1. Manachai Calls Out Rafi Bohic For Lumpinee Title Match

    Manachai Calls Out Rafi Bohic For Lumpinee Title Match

    After being denied the Channel 7 Stadium belt in February despite his win, and a cancelled match against Rambo Pet Por Tor Or for the Champion of Thailand belt in March, Manachai is looking once again to get his deserving title shot. It’s been a long wait for the YOKKAO star and Manachai has taken to his Instagram to call out current Lumpinee 147lbs Champion, Rafi Bohic for a title match. The 2 welterweights were originally supposed to face off in May but the fight had to be postponed as Manachai had already committed to All Star Fight in Hong Kong. As of the latest Lumpinee standings for the welterweight class (147 lbs), Manachai is ranked at the sixth spot. He was placed at the number one position during his formative years at Kiatmoo9 camp so this is a title quest a long time coming. Manachai is coming off a year of stunning results, winning 12 out of his last 13 fight appearances. Rafi himself has also defended his title successfully on 2 separate occasions since taking

  2. YOKKAO Fight Team Train with Famed Fight Coach Alfio Romanut

    YOKKAO Fight Team Train with Famed Fight Coach Alfio Romanut

    Learning is a never ending process. When you stop learning, you stop growing. Just days fresh off his stunning win at All Star Fight 5 in Prague on 6th July, Manachai has resumed his intense training schedule. The young fighter made a detour from Prague to Italy where he is now at the Team Satori Nemesis Gorizia gym. YOKKAO has made special arrangements for Manachai to learn from the world-renowned Italian kickboxing coach, Alfio Romanut. Coach Romanut is a well-respected name in the world of fight sports. He has trained numerous world champions over the years, including one of the greatest kickboxers of all time - Giorgio Petrosyan. Under his technical and highly-effective instruction, Giorgio Petrosyan has gone on to bag top accolades around the world and holds a near-pristine fight record. Joining Manachai for the training expedition is YOKKAO Fight Team mate, Spencer Brown. The 2 fighters are accompanied with champion trainer, Kru Petchdam in an international exchange of striking

  3. Manachai Featured on Fox Sports Asia

    Manachai Featured on Fox Sports Asia

    YOKKAO young talent, Manachai has made it into the spotlight again. Sports media giant, Fox Sports Asia recently featured the star on their Facebook page which sees over 2 million followers. The video clip shows him preparing for the coming appearance at All Star Fight 5 in Prague. Thunderous cracks of his hard kicks meeting the heavy bag echo throughout the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. The Muay Thai phenom is definitely looking ready and raring to go. At 21 years of age, Manachai has been one of the most prominent Thai fighters in the Muay Thai scene of the moment. After his formative years at the renowed Kiatmoo9 camp, the Buriram-born fighter was acquired in 2016 by YOKKAO. His unrelenting, hard-hitting style has quickly gained a large following in a short amount of time. In the past year, his Instagram account has seen a three-fold increase in followers that recently crossed the 70k mark. Young, strong and hungry, Manachai always pushes himself to the limits as he learns from

  4. Interview with YOKKAO Junior Champion Ellie Barker

    Interview with YOKKAO Junior Champion Ellie Barker

    In a month’s time, YOKKAO Next Generation Kids is set to be staged once again at Barnsley Metrodome. The young rising stars of the UK and Europe will come together to pit their skills against each other in the ring of the world’s eminent junior Muay Thai promotion on July 21st. Headlining the event will be YOKKAO Kids Fight Team member and junior world champion, Ellie Barker who fights out of Hanuman Darlington. Below is an interview with Ellie in the lead up to the show. YOKKAO (Y): Hi, Ellie. You are co-headlining the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids in Barnsley. Are you looking forward to it and do you know much about your opponent? Ellie (E): Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it as I couldn't get matched for the last show. My dad and I came to watch and it was really weird not fighting. The only things I know about Siria is that she is usually a K1 fighter and she fought my best friend Erin on the last Scotland show C class rules. It

  5. Check Out Manachai’s Wikipedia Page

    Check Out Manachai’s Wikipedia Page

    YOKKAO’s brightest young fight star, Manachai arrived at the camp in April of 2016. Under the tutelage of coaches Kru Petchdam and Kru Manop, as well as mentorship by legends Saenchai and Singdam, the young prospect has gone on to become one of the most exciting fighters in the global Muay Thai scene. Manachai spent his formative years at the renowned Kiatmoo9 camp. The Buriram camp has also given Muay Thai many of its champions such as Singdam, Superlek and Rungnarai. With a strong foundation, the move to YOKKAO propelled him onto the international stage with wider exposure than he could have imagined. At 21 years of age, Manachai is well-known for his technical style and destructive kicks. He never fails to go all out for every of his matches, and fans are drawn to his entertaining fighting style. The hardworking fighter gives it all during training and his results from the past year shows. The YOKKAO star went on an amazing 10-fight winning streak before it got concluded

  6. Breaking News: Manachai Back on All Star Fight May 21st in Hong Kong!

    Breaking News: Manachai Back on All Star Fight May 21st in Hong Kong!

    Muay Thai Superstar, Buakaw Banchamek’s All Star Fight promotion is back on 30th April after a 7-month hiatus. The third edition of the series will be held in Bangkok once again with a top-notch fight card as before. The promotion team is hot on the heels and has already announced All-Star Fight 4 which is set to take place on 21st May in Hong Kong. After stellar performances in the first 2 shows, YOKKAO’s own star fighter, Manachai is now confirmed for his third appearance. All Star Fight 4 will not be Manachai’s first appearance in the dynamic city of Hong Kong. Just last September, the young talent delivered a solid and convincing win over his opponent at YOKKAO 26 in front of the Hong Kong fans. For the major part of the past year, Manachai clocked an undefeated streak with 10 back-to-back wins including 5 via knockouts. The YOKKAO phenom has racked up victories against elite Thai fighters and the best foreign fighters alike. Manachai’s journey to the top

  7. YOKKAO 30: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab Full Fight Video Released

    YOKKAO 30: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab Full Fight Video Released

    Without a doubt, YOKKAO 29 - 30 was the most spectacular event for UK fight fans this year so far. Round after round, bout after bout, fighters delivered non-stop action that left the audience in a state of adrenaline rush the entire night. March 10th was truly a night to remember for those in attendance. Spencer Brown returned to UK soil since his appearance last October on YOKKAO 27. He was up against fellow Scotsman, Connor McNab who was making his YOKKAO debut. After a series of knockouts in the evening, the KO Kid was looking to add one of his own to the list. Spencer unleashed a flurry of powerful punches right off the bell against a tough opponent who refused to stay down. The 2 youngsters went the distance and gave the audience an exciting full 5 rounds. This was easily one of the crowd’s favorite fights of the night. The event was webcasted partially over Facebook so here’s the chance to recapture the night’s action. YOKKAO has released a high-quality video

  8. Manachai vs Christian Zahe Full Video Released!

    Manachai vs Christian Zahe Full Video Released!

    YOKKAO fighting star, Manachai made his return to Milan on 8th April for his second Italian fight appearance. He took on local hero Christian Zahe for 3 rounds of intense Muay Thai battle on the Parabellum promotion. As always, the Thai phenom delivered an outstanding performance, showing why he is one of the most formidable Muay Thai fighters today. Manachai has gained a reputation for leaving a wreckage in the ring over the past year, with a smashing 5 wins via KO out of his last ten victories. In the fight against Christian Zahe, the Italian proved to be a worthy opponent, standing strong after the full 3 rounds despite Manachai’s merciless repeated leg kicks. The fight was webcasted over Facebook but for those who missed the webcast, YOKKAO has now released a high-quality video of the full fight on YouTube. Manachai’s tenth straight win in his undefeated streak was captured in its full glory and is now available for viewing. Manachai’s next 2 fights will see

  9. YOKKAO World Champion Liam Harrison On Joe Rogan Podcast!

    YOKKAO World Champion Liam Harrison On Joe Rogan Podcast!

    YOKKAO World Champion -65kg, Liam Harrison is one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters ever to come out of the UK. The 32 year-old is a multi-time world champion and recipient of the Muay Siam Magazine Foreign Fighter of the Year in 2007. After a short break from competing due to an injury sustained in December last year, Liam recently went on a seminar tour in the US along with official YOKKAO commentator, Vinny Shoreman. The duo delivered a well-received seminar series that focused on both mental and physical aspects of Muay Thai. Towards the tail end of the tour, they were invited to Joe Rogan’s podcast program for an in-depth interview. Joe Rogan needs little introduction for mixed martial arts fans. The comedian and martial arts commentator hosts his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast show, which is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Joe Rogan regularly invites top UFC fighters and celebrities

  10. Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10!

    Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10!

    After a successful Italian debut back in January, Manachai returned to Milan on 8th April for the Parabellum promotion by Luca Pigliafreddo from Yamabushi Gym. The young talent had won via a round-one TKO at "The Night of Kick and Punch" in his previous Italian appearance and local fans were looking forward to seeing him live in action again. In his return to Milan, Manachai took on Italian opponent, Christian Zahe for a 3x3 (3 rounds of 3 minutes) matchup. It was non-stop action from start to end where Manachai brought on his signature wreckage in the ring. Despite the punishment from Manachai via a barrage of crippling low kicks, the resilient Zahe refused to go down. Both fighters finished the 3 rounds intact with Manachai awarded the win via unanimous decision after a dominating performance. With the win against Christian Zahe, Manachai has now taken his winning streak to a perfect ten. The YOKKAO fighter has been racking up back-to-back wins and it will be interesting to see

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