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  1. Cutting Weight in Muay Thai

    Cutting Weight in Muay Thai

    Cutting weight is a critical part of fighting. It is a complex aspect related to successful pairing of fighters and has a direct influence on the outcome of a match. Mention "weight-cut" and most people picture a fighter running in a vinyl sauna suit, all drenched in sweat. Most fighters tend to compete at a weight that is several pounds less than their walkaround weight. With a proper cut for the weigh-in, it is possible to gain a weight advantage after refueling. This is especially more common for events where weigh-ins are held a day before the actual bouts. In some competitions, weigh-ins are held the same day which minimizes the effect of such disparities. Why cut weight for a fight instead of fighting at walkaround weight? The topic remains one that is still widely discussed but weight divisions allow for fights to be matched in a regulated manner. Most professional fighters compete within 10 pounds range of their normal weight. This is not as extreme compared to MMA where fighters

  2. Check Out Manachai’s Wikipedia Page

    Check Out Manachai’s Wikipedia Page

    YOKKAO’s brightest young fight star, Manachai arrived at the camp in April of 2016. Under the tutelage of coaches Kru Petchdam and Kru Manop, as well as mentorship by legends Saenchai and Singdam, the young prospect has gone on to become one of the most exciting fighters in the global Muay Thai scene. Manachai spent his formative years at the renowned Kiatmoo9 camp. The Buriram camp has also given Muay Thai many of its champions such as Singdam, Superlek and Rungnarai. With a strong foundation, the move to YOKKAO propelled him onto the international stage with wider exposure than he could have imagined. At 21 years of age, Manachai is well-known for his technical style and destructive kicks. He never fails to go all out for every of his matches, and fans are drawn to his entertaining fighting style. The hardworking fighter gives it all during training and his results from the past year shows. The YOKKAO star went on an amazing 10-fight winning streak before it got concluded

  3. Breaking News: All Star Fight Unveils Dream Team For 2018!

    Breaking News: All Star Fight Unveils Dream Team For 2018!

    Launched in 20 August last year, All Star Fight has risen to be one of the most popular event series in Thailand. The promotion has long set its sights on the rest of the world. Beginning with All Star Fight 4 in Hong Kong on 21st May, the team has lined up a whole year of events in different parts of the world. In support of the world tour, All Star Fight has unveiled a dream team of legendary and champion fighters who will be making appearances in the shows. At the heart of each show will be none other than Muay Thai superstar, Buakaw Banchamek. Other famous fighters who have signed up for the events include fellow legend Yodsanklai Fairtex, Buakaw’s protégé Superbon Banchamek, YOKKAO’s very own young star, Manachai, elite stadium fighter Seksan Or Kwanmuang, and multi time world champion Jomthong Chuwattana. The lineup is truly a dream come true for Muay Thai fans around the world! With superstar Buakaw as the promoter, All Star Fight has been creating

  4. Where to train Muay Thai in Thailand: Bangkok vs Phuket

    Where to train Muay Thai in Thailand: Bangkok vs Phuket

    Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and practised all around the world. The country also happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with over 30 million visitors in 2016 alone. With the increasing popularity of fight sports and the rising trend of Muay Thai as a fitness workout, more and more people are traveling into Thailand just to train in the Thai combat arts. There are hundreds over hundreds of Muay Thai gyms all over Thailand. In every province and every town, it is easy to find one. While the majority of gyms in the past used to train solely Thai fighters, more and more are opening up to foreigners due to the obvious financial gains. These days, there are gyms that forgo training Thai fighters to cater purely to a foreign clientele. Some camps continue to persist in the old ways maintaining their focus on raising Thai fighters for the elite stadium fighting circuit. Then there are those that strike a delicate balance between the 2, and

  5. YOKKAO Celebrates Songkran Festival with 30% Storewide Sale!

    YOKKAO Celebrates Songkran Festival with 30% Storewide Sale!

    The annual Songkran Festival is here once again! Today marks the first day of the Thai New Year celebrations which goes on for 3 days until Sunday. To celebrate the festive occasion, YOKKAO is offering 30% discount storewide! Also known around the world as the Water Festival, Songkran celebration is marked by both merit-making and merry-making. Thai people spend the first day visiting local temples and offering food to monks before engaging in some wild water fights.Throughout the festive period, major streets may be closed to traffic as young and old indulges in lots of splashing and spraying, which helps to cool off from the summer heat. Like the New Year’s Day on the Gregorian calendar, Songkran marks a new beginning. For those who have neglected all the new year resolutions made at the dawn of the year, here’s a chance to revisit them and make a fresh start. Those looking to get stronger, fitter and better in Muay Thai, it’s time to stock up on some fresh YOKKAO

  6. Guide to Buying Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

    Guide to Buying Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

    No Muay Thai vacation to Bangkok is complete without scoring a stash of gear. The Thai capital offers the best deals on Muay Thai goods and the widest range possible. Most visitors inevitably stock up on cheap but great-quality hand wraps, Thai liniment oil and a pair of boxing gloves, or two. T-shirts with Muay Thai logos or graphics are popular options too. It would certainly be a crime to return home empty-handed. Shopping for Muay Thai gear is always a fun experience for fight fans. Due to the immense tourist traffic heading into the country every year, some local shop owners charge a “tourist premium” on unsuspecting customers to make a quick buck. Such shops are usually found around areas where tourists congregate such as Nana in downtown Sukhumvit and the popular MBK mall. While some enjoy the bargaining aspect of shopping in Bangkok, one can often find Muay Thai goods at better prices in official shops and trusted retailers. Muay Thai gear shops are scattered around

  7. Top Bangkok Hotels for Muay Thai Vacation

    Top Bangkok Hotels for Muay Thai Vacation

    One of the most important tasks when traveling to train Muay Thai in Bangkok is to find a place to stay. Due to rising land prices leading to space constraints, not every Bangkok gym provide accommodation unlike on Phuket. When it comes to a pleasant travel experience, it’s all about location. Bangkok is notorious for its frequent traffic gridlock and getting stuck in a jam is a daily affair. One of the best ways to get around the city is to use the convenient network of skytrain and subway. There is a number of top Muay Thai gyms located near to skytrain or subway stations. So it makes sense to be based in a hotel located with easy access to the stations. There are some other factors to consider when choosing a hotel such as nightly rates, facilities, service, and accessibility to amenities in the area. There are so many hotels in Bangkok that doing some research will
  8. Top 5 Places to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

    Top 5 Places to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

    For fans of Muay Thai or MMA, no visit to Bangkok is complete without attending one of the daily fights that go on in the city. As the Muay Thai capital, Bangkok has -hands down- the best Muay Thai fights in the world. With such top-notch ring action, it is an experience not to be missed even for the casual tourist. Muay Thai fights are preceded by the traditional dance known as the Wai Kru Ram Muay. The dance ritual pays respect to the fighter's teacher and is accompanied by traditional Thai music known as Sarama. Watching a Muay Thai fight is a very different experience from western boxing. Muay Thai fights There are many venues to catch the sport live in and around the Thai capital. From prestigious stadiums to touristy shopping malls and even a go-go bar, Muay Thai is everywhere. Here are the top 5 places to catch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok:

    1. Lumpinee Stadium

    Despite being located out of town, Lumpinee Stadium hosts the best fights in the country. For this reason,
  9. Best Spots for Running in Bangkok

    Best Spots for Running in Bangkok

    Running is an important aspect of Muay Thai. Thai fighters always go for a run prior to each training session, clocking between 5 to 12 km each time. Muay Thai trainers are often adamant when it comes to running too, and enforces it as part of a fighter’s training regime. Running helps to build a fighter's cardiovascular endurance which has a huge impact on fight performance. For anyone looking to improve athletic performance in Muay Thai, running is not an option - it is mandatory. In Thailand, running is an important part of the modern lifestyle especially in the big cities like Bangkok. Every morning and evening, locals would lace up their running shoes for a jog in the park. Due to both human and vehicle traffic, locals do not go for runs on the sidewalk or along the roads. It’s also an unsafe practice with motorbikes, food carts, and people weaving about. Thankfully, there are public parks peppered around Bangkok with lush greeneries ideal for joggers. Fighters from

  10. Best Massage in Bangkok to Pamper Yourself After Muay Thai Training

    Best Massage in Bangkok to Pamper Yourself After Muay Thai Training

    There is nothing more therapeutic than a session of authentic full-body Thai massage after a hard day of training at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Thai massage is often said to be the ultimate sports massage, ideal for professional athletes and everyone who leads an active lifestyle. In the Muay Thai camps of Thailand, fighters get massages from their coaches or campmates especially closer to fight dates. On fight nights, a full-body rub-down is also performed with Thai liniment oil. Before getting into the recommendations, it is worth highlighting the benefits of having regular massages. Massages help to relieve muscle aches, tensions and soreness. Scientific studies have shown that massages help to reduce the production of compounds in the body known as cytokines. Cytokines are pro-inflammation and may be responsible for the feeling of pain. Pills like aspirins or other anti-inflammatory drugs may offer pain relief but could inhibit cell recovery. On the other hand, massages have

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