About Us

Beginning in 2011, YOKKAO has become recognized as the World's premier Muay Thai brand. Our products are seen as the industry standard for reliability and unrivaled style. YOKKAO Gear allows each fighter to express their personality and style buying design that best fits them. YOKKAO is the culmination of gear that transcends time, embodying the Martial Art Spirit while creating the latest trends in combat fashion.


Working behind the scenes of the brand is a professional team of former fighters and specialists developing high exposure international events while producing the highest quality gear and innovative aesthetic designs. YOKKAO is the most requested brand creating what has since the beginning been called by the Muay Thai Masters and Nak Muays: "The best fight equipment in the market”.


Handcrafted from two factories in Thailand, a Fight Team composed of the best fighters from across the planet and a specialized team in R&D, YOKKAO is the leading manufacturer of Muay Thai and MMA Gear in the World. Headquarters in Thailand (Bangkok), YOKKAO operates facilities in Republic of San Marino, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Peru and China.