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  1. Breaking News: Liam Harrison at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok!

    Breaking News: Liam Harrison at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok!

    While YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok has no short of visitors on a daily basis, the gym received a special guest on Tuesday. He is none other than UK number one and YOKKAO World Champion Liam Harrison. Harrison has flew halfway across the globe to be at the YOKKAO camp for a few weeks of training in preparation of his upcoming fight. On the cards for the UK legend is his highly-anticipated and confirmed on YOKKAO 38 in Bolton on 23 March 2019. Matchmaking is in the final stages and word has it that he will square off against an elite fighter. The YOKKAO World Title -65kg will be on the line and Harrison is not taking it lightly. In his 20-year career, the Englishman has won top accolades of the sport including WBC world titles. He was also the recipient of Muay Siam Magazine Foreign Fighter of the Year in 2007. Harrison won the YOKKAO World Champion title in 2016 and has since defended it successfully on 2 different occasions. The Muay Thai star’s last appearance in the YOKKAO

  2. YOKKAO Reaches New Milestone With Manachai’s WBC Title Win

    YOKKAO Reaches New Milestone With Manachai’s WBC Title Win

    YOKKAO recently held its 33rd and 34th edition of its official event in Hong Kong. For the first time ever, YOKKAO hosted a WBC Muay Thai World title bout as the main event showpiece. The headlining matchup featured Manachai against Brazilian fighter Julio Lobo for the welterweight championship belt. With the coveted title on the line, both fighters delivered the performance of their respective careers. Manachai edged over his opponent with a sound strategy, dismantling Lobo’s advantageous reach through a tight defense and well-strategized offense. After a hard-fought battle that went to the judges, the YOKKAO fighter won the fight on points to take home the WBC championship gold. As a Muay Thai brand, YOKKAO is perhaps best known for its premium range of fight gear, equipment and apparel. YOKKAO event promotions and seminars are also widely acclaimed on an international
  3. YOKKAO Holds First-Ever Halloween Party

    YOKKAO Holds First-Ever Halloween Party

    Things are about to get spooky, wild and crazy on 31 October.  YOKKAO is proud to present the first edition of its Halloween party at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Halloween is a festival originally dedicated to remembering the dead but as it developed over time, it is now celebrated by people of all social, racial and religious backgrounds. Today, Halloween costumes have become synonymous with the festival, lending to the celebration a fun and festive feel enjoyed by all ages. To celebrate this year's frightful occasion, YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok will open its door for a Halloween costume party. Enjoy free food and drinks, whilst a rare chance to mingle with the YOKKAO Fight Team like you’ve never seen before. Judging by last year’s Halloween masquerade at the YOKKAO gym, this year’s party is set to be a scary good time. The madness will begin at 5pm on 31 October at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok and is open to to all. To gain entry, simply show

  4. Benefits of Battle Ropes Training for Muay Thai

    Benefits of Battle Ropes Training for Muay Thai

    The advent and improvements in sports science have allowed athletes of all disciplines to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. As the sport of Muay Thai advances, trainers have begun to experiment with progressive training methods to boost the performance of their fighters.

    So far, the consensus is that high intensity interval training  (HIIT) works best for fighters in terms of building endurance, strength, agility and power. Besides using resistance bands which was discussed in an earlier article, another of the most popular exercises for fight gyms is battle ropes training.

    While the history of training with ropes goes back to ancient times, battle ropes exercises as we know them today, are systematized over the past decade or so. It was initially designed for strongman competitions but subsequently found its way into fight sports and even mainstream gyms. For fight gyms and trainers who have stuck

  5. Qualities of A Good Muay Thai Gym

    Qualities of A Good Muay Thai Gym

    As fight sports get more popular, finding a gym to train martial arts is getting easier year after year. Martial artists are spoilt for choices especially for those living in cities. Muay Thai is widely-acknowledged as one of the most effective stand-up striking arts, leading to the mushrooming of Thai boxing gyms around the world. With so many gyms comes the issue of varying quality and training style.

    People train in the art of 8 limbs for various reasons too. Some do it for fitness, while some do it to compete. Choosing a good Muay Thai gym will depend on the individual’s training objective and so it goes that the qualities of a good gym varies accordingly too. Whether it’s back at home or in Thailand, here are some indicators to look out for when searching for the right Muay Thai gym:

    Good Trainers
    Good trainers are truly what make a good gym. Trainers are the first-line experience for

  6. When to Visit Bangkok for Muay Thai Vacations

    When to Visit Bangkok for Muay Thai Vacations

    It’s a dream for Muay Thai enthusiasts around the world - to take a trip to the sport’s country of origin.

    Every year, thousands upon thousands of visitors descend upon Thailand for training vacations. During the course of days, weeks or months, Muay Thai practitioners and beginners immerse themselves in the intensive training that have given the world its best champions and legends.

    Bangkok city is without a doubt, the mecca of Muay Thai. The world’s eminent stadiums of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern are both found in the capital, along with the country’s top Muay Thai camps. Other than the reasons mentioned, Bangkok offers an efficient public transport system, diverse world-class attractions and endless entertainment outlets. All of these combine for a truly unique vacation that is unlike anywhere in the world.

    Timing is always important when it comes to planning for such a trip. Given that the equator is just 15 degrees south of the country, Thailand is known for its

  7. Importance of Hydration While Training Muay Thai in Thailand

    Importance of Hydration While Training Muay Thai in Thailand

    Few workouts in the world can compare to Muay Thai when it comes to the intensity. A full session of Muay Thai training can easily burn over 1000 calories! It’s not surprising why more and more people are taking up the sport for fitness or weight-loss.

    Every year, thousands of Muay Thai enthusiasts come to Thailand to learn the art in its land of birth. While the training is in itself a challenging workout, the country’s heat adds to the intensity. It is not uncommon for foreigners to overtrain within the first week, largely due to the year-round tropical climate. Temperatures frequently go above 100 degrees Fahrenheit or up to 40 degree Celsius between March to May. Even during the cooler season from November through February, 100-degree (F) days are common. Coupled with the high humidity that permeates the country for most parts of the year, getting drenched in perspiration is the order of the everyday.

    Most first-timers to Thailand underestimate the humid heat and

  8. Cutting Weight in Muay Thai

    Cutting Weight in Muay Thai

    Cutting weight is a critical part of fighting. It is a complex aspect related to successful pairing of fighters and has a direct influence on the outcome of a match. Mention "weight-cut" and most people picture a fighter running in a vinyl sauna suit, all drenched in sweat. Most fighters tend to compete at a weight that is several pounds less than their walkaround weight. With a proper cut for the weigh-in, it is possible to gain a weight advantage after refueling. This is especially more common for events where weigh-ins are held a day before the actual bouts. In some competitions, weigh-ins are held the same day which minimizes the effect of such disparities. Why cut weight for a fight instead of fighting at walkaround weight? The topic remains one that is still widely discussed but weight divisions allow for fights to be matched in a regulated manner. Most professional fighters compete within 10 pounds range of their normal weight. This is not as extreme compared to MMA where fighters

  9. Spencer Brown Back in Thailand Ready For Lumpinee Debut!

    Spencer Brown Back in Thailand Ready For Lumpinee Debut!

    After a solid victory at YOKKAO 30 held in the UK earlier this month, Spencer Brown seized the opportunity to take a well-deserved break back in his hometown in Scotland. The YOKKAO fighter is now sufficiently recharged and ready to take on new challenges as he makes his way back to Bangkok and rejoin his team mates at YOKKAO Training Center. Spencer has earned a reputation for always putting up a great show in the ring, both in and out of Thailand. Win, or lose, the young explosive fighter never fails to deliver a smashing good fight. Arriving at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok in 2016, Spencer has adapted to the arduous life of a Thai fighter. He adjusted to the environment, and faced various obstacles which he overcame one after another. Spencer’s greatest takeaway has been training alongside and learning from the YOKKAO Fight Team’s elite fighters like Saenchai, Singdam and Manachai. Since then, he has racked up a series of impressive wins. The KO Kid is now ready

  10. Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat Comes to YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

    Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat Comes to YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

    YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok frequently receives world-renowned champions and coaches who drop by to train or assist in the training. Some of the guests in the past have included fighters like Dzhabar Askerov, Tetsuya Yamato, and also top trainers like UFC striking coach Frank Lester, and famous martial arts breakdown specialist, Barry Robinson. This week, another Muay Thai champion has arrived at the camp: he is none other than Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat. Iquezang is here to help prepare Manachai for upcoming fight on March 24th, stepping up as a sparring and clinching partner. Iquezang’s unique name comes from the famous Japanese Zen Buddhist, Ikkyu-san of whom an anime series was based on. The 28 year-old is a seasoned Thai fighter who has frequently competed in Kard Chuek matches (notorious bouts with ropes instead of padded gloves). Iquezang brings with him many years of ring experience and an aggressive fighting style that will complement Manachai’s technical mastery.

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