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  1. YOKKAO 30: Paul Karpowicz vs Ja Kiatphontip!

    YOKKAO 30: Paul Karpowicz vs Ja Kiatphontip!

    Another match up has been confirmed for YOKKAO 30 card and it looks to be a real cracking fight. Both stylistic fighters are known to put up rip-roaring shows - it’s British homegrown hero, Paul Karpowicz against Thai warrior, Ja Kiatphontip. Both Paul and Ja will be making their second appearance on an YOKKAO event - Paul fought and lost against Keith McLachlan on YOKKAO 13 while Ja took the win over Jonathan Haggerty on YOKKAO 28. Regardless of the results, both fighters left a deep impression for their outstanding performances in their respective fights. Paul is a fluid fighter, well-known for his creativity and unpredictability in the ring that never fails to entertain the crowds. His nickname of “The Magician” says a lot of his fighting style. He is well-regarded within the community for his passion; Muay Thai is more than sport but an artform that he strives to perfect. Every opponent he meets takes him another step towards his goal. Ja comes Thailand but

  2. YOKKAO Instagram Video Garners over 2 million views!

    YOKKAO Instagram Video Garners over 2 million views!

    YOKKAO has once again shown why it is number one in the Muay Thai social media-sphere. The latest video on YOKKAO IG account to go viral is a clip of Liam Harrison’s low-kick knockout win at the recent YOKKAO 27. The clip has spread like wildfire on social media, reaching 1 million views in just 2 days of being uploaded. In just a few days’ time, a record of over 2 million views has been achieved and is still going strong. The video has really gone viral and was even shared by social media giant SportBible. In the short 20-second video clip, Liam Harrison shows why he’s still at the top of the game. The fight took place at the recent YOKKAO 27 held in Bolton UK where Harrison was matched-up against a young, iron fist opponent in Kevin Burmester. Despite facing a hungry and strong opponent, Harrison’s experience and fight IQ shows as he dismantled Burmester with tree-chopping leg kicks and took home a win for the day with TKO via referee stoppage. Besides its

  3. It’s Time to Vote! YOKKAO Sparring Goes to The Polls on Instagram!

    It’s Time to Vote! YOKKAO Sparring Goes to The Polls on Instagram!

    YOKKAO has always been an advocate of adopting the most current social media trends in reaching out to the fans. The hottest buzz introduced recently on Instagram stories is the poll feature where followers can participate in voting. YOKKAO has swiftly joined in the fun by creating a reality based Muay Thai “video game” for its IG followers and it’s already going viral. This is how the game works: Sparring videos featuring the YOKKAO Fight Team members will be uploaded on YOKKAO Instagram Stories. Everyone can view and vote on who they think is the better-performing fighting in the sparring. Remember to vote objectively for the better fighter rather than as a fan supporting your idol. You play the role of a competition judge and score the fighters accordingly. Let the games begin! Vote the sparring winner at

  4. YOKKAO confirms first 8 cities to visit with Saenchai and Manachai in USA!

    YOKKAO confirms first 8 cities to visit with Saenchai and Manachai in USA!

    It’s official: this February 2017, YOKKAO USA Seminar tour with Saenchai and Manachai is scheduled to visit some of the best Muay Thai Gyms & training centers North America has to offer. (Dates,Locations & Contact Info Listed Below) [caption id="attachment_2965" align="alignright" width="380"]YOKKAO Muay Thai Seminar USA: Saenchai and Manachai YOKKAO Muay Thai Seminar USA: Saenchai and Manachai[/caption] THE FIGHTERS Saenchai Well known as the Muay Thai Living Legend Saenchai is considered the best pound for pound Muay Thai fighters in history with an impressive record of 354 fights and over 299 wins. Manachai Coming from the North of Thailand, Manachai, at just 20yrs old is already beginning to write

  5. The YOKKAO Squad ready to invade Hong Kong!

    The YOKKAO Squad ready to invade Hong Kong!

    [caption id="attachment_2910" align="alignright" width="380"]YOKKAO 21 - YOKKAO 22 Hong Kong YOKKAO 21 - YOKKAO 22 Hong Kong[/caption] Flying in direct from Bangkok to Hong Kong are some of the best fighters YOKKAO has to offer its fans who will be attending and viewing YOKKAO 21-22, this Friday, October 28th at the BBQ Party in Tai Po. Names on the fight card include the Living legend Saenchai, the young phenom Manachai, IFMA gold medalist Fah, YOKKAO's first foreign fighter Erhan, all to be supported by no other than Kru Manop and Kru Petcham. The YOKKAO Dream team will face stiff competition from a experienced team of talented opponents from all over the world, made up of tested fighters like Australian Talent Kurtis Staiti, US resident Ognjen Topic, the French Star Azize Hlali and Hong Kong's very own

  6. Tickets for YOKKAO 23 - YOKKAO 24 are on SALE!

    Tickets for YOKKAO 23 - YOKKAO 24 are on SALE!

    The Next YOKKAO event in UK will take place Saturday, March 25th, 2017 once again at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. The night of YOKKAO 23 and YOKKAO 24 will host two events in one night at the price of only one ticket, featuring some of the greatest superstars Muay Thai has to offer. Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson and Manachai YOKKASAENCHAIGYM have already been confirmed to fight. Due to the overwhellming demand from our fans tickets are going on sale NOW! Don’t forget that our last 4 previous events were completely SOLD OUT. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend and witness the most prestigious and in demand Muay Thai promotion outside of Thailand. Tickets on sale at

  7. YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20: The Real Deal For Muay Thai!

    YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20: The Real Deal For Muay Thai!

    Saturday, October 8th, 2016 the night of the sold out YOKKAO 19 and YOKKAO 20 took place once again at the famous Macron Stadium in Bolton. [caption id="attachment_2843" align="alignright" width="400"]YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20 SOLD OUT YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20 SOLD OUT[/caption] Coming from all parts of England & Europe the attendants described the night as "The Real Deal for Muay Thai". At the 20th event, YOKKAO established not only itself as the Premiere Muay Thai Promotion outside of Thailand, but set the country of England and their fighters at the pinnacle of Muay Thai. A pure dedication result made by the YOKKAO promoters Brian Calder, Stefania Picelli, the YOKKAO Team, trainers, fighters and fans of Muay Thai who gave their best to yet again write a page in the annals of Muay Thai

  8. YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20 Weigh-in Results and Video

    YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20 Weigh-in Results and Video

    YOKKAO 19 and YOKKAO 20 weigh-in took place yesterday October 7th 2016 at Mezzanine Macron Stadium in Bolton. Amy Pirnie's opponent changed with Ludivine Lasnier due to Dakota's injury. *** YOKKAO 20 Weigh-in results *** England (YOKKAO Fight Team) vs England (YOKKAO UK Ranking -70kg) Jordan Watson 68.70 kg vs. Ben Hodge 70.30 kg Thailand (YOKKAO Fight Team) vs England -63kg Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym 62.80 kg vs. Panicos Yusuf 62.10 kg YOKKAO UK Ranking -70kg Jake Purdy 68.80 kg vs. Brad Stanton 69.10 kg (fight set at 69kg) YOKKAO Next Generation -50kg Amy Pirnie 49.90 kg vs. Ludivine Lasnier YOKKAO UK Ranking -65kg Nathan Bendon 65.50 kg vs. Jack Kennedy 65.30 kg YOKKAO UK vs Spain -61.5kg Myk Estlick 60.40 kg vs. Carlos Campos 61.40 kg *** YOKKAO 19 Weigh-in results *** England vs France -66.5kg Liam Harrison 66 kg vs Fabio Pinca 65.60 kg YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,5kg Chris Shaw

  9. Singdam Defeats Jake Moulden in Australia

    Singdam Defeats Jake Moulden in Australia

    In a fight that went 5 full rounds, YOKKAO fan favorite Singdam Kiatmoo9 defeated Australia’s own Jake Moulden at YOKKAO’s sold out Next Generation event in Melbourne last Saturday, August 27th. [caption id="attachment_2718" align="alignright" width="350"]Singdam Kiatmoo9 vs Jake Moulden Singdam Kiatmoo9 vs Jake Moulden[/caption] Singdam, very well know for having one strongest kicks in Thailand faced Jake on his home turf of Australia and took home a unanimous points decision from the judges. A solid liver kick by Singdam that took Jake to the ground was just one of many great strikes showcased by Singdam. Jake however showed true heart, and fought very well lasting the complete 5 rounds with a fighter known for his powerful knockout wins. Singdam will next be fighting in China, with the 5th of an 8 fight

  10. YOKKAO Opens Negotiations with the USA

    YOKKAO Opens Negotiations with the USA

    YOKKAO, one of the top names in Muay Thai globally is currently negotiating an expansion of their distribution partners to within the US. This week the professional Muay Thai organization sat to a formal meeting at YOKKAO HQ located in Bangkok, Thailand with a very strong potential partner who may be allowed rights to the YOKKAO brand within the US. A YOKKAO distribution partner(s) in the US will be a very welcome advancement for YOKKAO fans, Muay Thai practitioners, and amateur /professional fighters. Currently, a very high amount of YOKKAO gear and apparel is being purchased and sent to the US for private customers who are covering the additional international shipping rates / associated fees themselves. Distribution and domestic stock within the continental US will quickly relieve these extra costs, as well as alleviate waiting periods. Always looking ahead, YOKKAO wants to ensure their loyal customers receive only the best and most efficient possible experiences when purchasing

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