serata, al prezzo di un’unico biglietto, c’e’ un motivo in piu’ per recarsi a Torino: il 27 gennaio 2019 si terra’ al Palaruffini il primo evento mondiale di Muay Thai dedicato ai bambini: YOKKAO Next Generation Kids. L’evento sarà messo in evidenza dai giovani combattenti thailandesi che si allenano dal YOKKAO Training Center di Bangkok e da giovani e brillanti prospettive da tutta Italia.


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YOKKAO Kids Italy


YOKKAO To Host Biggest Kids Event in 5000-Seat Arena!


The Italian Muay Thai scene is getting a jolt of fresh energy with the arrival of YOKKAO Next Generation Kids. With new Italian promoter, Carlo Barbuto from ThaiBoxeMania on board, the leading junior Muay Thai event series from YOKKAO is expanding with Italy joining the global initiative in discovering and grooming the new generation of fighters.


Both the date and venue have been confirmed for the show that will take place on 27th January 2019 at the PalaRuffini in Turin, Italy. The amazing 5000-seater will make this the biggest event for junior fighters anywhere in the world.


In another step towards globalising YOKKAO Next Generation Kids, the event will be headlined by the lively junior Thai fighters who train out of YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. The young prospects have been featured regularly on YOKKAO Instagram, training and learning with the very best at the camp. They will now test and pit their skills against the best in the European region.


First launched in November 2017, YOKKAO Next Generation Kids has quickly received wide acclaim in the UK as well as the international Muay Thai community for its support of the junior fight scene. There is no other brand outside of Thailand that is as passionate as YOKKAO in helping to shape the future of Muay Thai.


Fight fans in Italy will be in for a back-to-back double treat as YOKKAO 35 - 36 has been scheduled to take place on 26th January 2019 in the same arena at Turin, just 1 day before the Kids show. It has been confirmed that living legend, Saenchai will be headlining the official event. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on YOKKAO 35 - 36 which will be released in the coming days.


YOKKAO now invites gyms and parents who wish to propose their young fighters for the Next Generation Kids shows to write in to fighters@yokkao.com for more information. The global Muay Thai movement is growing. It’s the new Muay Thai revolution and the kids are taking over the world.


Registration is now open to all parents and gyms who wish to propose their kids to fight on this event. To register your interest, please use the form provided below which will help us in matchmaking and determining the weight categories. After we have received the applications, we will get back on the requirements and conditions for official registration.